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Company claims harassment after racial incident at hockey game (01/30)
Facebook users continue to leave negative comments for Eagle Sales, a beer distributor.

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James Giago Davies: Let's hurry up and hate the Muslim people (01/30)
Religions are born of the history, culture and geopolitical realities of a particular region, and can be warped by centuries of social oppression and economic exploitation.

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Criminal charges possible over mistreatment of Indian students (01/29)
One suspect has been identified and assault, hate crime and child abuse charges might be filed.

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Megan Red Shirt-Shaw: Our kids should be able to go anywhere (01/28)
In our traditional way, children are sacred. In the American way, having a family is a priority.

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Police investigate treatment of Oglala youth at hockey game (01/28)
A group of men yelled racial remarks and threw beer on students and staff members.

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Amanda Blackhorse: Navajo leader defends racist NFL mascot (01/28)
When I attended the 20th Annual Arizona Legislative Day at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona, I did not expect to run into Ben Shelly.

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Jennifer Denetdale: Film glosses over violence in border towns (01/27)
The film follows three Navajo characters looking for meaningful lives in a town that borders the Navajo Nation.

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Mateo Romero: Era of white American male rule coming to an end (01/26)
White male sniper Chris Kyle is the ideological descendant of Custer and the Seventh Cavalry.

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Native mayor promises to change city's reputation as most racist (01/22)
Maclean's magazine labeled Winnipeg, Manitoba, as the most racist city in Canada.

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Brandon Ecoffey: Officer shooting reveals anti-Indian sentiment (01/21)
Although the independent Native media reported an alternative account of what took place that night, the Native community in Rapid City was once again left out of the conversation.

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Civil rights group calls for elimination of NFL team's racist name (01/19)
A testy meeting that included Gary Edwards, a Cherokee man who runs the Original Americans Foundation, proved to be the last straw.

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Ray Halbritter: Author's family apologized for anti-Indian stance (01/16)
As a people with centuries of roots in this region, the Oneida Indian Nation has an abiding interest in promoting and preserving this sacred place we all call home.

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Ernestine Chasing Hawk: Suffering continues after Wounded Knee (01/16)
Because the family of Frank L. Baum apologized, am I or other members of the Mniconjou and Hunkpapa Lakota Nations obligated to accept that apology.

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Native leader sues teacher over racist comments on Facebook (01/09)
The suspended teacher posted racist and disparaging comments about Native people and about Grand Chief Derek Nepinak.

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DOJ backs Native activists in battle over racist NFL trademarks (01/09)
The Obama administration will defend a federal law that bars the registration of offensive trademarks.

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James Giago Davies: A New Year's resolution I won't be breaking (01/09)
My schoolboy buddy Barry never said he didn’t believe in God, he had just asked me five minutes before if I did.

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Ray Halbritter: Family apologized for author's anti-Indian hate (01/08)
First and foremost, it is undeniably true that Mr. Baum’s views about Native Americans were reprehensible.

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Tim Giago: Racism is racism no matter how you chant it or chop it (01/06)
The Seminole Indians of Florida have allowed the white football fans of the FSU Seminoles to take their time-honored name and cut it in half so it comes out as NOLES.

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Kina Swayney: Eastern Cherokees don't support racist NFL name (01/05)
Veteran discusses opposition to the Washington NFL team's racist mascot.

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Ivan Star: Manifest Destiny continues to dominate our peoples (12/31)
Long before I was born my ancestors endured genocide under the banner of Manifest Destiny.

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