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Great Plains tribes hold conference to safeguard water rights (07/30)
Tribal leaders discussed uranium mining, the Keystone XL Pipeline, federal management of the Missouri River and other threats to their water resources.

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Water bottling plant provides usage reports to Morongo Band (07/23)
But the tribe hasn't disclosed any data to the public since 2009.

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Yurok Tribe combats illegal marijuana farms on reservation (07/22)
The farms are damaging sacred sites, harming salmon runs and depleting the water supply.

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Travis Armstrong: Newspaper unfairly targets Morongo Band (07/21)
Travis Armstrong criticizes California newspaper for questioning the Morongo Band of Mission Indians about water usage.

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Native Sun News: North Dakota tribe contains spill at pipeline (07/18)
The Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation, working with federal, state, and corporate officials, has contained a pipeline spill that threatened to contaminate Lake Sakakawea.

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Morongo Band won't disclose water usage from bottling plant (07/16)
The tribe hosts a $26 million Nestle Waters facility on the reservation.

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Cleanup continues at site of spill on North Dakota reservation (07/14)
A pipeline with saltwater, a byproduct of oil and gas development, ruptured and spilled about 1 million gallons on the reservation.

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NWPR: Umatilla Tribes protest plans for coal shipping terminal (07/11)
The Umatilla Tribes say they won't accept money in exchange for supporting a coal export terminal in eastern Oregon.

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Arizona delegation supports Hualapai Tribe settlement measure (07/10)
The Bill Williams River Water Rights Settlement Act ensures the tribe and allottees have sufficient access to water.

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Pipeline on reservation in North Dakota spills 1M gallons of fluid (07/10)
An unknown amount of saltwater entered a bay that leads to Lake Sakakawea.

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Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee's hearing on five bills (07/09)
The bills address land-into-trust, mineral rights and water rights issues for tribes in Arizona, Montana, Nevada and New Mexico.

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Maine asserts jurisdiction over tribal waters in case against EPA (07/09)
State wants to determine standards for waters that run through reservations.

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Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on bills (07/07)
Five bills affecting land-into-trust, mineral rights and water rights are on the agenda.

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Brooklyn Baptiste: Tribal fishery programs show great success (06/24)
Brooklyn Baptiste, the chairman of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, urges the Northwest Power and Conservation Council to respect tribal fishery programs.

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Hoopa Valley Tribe: Settlement gambles with our water rights (06/23)
The Hoopa Valley Tribe of California explains why it doesn't support Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.

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Josh Saxon: Karuk Tribe backs Klamath restoration agreement (06/19)
Josh Saxon, a council member for the Karuk Tribe of California, explains the need for the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.

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House Natural Resources Committee markup on two tribal bills (06/18)
The Nevada Native Nations Lands Act and the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe - Fish Springs Ranch Settlement Act are on the agenda.

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House subcommittee holds hearing on Pyramid Lake Paiute bill (06/10)
Chairman Elwood Lowery will testify on a bill to ratify a water settlement.

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Quinault Nation weighs move of village amid repairs to seawall (06/03)
Tribe faces threat of tsunami and rising tides.

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Editorial: Don't mess with successes of Northwest treaty tribes (05/28)
Newspaper warns Northwest Power and Conservation Council not to upset salmon recovery efforts by treaty tribes.

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