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Donna Ennis: Don't let ethnic imposters take away our identity (09/16)
Donna Ennis explains why ethnic imposters need to be challenged in Indian Country.

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Albert Bender: Native people are victims of racist police hostility (09/08)
Albert Bender says police brutality unites American Indians and African Americans.

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Chris Bethmann: An Oneida Indian without official documentation (09/08)
Chris Bethmann shares his experience as a descendant of the Oneida Nation of New York without official tribal documentation.

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Native Sun News: Panel examines civil rights issues in South Dakota (09/04)
The disparities in how Native Americans and other minorities receive justice compared to the rest of society are finally being recognized as a serious civil rights issue.

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Ask a Mexican: Why don't more Mexicans self-identify as Native? (09/03)
Gustavo Arellano explains why Mexicans are reluctant to identify themselves as indigenous even though they boast large numbers:

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DNA study finds distinct population of Native people in Arctic area (08/29)
Researchers say the group lived in isolation in eastern Canada and northern Greenland for nearly 4,000 years.

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Scientists publish lengthy book based on study of Kennewick Man (08/25)
Scientists have finally published their research into the 9,500-year-old remains of the Kennewick Man.

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Opinion: The making of America through Indian and African eyes (08/13)
Writer discusses the long relationship between American Indians and African Americans.

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Julianne Jennings: Indian people still defined by blood quantum (08/13)
Julianne Jennings discusses how blood and blood quantum have been used to define American Indians and African Americans.

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Gyasi Ross: Basketball coach understands better than governor (08/07)
Gyasi Ross sings the praises of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich over fear-mongering Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R).

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Kevin Cummings: Native people deserve better on our own land (08/06)
Kevin Cummings, the founder of Council FIRE, says Native people deserve a shot at the American dream.

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Al Jazeera: Organization celebrates Black Indian ancestry (07/22)
Al Jazeera reports on the first meeting of the newly-formed National Congress of Black American Indians.

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Mark Rogers: Reality of being an invisible Indian in New York (07/22)
Mark Rogers explains why he writes about Native issues.

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Review: Brando Skyhorse finds out truth about his 'Indian' dad (07/16)
A favorable review of Take This Man: A Memoir by author Brando Skyhorse, who was raised thinking that his father was an imprisoned Indian activist.

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Brian Pierson: Recent federal court rulings affecting Indian law (07/15)
Land claims, Indian status and land-into-trust are some of the issues in recent court cases.

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Julianne Jennings: Black Indians still subjected to discrimination (07/04)
Julianne Jennings discusses the racism experienced by Black Indians.

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Mark Rogers: Many claim Native ancestry just for material gain (07/03)
Mark Rogers explores the reasons why so many people claim Native ancestry.

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Chelsey Luger: Language usage can dehumanize Native people (06/27)
Chelsey Luger explores how the subtle use of certain words can dehumanize Native people.

Filed Under: Opinion | Recognition
Opinion: Pocahontas and one tribe's bid for federal recognition (06/23)
Laurie Gwen Shapiro travels to historic Jamestown in Virginia and learns about the Pamunkey Tribe.

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Steve Russell: Indian nations can build coalitions with our allies (06/18)
Steve Russell says Indian nations have always had political allies.

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