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Leader of Monacan Nation passes on after fight with liver cancer (06/24)
Sharon Bryant was the first woman to lead the tribe. She was 54.

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Seneca Nation welcomes change to offensive name of city park (06/24)
The 60-acre park will now be known as Unity Island, an inspiration from a Seneca word.

Filed Under: Canada | Opinion
Mark Trahant: National Aboriginal Day stirs new hope in Canada (06/23)
For nearly two decades, Canadians have celebrated June 21 as a national holiday to honor the Inuit, First Nations and Metis people.

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Sault Tribe member recognized for work at U.S. Attorney's Office (06/19)
David Adams developed and implemented a program to combat violence against Native women in New Mexico.

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Treasury Department announces plan to put woman on $10 bill (06/18)
The Women on 20s group drew national attention to the lack of a woman on any of the nation's paper currency.

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Seneca Nation supports new name for island and park in New York (06/17)
The Buffalo Common Council will hold a public meeting to discuss the proposal for Unity Island (Ga’nigo:i:yoh).

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Native Sun News: Lakota Women Warriors support the community (06/12)
Leaving the country to join a war on foreign soil is an act of heroism few Native Americans experience.

Filed Under: Politics
Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians heads to run-off for chief (06/10)
Phyliss J. Anderson, the first woman to lead the tribe, will face Beasley Denson, the man she defeated in 2011.

Filed Under: Canada | Opinion
Terese Marie Mailhot: A young Native life 'discarded' in Canada (06/10)
Our women are walking on too quickly, before they actualize their potentials, before we can revel in their light, before we can tell them we're here.

Filed Under: Politics
Mississippi Choctaws in final stretch of campaign for chief position (06/08)
Phyliss J. Anderson, the first woman to lead the tribe, is facing a challenge from the man she defeated four years ago.

Filed Under: Health | National | Recognition
Leader of Monacan Nation diagnosed with terminal liver cancer (06/03)
Sharon Bryant, the first woman to serve as chief, spent most of her first term focusing on federal recognition for her people.

Filed Under: Opinion
Erin Grace: Ride from Santee Sioux to Crow Creek honors women (06/01)
Members of the vast Dakota Sioux diaspora met on a gray Memorial Day to remember a series of events that occurred 152 years ago: a war, an imprisonment, a mass execution and an expulsion from an ancestral home.

Filed Under: World
Native women compete in first Miss Indigenous Ecuador contest (05/26)
Jenny Guillin, who represents the Puruha people, took home the title in a pageant that showcased tribal culture and language.

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Opinion: Putting a woman on $20 bill might not be an easy task (05/21)
All of our paper money feature white men, at least half of them slave-owners.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | Canada | Opinion
Rosanna Deerchild: An iconic Buffy Sainte-Marie still inspires (05/18)
She is a musical innovator — producing her own music and adopting electronic instruments before anyone else.

Filed Under: National
Women on 20s campaign announces winner of national vote (05/12)
Wilma Mankiller, the late former chief of the Cherokee Nation, didn't come out on top of the ballot.

Filed Under: Opinion
Gyasi Ross: Native moms will run the whole world someday (05/11)
Native mothers simply don’t give up. They can’t give up; not in their DNA.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | Opinion
Column: Stereotypes of Native people can't pass as humor (05/11)
Adam Sandler himself is proudly Jewish. Would he find it funny for a Jewish woman with an obscene name to urinate while lighting a menorah?

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | Business | National
Native Sun News: Native business celebrates grand opening (05/11)
Sage & Silver Americana Gallery and Boutique, a new, Native-owned women’s western boutique and art gallery, announced its grand opening celebration.

Filed Under: Opinion
Terese Marie Mailhot: My dedication to all those 'rez chicks' (05/11)
I used to be the rez chick, pushing a bundled baby down a gravel road with a stick to ward off dogs.

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