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Native Sun News: Lakota War Path team wins world relay title (07/22)
Lakota War Path, owned by Calvin Ghost Bear and captained by his son Don Ghost Bear, has been winning all year.

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Native Sun News: Tribes seek final judgment in ICWA dispute (07/21)
Lawyers working on behalf of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, the Rosebud Sioux tribe and four Native American families have asked a court to issue a judgment.

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Charles Trimble: No longer a Wannabee with Oglala tribal ID (07/21)
For many years I have been strutting around posing as a real Oglala, looking askance and sneering at the masses of less-fortunate tribesmen who are not lucky enough to claim such royal blood.

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Tim Giago: Treat alcoholism and drug addictions as diseases (07/21)
The consumption of alcohol and the use of drugs is a disease and it must be attacked as a disease.

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Senate candidate backs holocaust memorial at Wounded Knee (07/18)
Larry Pressler said the museum could be built with state and federal funds.

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President of Oglala Sioux Tribe survives impeachment attempt (07/18)
President Bryan Brewer is back in office.

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Ivan Star Comes Out: Teach youth about forms of government (07/17)
Realistically, we have something between a democracy and a dictatorship.

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux president replies to complaints (07/17)
Suspended Oglala Sioux Tribe President Bryan Brewer responded to the two complaints levied against him.

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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe signs agreement for Cobell buy-back (07/16)
The reservation is the second-most fractionated in Indian Country.

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Grouchy Gourmet: A politically-correct 'Native American Taco' (07/16)
Trying to change the age-old 'Indian taco' to 'Native American Taco' is almost sacrilegious.

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Jackie Siers: Worried about the future of the Oglala Sioux Tribe (07/14)
Just when you think you’re getting the right leadership in office, something turns in another direction.

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South Dakota celebrates start of filming for Dances with Wolves (07/10)
The award-winning film featured Lakota dialogue and a slew of Native actors.

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Delphine Red Shirt: Children remain vital to our survival as nation (07/09)
In the early part of contact with whites our very young Lakota children were taken and put into boarding schools to brainwash them.

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Teach for America expands focus on South Dakota reservations (07/08)
More Native teachers are working on reservation schools.

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Charles Trimble: Oglala Sioux Tribe turning into a Heyoka Nation (07/08)
It’s troubling sometimes for an Oglala person living away from the reservation to read about the foibles of the tribal government at Pine Ridge.

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Native Sun News: Lakota and Northern Cheyenne elders gather (07/08)
On a beautiful late spring evening Northern Cheyenne and Oglala Sioux gathered in a peaceful meadow to observe the 21st anniversary of the Ride to Greasy Grass.

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Native Sun News: Payday loan story stirs squabble at Pine Ridge (07/07)
Raycen Raines was described as a 'rogue tribal member' intent on dragging the Oglala Sioux Tribe into nefarious business deals.

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Tim Giago: Still climbing the hill after 8 decades in Indian Country (07/07)
On July 12 I will be climbing on the hill of my 8th decade on this Maka Ina (Mother Earth).

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe's top attorney reprimanded (07/04)
Bernice Delorem made comments about a former chief judge.

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Native Sun News: Suspended Oglala leader fires back at critics (07/03)
Suspended Oglala Sioux Tribe President Bryan Brewer fired back at the 'smear campaign' that he believes is currently being waged against him.

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