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Grand Ronde Tribes disenroll 86 descendants of treaty signer (07/28)
The family members plan to pursue an appeal in tribal court.

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Dan Littlefield: Freedmen deserve Cherokee Nation citizenship (07/15)
Dan Littlefield discusses the controversy over Freedmen citizenship within the Cherokee Nation.

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George Wickliffe: United Keetoowah Band chooses its own path (07/14)
The United Keetoowah Band does not view the signing of the Act of Union as an event to celebrate.

Filed Under: Environment
NWPR: Umatilla Tribes protest plans for coal shipping terminal (07/11)
The Umatilla Tribes say they won't accept money in exchange for supporting a coal export terminal in eastern Oregon.

Filed Under: Cobell | Opinion
Chuck Sams: Umatilla Tribes sign Cobell land-buy back agreement (07/09)
Chuck Sams, the editor of the Confederated Umatilla Journal, reflects on his tribe's participation in the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

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Doug George-Kanentiio: Fire lawyers for bad Mohawk land deal (07/08)
After reviewing the statements issued by the St. Regis Tribal Council in support of extinguishing forever all Mohawk claims to our aboriginal territory it is obvious none of the lawyers read the dreaded Sherrill v. Oneida Indian Nation of New York case.

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Winona LaDuke: Energy project threatens Ojibwe ricing tradition (07/07)
Activist Winona LaDuke of Honor the Earth explains the battle against pipeline through treaty territory in Minnesota.

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Ernie Stevens: Tribute to late treaty rights advocate Billy Frank (07/02)
Ernie Stevens Jr., the chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association, pays tribute to the late Billy Frank Jr.

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Ruth Hopkins: Sioux leaders to meet with Obama for Black Hills (06/30)
Ruth Hopkins explains the significance of the Black Hills and previews upcoming talks with President Barack Obama.

Filed Under: Opinion | Recognition
Opinion: Pocahontas and one tribe's bid for federal recognition (06/23)
Laurie Gwen Shapiro travels to historic Jamestown in Virginia and learns about the Pamunkey Tribe.

Filed Under: National | Politics
Native Sun News: South Dakota tribes barred from Obama meet (06/19)
Tribes from South Dakota were barred from a round table discussion that President Obama had with tribal leaders from North Dakota.

Filed Under: Opinion
Doug George-Kanentiio: Mohawk leaders defend land settlement (06/17)
Last week I was able to attend the two public sessions in which the people of Akwesasne had an opportunity to discuss the proposed land claims settlement.

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Tribes and activists urge Obama to reject Keystone XL Pipeline (06/16)
The president didn't address the controversy during his historic visit to Indian Country.

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Radio: Cherokee Freedmen cite treaty in fight over citizenship (06/16)
Cherokee Freedmen await decision from federal judge on their citizenship status.

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Cynthia Iyall: Billy Frank will be heard for generations to come (06/16)
Cynthia Iyall, the chairwoman of the Nisqually Tribe of Washington, pays tribute to the late Billy Frank Jr.

Filed Under: World
Mapuche people in Chile demand land and self-determination (06/13)
Nearly 10 percent of the population claims Mapuche ancestry.

Filed Under: Opinion
Matthew Fletcher: Tribes seek control over their own destinies (06/09)
Professor Matthew Fletcher joins the debate over reparations for African Americans and compares it to tribal struggles for self-determination:

Filed Under: Opinion | Recognition
Editorial: Terminated Oregon Indians deserve full recognition (06/09)
Confederation of Chetco and Tututni Indians are seeking to be restored to federal recognition.

Filed Under: Opinion
Henry Cagey/Robert Odawi Porter: Tax reform in Indian Country (06/04)
Tax reform is important to Indian Country because it presents an opportunity to fix some of the structural problems that cripple tribal economies.

Filed Under: Opinion
Doug George-Kanentiio: Bad land claim settlement for Mohawk (06/03)
That the Tribal Council would assume it has the authority, never given, to represent all Mohawks on this most vital and delicate of issues is nothing short of pure arrogance without basis in history or fact.

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