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Alex White Plume asks court for permission to plant hemp crop (07/31)
Former U.S. Attorney Tim Purdon wants tribes to be treated the same as states when it comes to legalized hemp.

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Donna Ennis: It's time to take back our cultural sovereignty (07/23)
To the degree that a tribal nation loses its sense of cultural identity equates a loss of sovereignty.

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Mike Myers: A fundamental right to develop our economies (07/22)
Over the past 30 years there has been the emergence of Indigenous economies being developed by Indigenous nations and entrepreneurs.

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Tribes donate nearly $30K to Republican Sen. Jerry Moran (07/21)
The lawmaker was responsible for the Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act and is pushing the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act.

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Twila Barnes: Cherokee tribes do not claim fraudulent academic (07/14)
None of the three federally recognized Cherokee tribes claim her, therefore she isn't Cherokee, period.

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Chair of Pit River Tribe slams federal raid of marijuana operation (07/13)
Chairman Mickey Gemmill called the raid 'appalling' and said federal authorities knew about the medicinal marijuana operation.

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Editorial: County must treat Chumash Tribe as a good neighbor (07/10)
Our belief now and in recent years is that the tribe would be willing to play the county’s game if the county would fully acknowledge the tribe’s status with regard to sovereignty, and all that concept implies.

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LaDonna Harris: Looking at 45 years of modern self-determination (07/09)
Forty-five years ago, I and a cohort of national Native American activists founded Americans for Indian Opportunity, and July 8 marks the 45th anniversary of President Nixon’s Special Message to Congress on Indian Affairs.

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Mark Trahant: Sovereignty in action with dental health programs (07/08)
Current law might prevent the Indian Health Service from investing in better oral health care delivery; but it does not say anything about a tribal health program.

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Steven Newcomb: U.S. keeps original nations in a state of captivity (07/07)
The United States government has justified its rapacious, deadly, and kleptomaniacal behavior toward our nations on the basis of dominating and dehumanizing metaphors that it lives by.

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Editorial: County stonewalling Chumash Tribe on development (06/26)
The U.S. Congress is trying to do something folks in Santa Barbara County have been unable to do — start a useful conversation between local governments.

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Lakota Country Times: Rosebud Sioux Tribe plants new garden (06/23)
Community members took the first step toward food sovereignty on the Rosebud Reservation and planted a variety of vegetables in a one acre garden.

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Ute Tribe wins major ruling in long-running dispute with state (06/17)
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeal rebuked state and local authorities in Utah for repeatedly challenging the sovereignty of the tribe.

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Session at RES DC meeting explores marijuana in Indian Country (06/17)
Interest in marijuana is growing but tribes are being urged to move with caution as they enter the new industry.

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Mark Charles: All men are created equal except 'Indian savages' (06/15)
The foundations of the United States of America are blatantly unjust. This land was stolen.

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Siletz Tribe becomes latest to join marriage equality movement (06/04)
The council took action after tribal members overwhelmingly said they favored a change in laws.

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Appeals court opens leader of Miccosukee Tribe to IRS summons (06/02)
Chairman Colley Billie claimed immunity but the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said the tribe's sovereignty is not superior to that of the United States.

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Gregory Smithers: Same-sex marriage within Cherokee culture (06/01)
There’s no question that gay rights and same-sex marriage will continue to stir debate in Indian Country, as it does throughout the United States.

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Maine tribes assert sovereignty and sever relationship with state (05/28)
The Aroostook Band of Micmacs, the Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe said their efforts to work with the state have failed.

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Maine tribes hold rally after withdrawing from state Legislature (05/26)
The Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe said their attempts to work with the state have been futile.

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