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Lakota Country Times: Families come together to fight suicide (04/20)
On a cold morning in February, three grassroots organizations met on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to discuss the continuing suicide epidemic impacting Lakota children.

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WBUR: Reporter discusses youth suicide in Oglala Sioux Tribe (04/15)
Since December, seven young people -- including a 12-year-old -- have committed suicide on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

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Oglala Sioux Tribe struggles to address suicide among its youth (04/13)
Since December, seven young people -- including a 12-year-old -- have committed suicide on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

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First Lady Obama speaks to Native youth at White House session (04/08)
The first lady said Native youth are working hard to succeed despite facing numerous obstacles that she traced to genocide, forced removal and the boarding school system.

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Dominique Alan Fenton: Racism at core of Native youth suicide (04/02)
Between December 1 and March 23, Pine Ridge Hospital treated 241 patients under 19 who actively planned, attempted or committed suicide.

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux youth step up to address suicide (03/13)
The loss of a child’s life in any community is devastating, but when it is the loss of five young lives in the span of a few months by means of suicide it becomes tragic.

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Regina Brave: Let's learn to forgive ourselves for our pettiness (03/11)
There were five attempted suicides on the Pine Ridge Reservation -- two young people were buried. What is it going to take to stop the bullying?

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Charles Trimble: A Lakota memorial for victims of youth suicide (03/10)
It is easy to write off the suicide phenomenon as an epidemic, as if it were an affliction from outside the community and tribe; or to write it off as intergenerational trauma or historic trauma.

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Ivan Star: Oglala Sioux Tribe suffers with suicide among youth (03/10)
The recent homeland suicides among our youth have been foremost in my thoughts.

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Brandon Ecoffey: Major issues ignored in State of Indian Nations (01/26)
As a member organization representing hundreds of tribes across the country, it’s inevitable that NCAI must juggle the interests of some tribal nations that are in conflict with the interests of others.

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Native Sun News: Professor works on youth suicide prevention (01/08)
'If you want to have happy children you have to be a happy parent,' said one participant at the American Indian Life Skills Curriculum workshop.

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Opinion: Indigenous peoples suffer from highest rates of suicide (01/05)
Indigenous peoples suffer the greatest suicide risk among cultural or ethnic groups worldwide.

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Chelsey Luger and Gyasi Ross: Suicide can break a family's spirit (12/12)
This is the last in the Suicide Chronicles series and hopefully a model for one of those uncomfortable conversations.

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White House invites youth to DC for Tribal Nations Conference (11/26)
A few dozen youth from across Indian Country will be taking part in the meeting on December 3.

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Harold Monteau: Teach children about our positive tribal values (11/24)
It's never too late to change lives, especially our own

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Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux youth to join White House meet (11/21)
Last year a star freshman point guard inspired a reservation with a message of hope designed to prevent suicide.

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Rep. Don Young easily wins re-election despite recent misstep (11/05)
The incumbent Republican will serve a 22nd term as Alaska's sole representative in the U.S. House.

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Rep. Don Young to speak to Alaska Natives amid controversy (10/24)
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) has urged the Congressman to apologize for remarks he made about suicide.

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Rep. Don Young blames government 'largesse' for suicide rate (10/23)
Alaska's lone congressional representative expands on controversial comments in a state with the highest suicide rate.

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Rep. Don Young criticized for comments to high school students (10/22)
Witnesses say he went too far with remarks about domestic violence, youth suicide and same-sex marriage.

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