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Colorado House passes bill to expand Indian tuition program (04/16)
The Colorado House passed HB1124, a bill that offers in-state tuition for members of federally recognized tribes with ties to the state.

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Southern Ute Tribe mourning loss of Chairman Jimmy R. Newton (04/02)
Jimmy R. Newton Jr., the chairman of the Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado, died on Monday

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Opinion: Tribes help document historic wickiup sites in Colorado (03/24)
The Colorado Wickiup Project worked with the Southern Ute Tribe and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe to document wickiup sites across the state.

Filed Under: Law | Trust
OST helps members of two Colorado tribes develop their wills (03/18)
The Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians is helping members of Colorado tribes develop wills.

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VAWA advocate closes operation after DOJ questions funding (03/13)
A survivor of domestic violence has shut down her operation due to a loss of federal funds from the Department of Justice.

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Colorado bill clarifies Indian tax exemption for vehicle sales (02/07)
A bill in the Colorado Legislature clarifies that tribal members whose vehicles are registered in Indian Country are exempt from state sales tax.

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Southern Ute Tribe to expand oil shale drilling on reservation (06/06)
The Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado will open 12,000 acres of its reservation to oil shale development.

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Southern Ute woman tells story to help other abuse victims (03/27)
Diane Millich, a member of the Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado, made national news this month when she shared her story of surviving domestic violence at the signing of S.47,...

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Colorado tribes lead effort for reburial locations on public lands (03/11)
Tribes in Colorado are leading an effort to find suitable locations to rebury ancestral remains. The Southern Ute Tribe and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe convened a group to identify...

Filed Under: Technology
Southern Ute Tribe awarded federal grant to boost radio signal (02/21)
The Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado is expanding its radio station with the help of a federal grant. KSUT Tribal Radio will be able to reach 30,000 new listeners, director...

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