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Maine tribes assert sovereignty and sever relationship with state (05/28)
The Aroostook Band of Micmacs, the Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe said their efforts to work with the state have failed.

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Maine tribes hold rally after withdrawing from state Legislature (05/26)
The Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe said their attempts to work with the state have been futile.

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Mary Ann Andreas: Candidates must keep informed about tribes (05/26)
Anyone who seeks or holds public office in the United States today needs to be more informed about this country's first Americans — their history, policies and issues.

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Steve Russell: National sovereignty cannot cloak all evil conduct (05/26)
In a very real sense, the United States of America originated the idea that the sovereignty of a Westphalian nation-state cannot cloak all evil conduct.

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Steven Newcomb: U.S. perpetuates dominance over our nations (05/25)
The United States is working to incorporate into the United Nations’ system-wide action plan, the U.S. federal Indian law and policy system of 'subjection.'

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Steve Russell: About that 'obsession' with tribal sovereignty (05/18)
Our people do not know what they want or why they want it, let alone how to state it in the simple terms—the slogans—that inspire mass action.

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Russell Begaye takes oath as new president of Navajo Nation (05/13)
It took longer than expected but the Navajo Nation finally has a new leadership team.

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David Wilkins: Disenrollments aren't about tribal sovereignty (05/12)
Tribal politicians and jurists who work to disenroll legitimate Native citizens justify their perverted behavior by wrapping themselves in the cloak of sovereign power.

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Steven Newcomb: Debating our existence as 'tribes' or nations (05/05)
Were there 'tribes' existing here in our part of the world before the Christian Europeans invasively arrived with that word?

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Opinion: Join 'Long March to Rome' to support indigenous rights (05/04)
Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples alike can benefit from learning how the 15th century Vatican manufactured a system of inequality to legitimize first the slave trade and thereafter the assertion of sovereignty over the New World.

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Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage could impact tribes (04/29)
The outcome may not force tribes to recognize same-sex marriage but it could put pressure on them to do so.

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Top Maine official opposes bill for fishing agreements with tribes (04/29)
The head of the Department of Marine Resources says that tribal members must comply with state laws.

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Carter Cates: Maine governor doesn't want to hear from tribes (04/28)
The governor’s actions these past few days seem abrupt, like those of an angry child so quick to take away something that was given.

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Sparring continues in Wind River Reservation jurisdictional feud (04/27)
The Environmental Protection Agency recognized the authority of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Northern Arapaho Tribe in December 2013 but the case has yet to be resolved in federal court.

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Steve Russell: Same-sex marriage back before Supreme Court (04/27)
Indians who live in their homelands and wish to solemnize a relationship with a same sex partner must do so, if at all, under tribal law.

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Editorial: Maine governor fails to treat sovereign tribes as equals (04/23)
There is a lot of work to be done to build a relationship of mutual trust, and the state has a responsibility to meet the tribes at least halfway.

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Duane Champagne: Indigenous accommodation for colonialism (04/22)
Colonialism is a trickster because it gives a way of life, but at the same time takes away a way of life.

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National Park Service proposes rule for tribal gathering of plants (04/20)
Tribes will be able to enter into government-to-government agreements to gather plants and plant parts in national parks and monuments.

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Steven Newcomb: Tribal sovereignty or original independence? (04/20)
To this day we are rightfully free of the colonizers’ imposed words and ideas of domination. It’s just many of us have not yet grasped and acted on this critical point.

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John Guenther: Tribes should not allow marijuana on their land (04/20)
With heightened acceptance more and more youth are abusing the drug. Eventually drug laws will be enforced and an entire industry will come tumbling down.

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