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Charles Trimble: Being mixed-race Indian and being proud of it (07/29)
As many who have read my columns over the years know, I am a so-called Iyeska – a mixed-blood product of a Lakota mother and white father.

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Steve Russell: The hypocrisy of race and Cherokee citizenship (07/28)
One of the whitest Indian nations by blood is now litigating to expel its black citizens, many of whom have more Cherokee blood than the white citizens so eager to see them expelled.

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Terese Marie Mailhot: I was raised to be angry at White women (07/28)
Yes, white women have it easier, but they’re not the problem.

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Brandon Ecoffey: Race remains an issue for police in Rapid City (07/27)
Much of the tension that exists between law enforcement and minority communities is based in the truth that the laws that are enforced in minority communities are not only different but also enforced differently.

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Lakota Country Times: Police aim to improve race relations (07/24)
Fixing race relations in western South Dakota is a monumental task.

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James Giago Davies: Mixed-race Indians shamed over blood (07/24)
I am not less Indian than an Indian because I have Wasicu blood, and I am not less Wasicu than a Wasicu because I have Indian blood.

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George Abeyta: Stallone Trosper taken from us in act of hate (07/24)
We, the family of Stallone Trosper, write from a place of terrible grief and sadness.

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Officials back Northern Arapaho Tribe on hate crime charges (07/23)
Stallone Trosper was shot and killed by a non-Indian assailant while James Goggles remains in critical condition in Wyoming.

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Northern Arapaho Tribe calls shooting of men a hate crime (07/22)
Stallone Trosper, 29, was killed after being shot in the head. A second tribal member, James Goggles, remains hospitalized in serious condition.

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Lakota Country Times: Community gathers to discuss race (07/22)
Conversations about race can at times be uncomfortable. One group in Rapid City is working to remove the stigma by bringing all races together for a healthy conversation on the topic.

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Two men from Northern Arapaho Tribe shot while sleeping (07/21)
A non-Indian man has told authorities that he intentionally went looking for homeless people in order to kill them.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City police choose cultural advisor (07/21)
The commitment of the Rapid City Police to work towards a positive future in race relations in a city historically known for being racially divided was evident last week when Chief Karl Jegeris announced a new position within the department.

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Julianne Jennings: Confederate flag brings back racial trauma (07/20)
The Confederate flag quickly became the symbol of white privilege and segregation, the oppression of Black people and the fight by Southern states to preserve slavery.

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Ellen Guttillo Whitehouse: I was duped by Andrea Smith too (07/20)
Andrea Smith and her sister, Justine Smith are NOT Cherokee.

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T. Lulani Arquette: Racism is rearing its ugly head all over again (07/16)
It seems like we have come full circle since the 1960’s and that history is indeed repeating itself.

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Micah Armstrong: Patriotism is largest and most dangerous cult (07/16)
America, no matter what you believe, was not founded upon freedom or morality.

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Native Sun News: Half-year marked by race-related incidents (07/15)
Native Sun News will continue to stay in the forefront of news reporting covering race relations throughout the rest of the year.

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Twila Barnes: Cherokee tribes do not claim fraudulent academic (07/14)
None of the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes claim her, therefore she isn't Cherokee, period.

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Terese Marie Mailhot: Everyone should be upset about Native frauds (07/13)
Andrea Smith doesn’t know the struggle. She invented her own.

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David Cornsilk: Clearing up misconceptions about Cherokee ancestry (07/13)
In the 1990s, Andrea Smith sought me out as a Cherokee genealogist, on two separate occasions, to see if she had any connections

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