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Kerry Hawk Lessard: Urban Indians come together in Baltimore (05/29)
The fact of the matter is that Native people living in Baltimore—at least those with whom I am in community—do not identify as black and do not identify as white; we identify as Native.

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Mary Annette Pember: Historical trauma might affect Native DNA (05/28)
Folks in Indian country wonder what took science so long to catch up with traditional Native knowledge.

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Nebraska ends death penalty in historic and close veto override (05/28)
Nationally, the death penalty has impacted Native Americans at disproportional rates.

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Indian students face harsh punishment at public schools in Utah (05/27)
Indian students are 3.8 times as likely to face disciplinary action, 7.5 times more likely to be expelled and 7.1 times as likely to be referred to law enforcement.

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Mary Ann Andreas: Candidates must keep informed about tribes (05/26)
Anyone who seeks or holds public office in the United States today needs to be more informed about this country's first Americans — their history, policies and issues.

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Andre Cramblit: Let's see some real Indian actors on the screen (05/25)
Natives have always been an easy target for Hollyweirds wild lack of imagination of who we are as a people.

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Review: 'Hoop Jumper' offers look at allotment era in Oklahoma (05/21)
'Hoop Jumper,' by Tulsa native Vicki Lynn Mooney, premiered Thursday in the basement CitySpace Theatre at Civic Center Music Hall.

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Mark Rogers: Some truths of the ethnic experience in America (05/20)
No single ethnic community in America has a monopoly on unequal treatment, injustice and bigotry.

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Native Sun News: Film tackles tribal recognition controversy (05/13)
As part of the folklore and community mythology in New York and New Jersey for many is the saying, 'Don’t go in to the mountains, because the ‘Jackson Whites’ will get you.'

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Column: Stereotypes of Native people can't pass as humor (05/11)
Adam Sandler himself is proudly Jewish. Would he find it funny for a Jewish woman with an obscene name to urinate while lighting a menorah?

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History: Burt Reynolds portrays 'Navajo Joe' in film from 1966 (05/07)
Native actors are having trouble finding jobs in Hollywood today, a situation that has virtually remain unchanged for decades.

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Terese Marie Mailhot: But some of my best friends are White (05/07)
I know some great white people, but it is you bad apples who ruin it for your ethnicity.

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Kahnawake First Nation sued over mixed-race marriage policy (05/04)
Any Mohawk who marries or lives with a non-Native is required to move off the reserve.

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Amalia Rubin: Adam Sandler portrays Native people as 'savages' (05/04)
Like your fellow Jews, the indigenous people of America have suffered a massive genocide.

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Terese Mailhot: Still proud to serve as that 'angry Indian' woman (05/01)
My mother was a founding member of the Red Power movement and grew up during the cultural resurgence of sobriety and ceremony.

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Interview with Maya Goodblanket about cultural appropriation (04/28)
'There’s nothing wrong with appreciating someone else’s culture as long as it’s done in a respectful way.'

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Choctaw Nation citizens slam Vanilla Ice's shaky ancestry claim (04/27)
The actor and rapper is defending his participation in The Ridiculous Six by bringing up his alleged Indian heritage.

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Navajo actress was put in darker makeup for Adam Sandler film (04/24)
Allison Young said she felt uncomfortable from the start of production of The Ridiculous Six.

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Puerto Rico putting more focus on indigenous history of island (04/21)
Lawmakers are considering a bill to extend governmental recognition to an indigenous organization so it can secure federal funds.

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Steve Russell: The broken myths of race and racial supremacy (04/21)
Race used to be a big part of the mainstream scientific narrative about how human existence was ordered.

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