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Native advocates come together to combat domestic violence (10/23)
The Montana Native Women's Coalition is hosting a conference in Billings.

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Rep. Don Young criticized for comments to high school students (10/22)
Witnesses say he went too far with remarks about domestic violence, youth suicide and same-sex marriage.

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Mary Pember: Mental health system fails young Indian woman (10/15)
The struggles of Amelia Kay Looking Sabinsky, a member of the Fort Peck Tribes who died on August 19 at the age of 36.

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9th Circuit bars use of tribal conviction in domestic assault case (10/01)
A tribal court conviction can't be used to prove an Indian defendant is a repeat domestic violence offender if the defendant wasn't provided with an attorney.

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Native Sun News: Native women speaking out against violence (09/22)
A photo posted by First Nations woman, Sarah Rainville has gone viral and is giving those who are fed up with the high rates of violent crime against indigenous women in Canada.

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Mike Wise: NFL leader must go over handling of domestic violence (09/09)
Washington Post columnist calls for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to step down over his handling of a player's domestic violence incident.

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DOJ awards grants to address violence in Bakken energy region (08/27)
Two tribes and one Native organization were among the seven grantees in Montana and North Dakota.

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Keith Harper: Eliminating violence against indigenous women (06/25)
As we prepare for the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, we express great concern that indigenous women and girls often suffer multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and poverty.

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Appeals court upholds 65-year sentence for domestic offense (05/29)
Samuel John Pego was convicted for beating his girlfriend on the reservation.

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White Earth man charged with murdering partner in house fire (05/14)
Charles J. Jones set the home he shared with Shalonda Clark on fire.

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Supreme Court backs broad interpretation of domestic violence (03/27)
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday endorsed a broad interpretation of domestic violence in barring a Tennessee man from possessing guns.

Filed Under: Canada | Opinion
Opinion: Missing and murdered Native women are being ignored (03/26)
Carolyn Bennett, a member of Parliament in Canada, says lawmakers are ignoring calls for a national inquiry into missing and murdered Native women.

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Blog: Missing and murdered Native women spur call for inquiry (03/21)
More than 800 Native women have gone missing or have been murdered in Canada.

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Darryl Leroux: Society continues to discard indigenous women (03/07)
Professor who worked with Loretta Saunders, a Native woman who was murdered, reflects on her death:

Filed Under: Canada | Law
Death of Native woman spurs more calls for inquiry in Canada (03/06)
Hundreds of people rallied at Parliament Hill on Wednesday to urge the Canadian government to call an inquiry into missing and murdered Native women.

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Report examines access to justice for Native women in Canada (03/05)
The Canadian Human Rights Commission released its annual report on Tuesday and called for a national inquiry into violence against Native women.

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Domestic violence shelters request funding from Navajo Nation (03/04)
The Navajo Nation Council will weigh three bills to fund domestic violence shelters on the Navajo Nation.

Filed Under: Opinion
Jennifer Denetdale: Violence against Navajo women 'pervasive' (02/24)
Jennifer Denetdale wonders why women on the Navajo Nation are subjected to pervasive violence.

Filed Under: Canada | Opinion
Tate Walker: Put an end to violence against indigenous women (02/14)
Tate Walker calls for end to violence against Native women in the US and Canada.

Filed Under: Law | National
Al Jazeera: Task force hears of struggles facing Native youth (02/13)
The Advisory Committee of the Attorney General's Task Force on American Indian and Alaska Native Children Exposed to Violence held its second meeting this week.

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