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Terese Marie Mailhot: Native people endure delays for justice (08/03)
Whereas before it seemed like the media could only handle covering one minority at a time, now we must wait in line behind cats?

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Brandon Ecoffey: Rapid City continues with tradition of racism (07/31)
The city that once played home to land snatchers and race baiting newspaper men in the mid to late 1800’s has continued on with its legacy of welcoming outright racism.

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Native Sun News: Rapid City trial ends with no defense witnesses (07/29)
The trial of Trace O’Connell ended abruptly on the morning of Thursday, July 23 before the supporters of the American Horse School could all file into the Performing Arts Center of Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Public school board in Indiana votes to eliminate 'Indian' mascot (07/29)
Officials in Goshen got rid of the mascot after hearing about the offensive nature of the 'Redskins' name.

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Terese Marie Mailhot: I was raised to be angry at White women (07/28)
Yes, white women have it easier, but they’re not the problem.

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Rapid City mayor questions charge in beer-spilling incident (07/24)
Mayor Steve Allender blames 'social media' for stirring the pot in a closely-watched trial involving the mistreatment of Indian children.

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Tribal members protest handling of major trial in Rapid City (07/23)
A non-Indian man is accused of mistreating young members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota.

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Native Sun News Editorial: No honor in being called 'Redskin' (07/23)
In 1982, a column in the Lakota Times by Editor Tim Giago first addressed the issue of using American Indians as mascots for America’s fun and games.

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Virginia governor seems less interested in hosting NFL team (07/22)
Officials in Virginia and Washington, D.C., are trying to lure the team with the racist mascot away from its current home in Maryland.

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Trial opens into racist treatment of Indian children at game (07/22)
Only one person has been charged in connection with an ugly incident in Rapid City, South Dakota, in January.

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Lakota Country Times: Community gathers to discuss race (07/22)
Conversations about race can at times be uncomfortable. One group in Rapid City is working to remove the stigma by bringing all races together for a healthy conversation on the topic.

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Julianne Jennings: Confederate flag brings back racial trauma (07/20)
The Confederate flag quickly became the symbol of white privilege and segregation, the oppression of Black people and the fight by Southern states to preserve slavery.

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Opinion: Custer is a long-lasting symbol of racism in the West (07/20)
It’s easy for us Westerners to wag fingers of political correctness at those states south of the Mason-Dixon line, criticizing their legacy of race relations.

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Adam Sandler discusses controversy over stereotypes in film (07/20)
Actor claims the film will be 'pro-Indian' and won't depict Indian people in an unflattering way.

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Mark Trahant: Indian funding bill pulled in Confederate flag flap (07/17)
The federal appropriations process may at its most convoluted point ever.

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T. Lulani Arquette: Racism is rearing its ugly head all over again (07/16)
It seems like we have come full circle since the 1960’s and that history is indeed repeating itself.

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Colville Tribes report vandalism of boat with racist messages (07/15)
The fishing boat was defaced with 'KKK' and 'White Power' messages.

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Dan Walters: California lawmakers go too far on Indian issues (07/15)
The 2015 legislative session may – or may not – be otherwise memorable, but certainly will be known for symbolic gestures that drift into censorship.

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Native Sun News: Half-year marked by race-related incidents (07/15)
Native Sun News will continue to stay in the forefront of news reporting covering race relations throughout the rest of the year.

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Kim TallBear: Anti-Indian atmosphere thrives in university town (07/14)
We know now that Illinois is a place that is very difficult to do work on behalf of indigenous peoples.

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