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Filed Under: Education
Civil rights complaint filed over repeated denial of honor song (09/16)
Indian students make up about 40 percent of the student body in the Chamberlain School District in South Dakota.

Filed Under: Canada | Law
Police in Ontario investigate letter that threatens Native people (09/16)
The letter was described as 'very disturbing' as is being treated as a hate crime.

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Sen. Cantwell to introduce bill to end NFL's tax-exempt status (09/16)
The lawmaker said she was taking action because the NFL has done little to address the racist name of the Washington franchise.

Filed Under: Opinion
Mark Charles: Trail of Tears sign points to much deeper problem (09/16)
Mark Charles says a sign poking fun at the Trail of Tears underscores systemic racism facing Native people.

Filed Under: Opinion | Sports
Column: DC-area Native people oppose NFL team's racist mascot (09/15)
Columnist talks to members of the American Indian Society of Washington, DC, who oppose the Washington NFL team's racist mascot.

Filed Under: Opinion | Sports
Bruce Anderson: Washington team name preserves stereotypes (09/15)
Bruce Anderson, a member of the Coquille Tribe who used to play for the Washington NFL team, isn't proud of the name he once supported.

Filed Under: Canada | Opinion
Steven Newcomb: Court describes Native activities as 'parasitic' (09/09)
Steven Newcomb exposes questionable language in a Supreme Court decision from Canada.

Filed Under: Opinion
Albert Bender: Native people are victims of racist police hostility (09/08)
Albert Bender says police brutality unites American Indians and African Americans.

Filed Under: National | Sports
Coalition asks broadcasters to avoid Washington NFL team's name (09/04)
More than 100 groups are asking sports broadcasters and reporters not to use the Washington NFL team's name on public airwaves.

Filed Under: Opinion | Sports
Editorial: It's time to sack Washington NFL team's offensive name (09/04)
The New York Daily News explains why it will no longer use the Washington NFL team's name or its logo.

Filed Under: Opinion | World
Ask a Mexican: Why don't more Mexicans self-identify as Native? (09/03)
Gustavo Arellano explains why Mexicans are reluctant to identify themselves as indigenous even though they boast large numbers:

Filed Under: Opinion
Gyasi Ross: Struggle continues as Navajo boy sent home over hair (09/03)
Gyasi Ross says history repeats itself as Native boy is sent home from school for having long hair.

Filed Under: National
Alaska Natives excluded from secret military intelligence program (09/02)
A declassified document indicates some stereotyping and racism was at work.

Filed Under: Education | Opinion | Sports
Jennie Stockle: Fans mock Cherokee people with Trail of Tears sign (09/02)
Jennie Stockle of Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry discusses the Trail of Tears incident at a football game in Oklahoma.

Filed Under: Opinion
Jennie Stockle: A safe space for opponents of offensive mascotry (09/01)
Jennie Stockle welcomes advocates and allies to Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry.

Filed Under: Politics | Sports
Las Vegas Paiute Tribe rejected 'gift' from NFL team's foundation (08/29)
The Original Americans Foundation wanted to buy the tribe a van.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | National | Sports
Artist Gregg Deal takes on Indian mascots for performance piece (08/28)
The Pyramid Lake Paiute artist will subject himself to eight hours of public abuse to address the treatment of Indian people.

Filed Under: Sports
Sports announcer won't use Washington NFL team's name on air (08/28)
Greg Gumbel said he made a 'personal choice' not to use the name on the air for CBS.

Filed Under: Opinion | Sports
Washington Post: Editorial board will no longer use R-word 'slur' (08/22)
The Washington Post explains why it will no longer use the name of the local NFL team except when it is essential.

Filed Under: Opinion
Melanie Yazzie: Border town violence connected to colonization (08/22)
Melanie Yazzie explores the murders of three Navajo Nation men in Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico.

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