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Gyasi Ross: Indian Country can't get enough of Seattle Seahawks (01/23)
The Seattle Seahawks, as they get ready to crush the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, are undoubtedly the most Indian-nest professional sports team in the entire world.

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Ron Allen: Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe supports bond for schools (01/21)
We believe that a quality educational system is essential for our current and future generations.

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Christine Dupres: Cowlitz Tribe on long journey to reclaim land (01/19)
In late December of last year, I braved slogging rain, soggy ground, and dropping temperatures to join a sizable crowd of my fellow Cowlitz people as we gathered to celebrate a future reservation.

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Opinion: Indian artist Andrew Morrison creates powerful murals (01/19)
It wasn’t until I stood in front of Native American artist Andrew Morrison’s murals on a cold December morning that I really grasped how powerful — and valuable — they are.

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Initial DNA tests show Kennewick Man linked to Native peoples (01/19)
The 9,500-year-old remains were discovered on federal land in Washington that was once a part of the Umatilla Reservation.

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Oneida Nation and Yakama Nation in football championship wager (01/16)
The Oneidas accepted a challenge from the Yakamas and some big stakes are on the table.

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Stephanie Fryberg: Living in aftermath of a tragedy at Tulalip (01/14)
As an American Indian social psychologist who studies how culture and race influence how people relate to one another, I am used to uncomfortable questions.

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Pueblo woman to be sworn in as judge in Washington county (01/14)
Raquel Montoya-Lewis will be the only Native superior court judge in the entire state.

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DOI signs land buy-back agreements with Washington tribes (01/13)
The Squaxin Island Tribe and the Swinomish Tribe will facilitate outreach and education.

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Tim Ballew: Coal terminal destroys Lummi Nation's way of life (01/08)
Salmon is our most important currency; it’s the lifeblood of our people and always has been.

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Yakama Nation man faces trial for driving in federal wildlife refuge (01/07)
Delbert Loren Wheeler is citing the Yakama Treaty of 1855 as a defense against the charges.

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Defense measure opens sacred site in Washington to the public (12/15)
The Yakama Nation is in court in hopes of preventing public tours at the sacred Rattlesnake Mountain.

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Quileute Tribe celebrates recovery of huge historic rock carving (12/11)
The rock depicts the slaying of the Red Lizard by K'wati, an important figure who turned the Quileutes from wolves to people.

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DOI sends $1.5M in buy-back offers on Squaxin Island Reservation (12/10)
Offers were made to more than 600 landowners as part of the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

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Meet Native America: Chairman Rudy Peone of the Spokane Tribe (12/09)
The National Museum of the American Indian continues its Meet Native America series.

Filed Under: Law | Trust
Colville Tribes appeals court dismisses trust fund settlement case (12/09)
The tribe received a $193 million settlement and distributed half on a per capita basis.

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Editorial: Yakama Nation and state must address gas tax issue (12/05)
Some gas stations on the reservation are selling to non-Indians without imposing a state tax.

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Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe continues search for missing man (12/02)
Dean Harvey, 48, failed to return from a fishing excursion on November 25.

Filed Under: Education
First Nations Development Institute awards grants to colleges (11/28)
The Northwest Indian College and Chief Dull Knife College each received $90,000.

Filed Under: Environment | Opinion
Editorial: Yakama Nation must disclose plans for clean water (11/25)
Newspaper calls on the Environmental Protection Agency and the Yakama Nation to meet soon to discuss the tribe's clean water plans.

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