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Indian beneficiaries who can't be located are owed millions (01/10)
The federal government can't located more than 30,000 Indian beneficiaries who are owed a portion of the $3.4 billion Cobell trust fund settlement.

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Magazine: Quechan Nation battles solar plant by sacred site (10/08)
The Quechan Nation is fighting a solar project in California that's located near a sacred site.

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KAWC: Quechan Nation works to increase number of speakers (10/04)
The Quechan Nation is working to create more speakers of the tribal language.

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California commission backs tribes in dispute over sacred site (04/26)
The California Native American Heritage Commission is siding with tribes in a dispute over a wind energy project. The commission designated the location of the Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility as...

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Law Article: Quechan Nation loses decision against wind farm (03/20)
Attorneys provide update on Quechan Nation lawsuit against a wind farm at a sacred site in California: On February 27, 2013, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of...

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Historic preservation board pick fought tribes on sacred sites (02/28)
A new member of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation has fought tribes on sacred sites. Lynne Sebastian was appointed as an "expert member" by President Barack Obama on January...

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Quechan Nation mourns loss of head singer Willard Golding Sr (02/21)
The Quechan Nation is mourning the loss of Willard Golding Sr., the tribe's head bird singer. Golding died on Tuesday from complications of pneumonia, The Yuma Sun reported. He was...

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Quechan Nation in court to block wind project at sacred site (01/23)
The Quechan Nation was in federal court on Friday in hopes of blocking a wind farm at a sacred site in California. The tribe sued the Interior Department and the...

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Quechan Nation swears in council members after challenge (01/14)
The Quechan Nation swore in five council members after two election challenges were resolved. Tribal members went to the polls on December 3, 2012. An open meeting was held December...

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Tribes battling Interior Department over wind farm in California (07/10)
The Quechan Nation and the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians are among opponents of a wind farm in southern California. The tribes say the Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility, about 80...

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