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Rudolph Ryser: Indigenous nations need leverage to bring change (08/28)
Rudolph Ryser explores the realities of the upcoming World Conference on Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

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Heather Kendall-Miller: GOP candidate a threat to Native rights (08/26)
Republican Senate candidate Dan Sullivan’s record is clear: he is a staunch opponent of Native rights.

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James Mills: Non-Indian firm helps tribes create stronger nations (08/25)
James Mills, the owner of Creating Stronger Nations, responds to criticism from professor David E. Wilkins about non-Indian companies auditing tribal enrollment records.

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David Wilkins: Tribes paying outsiders to audit their membership (08/12)
Professor David E. Wilkins questions the use of outside companies to provide audits of tribal membership records.

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Steven Newcomb: Native nations don't have a true seat at table (08/08)
Steven Newcomb continues to raise questions about the upcoming session of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples.

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Don Gentry: Agreements protect sovereignty of Klamath Tribes (08/07)
Don Gentry, the chairman of the Klamath Tribes of Oregon, explains the need for S.2379, the Klamath Basin Water Recovery and Economic Restoration Act.

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Opinion: Native Americans shackled in poverty by federal policy (07/31)
Writer wants to know why the first Americans aren't enjoying the wealth from their lands.

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Opinion: EPA exploits tribes by recognizing their sovereignty (07/30)
Writer discusses Environmental Protection Agency decision to treat the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Northern Arapaho Tribe as states under the Clean Air Act.

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Opinion: Oglala Sioux Tribe could benefit from new currency (07/22)
Writer says the MazaCoin, a digital currency, could boost the economy for the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

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Editorial: A landmark decision for tribal sovereignty in Alaska (07/21)
Newspaper comments on decision that recognizes tribal court authority in Indian Child Welfare Act cases.

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Alaska Supreme Court sides with tribe in child welfare dispute (07/18)
Decision affirms tribal court jurisdiction in Indian Child Welfare Act cases.

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Opinion: Native Americans get stake in Native Hawaiian status (07/16)
Writer connects Interior Department effort to revise the federal recognition process with discussions about Native Hawaiian sovereignty.

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Steven Newcomb: Indian Country is a system of schizophrenia (07/16)
Steven Newcomb reflects on President Barack Obama and his visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota.

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Opinion: Strengthening sovereignty by addressing immunity (06/24)
Ryan Seelau and Ian Record discuss what tribes can do to ensure the U.S. Supreme Court victory in Michigan v. Bay Mills Indian Community isn't short-lived.

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Cynthia Iyall: Billy Frank will be heard for generations to come (06/16)
Cynthia Iyall, the chairwoman of the Nisqually Tribe of Washington, pays tribute to the late Billy Frank Jr.

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Alexander Chamber: Bring free markets to the Navajo Nation (06/06)
Alexander Chambers, the publisher of The Navajo Post, calls for a new economic order on the Navajo Nation.

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Henry Cagey/Robert Odawi Porter: Tax reform in Indian Country (06/04)
Tax reform is important to Indian Country because it presents an opportunity to fix some of the structural problems that cripple tribal economies.

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Opinion: Strategic data helps tribes exercise their sovereignty (06/03)
Jennifer Lee Schultz and Stephanie Carroll Rainie of the Native Nations Institute for Leadership, Management, and Policy argue for stronger data collection in Indian Country.

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Jennie Stockle: Oklahoma must repair relationship with Natives (05/22)
Jennie Stockle says Indian policy has taken a turn for the worse under Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R):

Filed Under: Law | National
Leader of Oglala Sioux Tribe suggests test of criminal authority (05/20)
President Bryan Brewer said the tribe might start arresting non-Indians.

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