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SCOTUSBlog: DOJ urges denial of petition in tribal court dispute (05/20)
As a general rule, Indian tribes don’t have authority over the conduct of non-members on non-Indian land, and hence they lack jurisdiction over disputes arising out of that conduct.

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Indian student in federal court over right to wear eagle feather (05/20)
Hayden Layne Griffith is due to graduate tomorrow and has been told she can't wear an eagle feather in her cap.

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Appeals court rules against tribal jurisdiction in school cases (05/18)
The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals held that two tribes in North Dakota lack authority over disputes involving public schools.

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United South and Eastern Tribes open meeting in Connecticut (05/18)
The Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation is hosting the semi-annual meeting on its reservation.

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New Mexico court allows lawsuits for actions of tribal officers (05/18)
The Santa Fe County sheriff has revoked law enforcement commissions with a dozen tribal, local and federal agencies in response to the ruling.

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Cherokee Nation father supports Indian Child Welfare Act rule (05/14)
Dusten Brown hopes the Obama administration's regulation will prevent other Indian families from suffering the removal of their children.

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DOJ files brief in tribal jurisdiction case before Supreme Court (05/14)
Government attorneys are urging the high court not to accept a case that tests the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

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Cherokee Nation to negotiate hunting and fishing agreement (05/06)
The tribe has asserted a right to hunt and fish free of state regulation.

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Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage could impact tribes (04/29)
The outcome may not force tribes to recognize same-sex marriage but it could put pressure on them to do so.

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Supreme Court won't review case involving Indian online lender (04/29)
Non-Indian customers of Western Sky Financial won't have to submit to tribal court jurisdiction.

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Mark Charles: Our common memory from our traumatized past (04/28)
Today, not only are we dealing with the historical trauma of African Americans and Native peoples, but we also have a deeply traumatized white America.

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Steve Russell: Same-sex marriage back before Supreme Court (04/27)
Indians who live in their homelands and wish to solemnize a relationship with a same sex partner must do so, if at all, under tribal law.

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Appeals court sides with Indian inmate in religious rights case (04/22)
David Schlemm, a member of the Navajo Nation, has won the right to wear a headband and eat venison during times of ceremony while his case proceeds.

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Opinion: Media ignores tribal ownership of our water in Arizona (04/20)
In many articles published this year and last about drought and potential water shortages in Arizona, particularly involving the Colorado River, there's one thing the writers constantly omit.

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Supreme Court won't hear challenge to Wisconsin treaty rights (04/20)
The state interferes with the treaty rights of Ojibwe tribes by barring members from hunting deer at night on ceded lands.

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Mohegan Tribe supports re-election of Sen. Richard Blumenthal (04/20)
The Democrat garnered a reputation as an Indian fighter during his tenure as attorney general in Connecticut.

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Lawsuit seeks information on remarks at Indian law conference (04/14)
A top Department of Justice official said the government 'made mistakes' by advancing racially and culturally biased arguments in two historic Indian law cases.

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Public schools in Texas adjust policies after Apache boy's case (04/10)
A young member of the Lipan Apache Tribe had to go to court to fight for his right to wear long hair to school.

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Crow Tribe maintains right to hunt on off-reservation treaty land (04/09)
The state of Wyoming is citing a U.S. Supreme Court decision from 1896 as justification for pursuing tribal members who hunt on ceded lands.

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Quechan Tribe loses bid to force US to pay for better health care (04/07)
The Indian Health Service facility on the reservation is the oldest in the United States but the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the solution to adequate care lies with Congress.

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