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Tim Giago hands over the reins as publisher of Native Sun News (03/27)
The largest weekly newspaper in South Dakota will be in the hands of two Lakota women.

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Another suggestion for Indian woman on $20 bill -- Sakakawea (03/25)
A group called Women on 20s has selected 15 candidates to replace Andrew Jackson but none represent Indian Country.

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Ruth Hopkins: In praise of many mighty Native women leaders (03/23)
Girls need to see their grown counterparts shine. They need positive role models to venerate; supreme examples of indigenous womanhood to aspire to.

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LTBB News: Little Traverse Bay Bands to exercise VAWA power (03/19)
The Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians is the first in Michigan to adopt the Violence Against Women Act of 2013.

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Column: Replace an Indian killer on $20 bill with Wilma Mankiller (03/18)
It’s not radical to remove Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.

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Montana tribe pays respects to late attorney Evelyn Stevenson (03/18)
Stevenson worked for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes for more than 30 years and was known as an advocate for the Indian Child Welfare Act.

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White House Blog: Tribes make communities safer with VAWA (03/11)
Women in Native communities are victims of domestic violence at higher rates than the general population, and often at the hands of non-Indian men.

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Interview: Indian lawmaker Paulette Jordan on political career (03/11)
When you're connected to my land, you're connected to my belief that I want to see your life get better.

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Opinion: True history of Pocahontas much darker than you think (03/10)
Despite popular belief, the young girl was actually 10-years old when the settlers arrived in 1612 and she was mercilessly taken prisoner at Jamestown for over a year.

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Tribes reach key milestone with jurisdiction provisions of VAWA (03/09)
Tribes nationwide are able to hold non-Indian domestic violence offenders accountable for crimes in Indian Country.

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Nita Battise sworn in as new leader of Alabama-Coushatta Tribe (03/05)
Nita Battise is the first chairperson to be elected by popular vote.

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Opinion: Native women won't feel safe without action in Canada (03/02)
Well, if honesty matters, then it should not surprise the federal government or the prime minister that indigenous people are literally at wits end about their treatment and Canada’s failure to value indigenous women’s lives.

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Updates from day 2 of National Congress of American Indians winter session (02/26)
Contract support costs, the Violence Against Women Act and Supreme Court litigation were some of highlights from the second day of the meeting in Washington, D.C.

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Steve Russell: Cherokees learned discrimination from colonists (02/25)
The colonists did not want any females signing treaties, regardless of their representative status.

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Bill to create day to honor late Elouise Cobell stalls in Montana (02/25)
Western Native Voice said supporters will look for other ways to advance the measure.

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Onondaga Nation attorney Tonya Gonnella Frichner dies at 67 (02/17)
Frichner dedicated her life to the protection of indigenous rights.

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Gyasi Ross: Faith Spotted Eagle discusses Keystone XL battle (02/13)
As a grandmother and Chair of the Ihanktonwan Treaty Council I am deeply opposed to the intrusion into our land of the Ft. Laramie Treaties of 1851 and 1868.

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Opinion: Violence against women turns into violence against all (02/09)
Until women are safe in the home, none of us will be safe outside the home.

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Jacqueline Keeler: NFL perpetuates violence against our women (02/09)
Native women are the only group more likely to be victimized by someone not of their race.

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Otoe-Missouria Tribe to mark 100th birthday of oldest member (02/04)
Lorena Kihega DeRoin was born in 1915 and worked for the tribe until she was 98.

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