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Frank Hopper: Alaska Native Brotherhood was about resistance (02/27)
When you see it coming you can protect what’s most important and survive. You can resist.

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Opinion: Tribes get ready to discuss marijuana in Indian Country (02/25)
Tribal governments are now trying to figure out whether they want to get into the ganja game.

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Washington tribes head to trial in dispute over fishing grounds (02/25)
The Makah Nation is accusing the Quileute Nation and the Quinault Nation of fishing beyond their usual and accustomed fishing grounds.

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Indian artist blasts vandalism of murals as an 'act of terrorism' (02/24)
The Great Walls of Indian Heritage were destroyed sometime over the weekend.

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Bill for tribal marijuana agreements advancing in Washington (02/24)
The bill would allow the state to work with tribes on marijuana issues.

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Judge tells Nooksack Tribe to delay disenrollment proceedings (02/24)
The tribe must wait while 306 people challenge an ordinance that was approved by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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EPA investigates refinery incident at request of Swinomish Tribe (02/24)
Elderly and young members had trouble breathing due to strange odors from the Shell refinery and some ended up in the hospital.

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Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe confirms measles exposure at clinic (02/23)
The four cases appear to have originated with a man who visited the clinic late last month.

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Yakama Nation hunter convicted of one count in treaty case (02/16)
Delbert Loren Wheeler said he had a right to be on federal land under the Yakama Treaty of 1855.

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Washington bill authorizes tribal-state marijuana agreements (02/12)
The Suquamish Tribe supports the measure, Chairman Leonard Forsman said.

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Nooksack Tribe moves forward with disenrollment proceedings (02/10)
The Bureau of Indian Affairs has approved the tribe's latest enrollment ordinance.

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Red Lake Nation to hold community meetings on legal marijuana (02/09)
Chairman Darrell Seki Sr. is warning that the process will move slowly.

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Lorraine Loomis: Eating fish shouldn't be risky for Washington (02/06)
Gov. Jay Inslee wants to change the cancer risk rate used to set state water quality standards from 1 in 1 million to 1 in 100,000.

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Suquamish Tribe to rebury remains uncovered three years ago (02/06)
The homeowners didn't report the discovery because they didn't want to deal with the situation.

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Chinook Nation Chairman Ray Gardner passes away at age 59 (02/05)
Gardner fought for federal recognition for his tribe, who were the first to welcome explorers Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Northwest.

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Opinion: Celebrate the Native origin of the Seattle Seahawks logo (01/29)
Sometime in the 19th century, on the soggy, green coast of Vancouver Island, an artist sat down with some fresh cedar.

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Fifteen charged over theft of Yakama Nation scholarship money (01/29)
Federal prosecutors said $179,000 was stolen from the program.

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First-ever conference to focus on marijuana in Indian Country (01/27)
Robert Odawi Porter, an attorney and former president of the Seneca Nation, is a co-organizer of the February 27 event.

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Native Sun News: Lummi Nation seeks halt to coal export project (01/27)
The tribe asked the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to deny a building permit for what otherwise would become North America’s largest coal export terminal.

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Gyasi Ross: Indian Country can't get enough of Seattle Seahawks (01/23)
The Seattle Seahawks, as they get ready to crush the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, are undoubtedly the most Indian-nest professional sports team in the entire world.

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