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Editorial: Maine governor fails to treat sovereign tribes as equals (04/23)
There is a lot of work to be done to build a relationship of mutual trust, and the state has a responsibility to meet the tribes at least halfway.

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Duane Champagne: Indigenous accommodation for colonialism (04/22)
Colonialism is a trickster because it gives a way of life, but at the same time takes away a way of life.

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National Park Service proposes rule for tribal gathering of plants (04/20)
Tribes will be able to enter into government-to-government agreements to gather plants and plant parts in national parks and monuments.

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Steven Newcomb: Tribal sovereignty or original independence? (04/20)
To this day we are rightfully free of the colonizers’ imposed words and ideas of domination. It’s just many of us have not yet grasped and acted on this critical point.

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John Guenther: Tribes should not allow marijuana on their land (04/20)
With heightened acceptance more and more youth are abusing the drug. Eventually drug laws will be enforced and an entire industry will come tumbling down.

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Senate Indian Affairs Committee takes up tribal labor measure (04/16)
The Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act treats tribes and their enterprises in the same manner as states and local governments when it comes to federal labor law.

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Editorial: Tribal online lending operations deserve state scrutiny (04/13)
The real lenders, the ones who are raking in the incredible profits, are unscrupulous lenders with no claim to sovereignty.

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David Wilkins: Tribal leaders can't stay silent on disenrollment (04/06)
Native leaders are hoping this infection will heal itself, but without the right medicine, in time, it will spread and cause profound harm to us all by finally crippling sovereignty.

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Steven Newcomb: Challenge system of domination in Indian law (04/06)
Part of the process of decolonization involves using the term domination to reference the United States and the U.S. federal Indian law and policy system.

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Native Youth: Bring dental therapy providers to Indian Country (03/26)
Leaders of sovereign Indian nations are the authority to decide whether they use dental therapy to help improve the quality of health care for us.

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Mike Myers: Effects of historical trauma linger in Indian Country (03/24)
Our challenge is to build a model of indigenous nationhood founded on our original principles and teachings that will endure seven generations into the future.

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David Wilkins: Even the dead can't escape tribal disenrollment (03/20)
The very fabric of the cosmos as we have always understood it is being assaulted through recent attempts to engage in the loathsome practice of disenrollment of deceased tribal members.

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Anthony Broadman: Court expands state powers on tribal land (03/20)
The Washington State Supreme Court wove new threads into the already tangled web of Washington partial P.L. 280 jurisprudence.

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Ruth Hopkins: Tribes must exercise sovereignty over their data (03/17)
While we were watching Netflix, organizing ITunes playlists and downloading the latest apps, the NSA was hard at work building an elaborate infrastructure that allows it to intercept the vast majority of human communications.

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Opinion: Penobscot Nation fights state to regain control of river (03/16)
Since 1818, the heart of the Nation’s reservation has been the islands in the river north from Indian Island, their town 15 miles upriver from Bangor.

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Bishop Paiute Tribe sues county for interfering with sovereignty (03/11)
The tribe and the county, who clashed before the U.S. Supreme Court over a decade ago, are back at it again.

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Gabe Galanda: Disenrollments aren't an exercise in sovereignty (03/10)
Disenrollment is instead an exercise of federal removal, assimilation and termination policies, which tribes are now inflicting upon themselves.

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Vince Two Eagles: Native Americans are citizens in our nations (03/03)
What difference does it make to the displaced, disenfranchised, oppressed and marginalized people if the insane destructive, disruptive or fractionalizing policies of plenary authority of one people over another is imposed in the name of 'manifest destiny' or religious doctrine?

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David Wilkins: Tap into the knowledge and power of our nations (03/02)
Of course, we all know that every one of our nations was hammered hard by the merciles and unrelenting forces of invasive colonial powers, intent on claiming dominion over our lands, lives, and liberties.

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Updates from National Congress of American Indians winter session in DC (02/25)
A divided government in Washington, legislative priorities for tribal programs and compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act were some of the key issues.

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