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Warm Springs Tribes welcome early start to huckleberry season (07/28)
The tribe retains a treaty right to gather huckleberries on public lands.

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9th Circuit sides with Suquamish Tribe in fishing rights dispute (07/28)
A dispute arose with the Tulalip Tribes, whose leaders tried to exclude certain fishing grounds from a ruling made back in 1975.

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Steve Russell: The hypocrisy of race and Cherokee citizenship (07/28)
One of the whitest Indian nations by blood is now litigating to expel its black citizens, many of whom have more Cherokee blood than the white citizens so eager to see them expelled.

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Pueblo tresspassing dispute leads to federal court battle (07/21)
Non-Indian landowners are worried they will not able to access their homes at San Ildefonso Pueblo.

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Crow Tribe and Lummi Nation at odds over big coal project (07/21)
The Crows wants to develop their coal resources but a tribe nearly a thousand miles away is posing hurdles to the project.

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Native Sun News: Tribes denied voice in Keystone hearings (07/20)
Tribal leaders and allies demanded more input on TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL tar-sands crude-oil pipeline permit application, announcing a Four Directions Resistance Ride, March and Rally to precede final evidentiary hearings.

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Opinion: Nez Perce Tribe helps bring healing to Oregon town (07/17)
The Nez Perce have returned as a cultural and economic force, after working with whites in the area to purchase land at the edge of the Wallowa River.

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Nick Estes: Rainbow Gathering exploits the sacred Black Hills (07/15)
Many of us see the Rainbow gathering as engaging in cultural exploitation, and some of their activities as desecrating our holiest site by appropriating and practicing faux Native ceremonies and beliefs.

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Dina Gilio-Whitaker: How trip to Cuba helped Miccosukee Tribe (07/15)
The U.S.’s deteriorating relationship with Cuba paralleled its deteriorating relationship with Native nations.

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Native Sun News: Rainbow Gathering receives criticism and support (07/09)
As the Rainbow Gathering comes to a close, many travelers will make their journey home having learned the resolve and commitment Lakota have to the environment and with local support from Lakota leaders.

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Lakota Country Times: Activists gear up for Keystone XL hearings (07/08)
According to tribal advocates who oppose tar sands development, the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission did not consider aboriginal title in a recent Keystone XL pipeline permit certification hearing.

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Editorial: Crazy Horse made everyone brave on Bighorn battlefield (07/07)
Peace had been the policy of President Ulysses S. Grant until that discovery of gold caused the Black Hills to be infiltrated by hundreds of gold prospectors.

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Washington fights tribal treaty rights decision before 9th Circuit (07/06)
A federal judge ordered the state to fix more than 800 culverts that prevent salmon from returning to usual and accustomed tribal fishing places.

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Duane Champagne: Tribes willing to adapt without losing identity (07/06)
One of the most powerful forces arrayed against Indigenous Peoples are the forces of modernity.

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Catawba Nation fought against British during Revolutionary War (07/03)
The tribe joined the new American colonists after the British failed to enforce a 1763 treaty.

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Leader of Duwamish Tribe calls denial of recognition 'devastating' (07/03)
The tribe didn't meet two significant criteria despite spending decades on the federal acknowledgment process.

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Pamunkey Tribe wins final federal recognition decision from BIA (07/02)
The tribe is the first in Virginia to complete the federal acknowledgment process.

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BIA accused of blocking road access on New Mexico reservation (07/02)
Non-Indian homeowners claim they have a right to use roads that cross through the reservation of San Ildefonso Pueblo.

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Virginia tribes hindered by racist policies created by one man (07/01)
Walter Ashby Plecker spent 34 years systematically erasing the Indian identity of thousands of tribal members as head of the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

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Lakota Country Times: Oglala Sioux leader pushes zeolite mine (06/30)
Despite a recent vote by community members in the Wounded Knee district to rescind an earlier motion that would have paved the way for zeolite mining in their district the issue will be brought up at the next meeting.

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