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Pamunkey Tribe awaits final answer on federal recognition bid (03/23)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs could issue a final determination by the end of the month.

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Opinion: Nation needs even more discussion on racial matters (03/20)
Once a subject left to be discussed by civil rights leaders, organizers and a few non-profits, race is now a topic for many.

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Charles Kader: Amazing story of boxing champion Marvin Camel (03/13)
Camel described growing up as a multiracial Native youth on the Flathead Reservation as very difficult, with his greatest antagonists being his fellow tribal members.

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Jacqueline Keeler: Media enables fake Indian mascot defenders (03/12)
Eugene Herrod from the Southern California Indian Center has done extensive background research on Mark Yancey and of Dennis 'Yellowhorse' Jones.

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Simon Moya-Smith: Rich privilege and rich old men in America (03/11)
Understanding the toxic, pickling effect of privilege can help you better comprehend thugs like Donald Trump, Dan Snyder, the Koch brothers and, lately, Rudolph Giuliani.

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Mary Pember: A tough lesson learned with 'driving while Indian' (03/09)
The officer rapped loudly with a flashlight on the passenger-side window of my car.

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Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Native sovereignty in a race-based society (03/02)
The distinction American Indians are talking about when they talk about their heritage is a political distinction, not a racial distinction.

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Frank Hopper: Alaska Native Brotherhood was about resistance (02/27)
When you see it coming you can protect what’s most important and survive. You can resist.

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Gyasi Ross: Yawna Allen shares her Native and African ancestry (02/27)
Most of the pressure is to identify myself as being simply black and surprisingly, it has most often come from the black community in my personal experience.

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Opinion: Oklahoma attempts to rewrite role of Whites in history (02/25)
The facts of Cherokee oppression are emblematic of U.S. history generally.

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Julianne Jennings: Keep talking about race in American history (02/25)
Where would we be today if it was not for Civil Rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and many others whose voices made race matter?

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Sonny Skyhawk: Native Americans still underrepresented in film (02/24)
The reality is that if no scripts or films are made that include roles for Native people then we are excluded from the opportunity to participate in the yearly considerations for Golden Globe Awards, Sag Awards, and Oscars.

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Kyle Mays: Native and African histories need fuller examination (02/24)
Black-indigenous histories are not bound by familiar historical events, tribal communities, geographies, and time periods. Nor are these histories romantic.

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Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Genocide and slavery linked to colonialism (02/23)
An image circulating on the Internet recently succinctly depicts colonialism’s impact on blacks and Indians.

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Gyasi Ross: Native Americans and African Americans share ties (02/19)
I literally didn’t realize I was a quarter black (actually a bit less than a quarter, but I’ll claim a quarter for easy math) until I was almost 13.

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Cedric Sunray: BIA played role in tribe's racist marriage policy (02/17)
The Pamunkey Tribe has recently come under fire by the Congressional Black Caucus for, until very recently, their constitutional prohibition of intermarriage with black people.

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Reservation set aside in 1830 treaty for 'half-breed' Indians (02/16)
A road known as Half Breed Drive serves as a reminder to the forgotten reservation.

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Cedric Sunray: Tribes turn blind eye to racism in enrollment (02/16)
Census records of Chitimacha Indians clearly identify the ancestors of today’s black Chitimacha families.

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FBI leader cites 'hard truths' about race and law enforcement (02/13)
Native Americans are more likely to be killed by law enforcement than any other racial or ethnic group.

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Cedric Sunray: Indian Country influenced by Old South attitudes (02/11)
The path to an education was nothing new to the many small Indian communities in the East and South who had been pushed far to the margins of American society.

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