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State seeks to enter lawsuit over road for Alaska Native village (07/08)
Gov. Sean Parnell (R) says the $21 million project will be funded entirely by the state.

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Senate confirms Vince Logan to run Office of the Special Trustee (06/26)
Position has been vacant since the start of the Obama administration in January 2009.

Filed Under: National | Recognition
DOI considers process to recognize Native Hawaiian government (06/18)
Public meetings start next week and tribal consultation will take place later this summer.

Filed Under: Education | National
Secretary Jewell announces Bureau of Indian Education reform (06/16)
Plans call for a restructuring to improve student achievement and strengthen tribal sovereignty.

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Sen. Heitkamp hosts Native veterans summit in North Dakota (06/12)
The summit takes place at the United Tribes Technical College in Bismarck.

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Secretary Jewell links Las Vegas shooters to outspoken rancher (06/11)
Two people who went to Cliven Bundy's ranch targeted and killed police officers.

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Lawmakers want tribes to run Cobell land buy-back program (06/06)
Deadline to spend $1.9 billion in land consolidation funds ends in November 2022.

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Alaska Natives sue Interior Department to build road in refuge (06/05)
Secretary Sally Jewell rejected the road due to environmental concerns.

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BIA announces regulation to reform federal recognition process (05/22)
The system hasn't seen a major update since 1994.

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Secretary Jewell heads to New Mexico to celebrate monument (05/22)
President Barack Obama designated the monument at at ceremony at the Interior Department.

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Little Shell Chippewa Tribe still hopeful for federal recognition (05/12)
The Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana is closer than ever to gaining federal recognition.

Filed Under: Environment | National
Secretary Jewell to make Indian Country energy announcement (05/07)
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell is in Arizona to make some announcements regarding energy development in Indian Country.

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Nation mourns passing of treaty rights advocate Billy Frank Jr. (05/06)
Tribal, federal and state officials across the country are mourning the passing of treaty rights advocate Billy Frank Jr.

Filed Under: National | Trust
Secretary Jewell reiterates push for land-into-trust approvals (04/25)
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell reiterated her plan to approve more land-into-trust applications.

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DOI Secretary Sally Jewell delivers keynote at tribal summit (04/22)
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will deliver the keynote at a tribal summit in Washington this week.

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Secretary Jewell to deliver commencement address at SIPI (04/16)
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will deliver the commencement address at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute.

Filed Under: Environment | Law
Alaska plans to sue DOI over controversial road for Native village (04/09)
The state of Alaska plans to sue the Obama administration for rejecting a controversial road that would benefit a Native village.

Filed Under: Opinion
Editorial: Secretary Jewell makes bad call on Native village road (04/07)
Newspaper criticizes Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for rejecting a road that would benefit an Alaska Native village.

Filed Under: Law | Recognition
Mackinac Tribe files suit against DOI to gain federal recognition (04/07)
The Mackinac Tribe of Michigan is suing the Obama administration in hopes of gaining federal recognition.

Filed Under: Politics
Audio from House committee hearing with DOI Secretary Jewell (04/03)
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell testified before the House Natural Resources Committee this morning.

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