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Miami Nation stays out of public school mascot debate in Indiana (07/28)
The North Side High School features a 'Redskins' mascot and an Indian head logo.

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Native Sun News Editorial: No honor in being called 'Redskin' (07/23)
In 1982, a column in the Lakota Times by Editor Tim Giago first addressed the issue of using American Indians as mascots for America’s fun and games.

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Virginia governor seems less interested in hosting NFL team (07/22)
Officials in Virginia and Washington, D.C., are trying to lure the team with the racist mascot away from its current home in Maryland.

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Dan Walters: California lawmakers go too far on Indian issues (07/15)
The 2015 legislative session may – or may not – be otherwise memorable, but certainly will be known for symbolic gestures that drift into censorship.

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Washington NFL team plans to appeal decision in trademark case (07/09)
The long-running dispute isn't over as the team vows to win by taking the case to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Judge backs Native youth in battle over NFL team's racist mascot (07/08)
A federal judge rejected a slew of challenges raised by the Washington professional football organization.

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Secretary Sally Jewell reaffirms opposition to racist mascot (07/01)
The mayor of D.C. is trying to lure the Washington NFL team back to the nation's capital.

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Alaska's largest tribe boycotts FedEx for ties to racist mascot (06/29)
President Richard Peterson of the Tlingit and Haida Tribes called the Washington NFL team's name 'offensive.'

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Kevin Blackistone: NFL fans are guilty of cultural appropriation (06/22)
You want to pretend to be Native American? You want to pretend to be black? Then see what it’s like to be at the top of those misery statistics.

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John Guenther: Racist mascots aren't an honor for Native people (06/16)
If you are part of a non-Native team that has taken on one of these negative stereotypes then the time to change is now.

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Terese Marie Mailhot: I am your mascot and look how it turned out (06/15)
I'm a walking symbol of injustice and colonization, no matter what I try to project as an autonomous, intelligent Native woman.

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Dahkota Kicking Bear Brown: School must eliminate racist mascot (06/02)
I have respect for your school, your students and your alumni but cannot condone the use of any race-based mascots, especially those that are a slur.

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County board calls on NFL team to eliminate its racist mascot (05/20)
The Arlington County Board in Virginia joins the District of Columbia Council in opposing the use of a racial slur in professional sports.

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Gina Sixkiller: Just say no to dehumanization of our peoples (05/18)
I grew up being called a squaw, half-breed, white, redskin and other names—none meant in a good way.

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Paiute Tribe won't reinstate leader ousted for NFL team's gifts (05/14)
Gari Lafferty was removed after accepting a free trip to Washington, D.C., and other items of value from the Original Americans Foundation.

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Opinion: Let's pay tribute to our real warriors with mascots (05/08)
We have a modest proposal to restore harmony to the sacred institution of sports mascotry.

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California Racial Mascots Act passes Assembly with 60-9 vote (05/05)
The bill applies to four schools that still use the racist 'Redskins' mascot.

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Historians join movement to eliminate NFL team's racist mascot (05/01)
An author and sociologist detailed the negative history of the term and its continued impacts on Native Americans.

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Dolph Hatfield: A conversation about NFL team's racist mascot (04/20)
Joseph Bennett, an African American gentleman in his early 60’s, was sitting in his usual seat, wearing his customary Indian headdress and burgundy Washington team jacket with its 'Redskin' emblems.

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Dennis Chappabitty: How I survived a racist attack in Oklahoma (03/31)
I engaged in a pitched, life-and-death, brutal, bloody battle with four racist young white men on a lonely dark rural road in Creek County, Oklahoma in 1971.

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