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Appeals court in Canada rules for Metis in Indian status caes (04/17)
The Federal Court of Appeal in Canada has sided with the Metis people in a landmark case.

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Race relations council looking to boost efforts in border town (04/17)
The race relations council in Bemidji, Minnesota, is looking to revive its efforts.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | Politics
Sen. Warren addresses Native American controversy in book (04/17)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) is speaking about her Native American identity controversy for the first time since the 2012 campaign.

Filed Under: Opinion
Ruth Hopkins: Don't play into Hollywood's white privilege game (04/11)
Ruth Hopkins says Native people should tell their own stories and not rely on the mainstream media.

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Non-Indian woman drops ICWA case involving Cherokee Nation (04/09)
A non-Indian woman whose biological daughter was at the center of an Indian Child Welfare Act case has withdrawn a lawsuit that challenged the constitutionality of the law.

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Santy Quinde Baidal: Indigenous people lumped into 'Latino' box (04/07)
Santy Quinde Baidal calls on the U.S. Census Bureau to allow indigenous people in Mexico, Central and America to self-identify.

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Alex Jacobs: 'Experts' develop more theories about Indian people (03/31)
Alex Jacobs takes a look at some of the latest theories about the origins of Indian people.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment
Backstage: Native American roles end up going to White actors (03/27)
Backstage reports on the controversy over the casting of Native American roles in film.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | Opinion
Azie Dungey: Native Americans deserve a seat at the table too (03/21)
Azie Dungey, the creator and star of Ask A Slave, explains why the casting of a White actress in a Native role is so troubling

Filed Under: Education | National
Data shows disparities in education of Native American children (03/21)
American Indian and Alaska Native students are more likely to be disciplined, less likely to be prepared for college and more likely to attend schools with inexperienced teachers, according to the Department of Education

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