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Editorial: County stonewalling Chumash Tribe on development (06/26)
The U.S. Congress is trying to do something folks in Santa Barbara County have been unable to do — start a useful conversation between local governments.

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Lakota Country Times: Rosebud Sioux Tribe plants new garden (06/23)
Community members took the first step toward food sovereignty on the Rosebud Reservation and planted a variety of vegetables in a one acre garden.

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Ute Tribe wins major ruling in long-running dispute with state (06/17)
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeal rebuked state and local authorities in Utah for repeatedly challenging the sovereignty of the tribe.

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Session at RES DC meeting explores marijuana in Indian Country (06/17)
Interest in marijuana is growing but tribes are being urged to move with caution as they enter the new industry.

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Mark Charles: All men are created equal except 'Indian savages' (06/15)
The foundations of the United States of America are blatantly unjust. This land was stolen.

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Siletz Tribe becomes latest to join marriage equality movement (06/04)
The council took action after tribal members overwhelmingly said they favored a change in laws.

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Appeals court opens leader of Miccosukee Tribe to IRS summons (06/02)
Chairman Colley Billie claimed immunity but the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals said the tribe's sovereignty is not superior to that of the United States.

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Gregory Smithers: Same-sex marriage within Cherokee culture (06/01)
There’s no question that gay rights and same-sex marriage will continue to stir debate in Indian Country, as it does throughout the United States.

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Maine tribes assert sovereignty and sever relationship with state (05/28)
The Aroostook Band of Micmacs, the Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe said their efforts to work with the state have failed.

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Maine tribes hold rally after withdrawing from state Legislature (05/26)
The Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe said their attempts to work with the state have been futile.

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Mary Ann Andreas: Candidates must keep informed about tribes (05/26)
Anyone who seeks or holds public office in the United States today needs to be more informed about this country's first Americans — their history, policies and issues.

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Steve Russell: National sovereignty cannot cloak all evil conduct (05/26)
In a very real sense, the United States of America originated the idea that the sovereignty of a Westphalian nation-state cannot cloak all evil conduct.

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Steven Newcomb: U.S. perpetuates dominance over our nations (05/25)
The United States is working to incorporate into the United Nations’ system-wide action plan, the U.S. federal Indian law and policy system of 'subjection.'

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Steve Russell: About that 'obsession' with tribal sovereignty (05/18)
Our people do not know what they want or why they want it, let alone how to state it in the simple terms—the slogans—that inspire mass action.

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Russell Begaye takes oath as new president of Navajo Nation (05/13)
It took longer than expected but the Navajo Nation finally has a new leadership team.

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David Wilkins: Disenrollments aren't about tribal sovereignty (05/12)
Tribal politicians and jurists who work to disenroll legitimate Native citizens justify their perverted behavior by wrapping themselves in the cloak of sovereign power.

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Steven Newcomb: Debating our existence as 'tribes' or nations (05/05)
Were there 'tribes' existing here in our part of the world before the Christian Europeans invasively arrived with that word?

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Opinion: Join 'Long March to Rome' to support indigenous rights (05/04)
Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples alike can benefit from learning how the 15th century Vatican manufactured a system of inequality to legitimize first the slave trade and thereafter the assertion of sovereignty over the New World.

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Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage could impact tribes (04/29)
The outcome may not force tribes to recognize same-sex marriage but it could put pressure on them to do so.

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Top Maine official opposes bill for fishing agreements with tribes (04/29)
The head of the Department of Marine Resources says that tribal members must comply with state laws.

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