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Oneida Nation and Yakama Nation in football championship wager (01/16)
The Oneidas accepted a challenge from the Yakamas and some big stakes are on the table.

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Yakama Nation man faces trial for driving in federal wildlife refuge (01/07)
Delbert Loren Wheeler is citing the Yakama Treaty of 1855 as a defense against the charges.

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Defense measure opens sacred site in Washington to the public (12/15)
The Yakama Nation is in court in hopes of preventing public tours at the sacred Rattlesnake Mountain.

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Editorial: Yakama Nation and state must address gas tax issue (12/05)
Some gas stations on the reservation are selling to non-Indians without imposing a state tax.

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Editorial: Yakama Nation must disclose plans for clean water (11/25)
Newspaper calls on the Environmental Protection Agency and the Yakama Nation to meet soon to discuss the tribe's clean water plans.

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NWPR: Tribes take steps to control growing herds of wild horses (10/30)
Northwest Public Radio reports on efforts by tribes to control the growing wild horse populations on their reservations in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

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9th Circuit rejects treaty claims of Indian tobacco manufacturer (09/26)
Ruling is the latest setback to the King Mountain Tobacco Company, a privately owned enterprise on the reservation.

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BSPR: Tobacco firm on Yakama Nation fights federal government (09/08)
A tobacco company based on the Yakama Nation in Washington was just told to pay $58 million in federal taxes.

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Judge tells tobacco firm on Yakama Nation to pay $58M in taxes (09/05)
The King Mountain Tobacco Company cited the Yakama Treaty of 1855 and the General Allotment Act in a bid to gain a tax exemption.

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9th Circuit hears case over Yakama Nation tobacco manufacturer (08/29)
The King Mountain Tobacco Company is citing the 1855 Yakama Treaty to protect its right to market goods without state interference.

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Tribes hail Oregon decision to deny permit for coal export project (08/19)
The Oregon Department of State Lands said an energy company failed to address the impacts on tribal fishing sites.

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Oregon won't pursue charges against Yakama Nation fishermen (08/07)
Two tribal members were cited for fishing lamprey out of season but they asserted their treaty rights.

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Steven Newcomb: Author shares story of life on Yakama Nation (07/02)
Steven Newcomb urges readers to pick up two works by author David Edward Walker.

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KUOW: Yakama Nation opposes coal terminal on fishing grounds (05/21)
The Yakama Nation of Washington says a coal export terminal would impact treaty-protected fishing grounds.

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Yakama Nation sues to put a stop to tours on sacred mountain (04/24)
The Yakama Nation of Washington is suing the federal government to stop public tours on the sacred Rattlesnake Mountain.

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US Judgment Fund used to pay out out tribal trust settlements (03/10)
The federal government's Judgment Fund has been used to pay out a slew of tribal trust fund settlements.

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Yakama Nation objects to sale of marijuana on ceded lands (02/06)
The Yakama Nation of Washington has filed hundreds of objections to the sale of marijuana within its treaty-ceded territory.

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Al Jazeera: Washington tribes dispute state's marijuana law (01/28)
Al Jazeera reports on Washington Initiative 502, which authorizes the use and possession of marijuana in limited circumstances, and its affect on tribes.

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Yakama Nation seeks to retake authority from Washington (01/21)
The Yakama Nation is set to reclaim authority from the state of Washington after more than 50 years of living under Public Law 280.

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Yakama Nation opposes marijuana on treaty ceded land (01/13)
The Yakama Nation of Washington is objecting to marijuana operations on 12 million acres of treaty-ceded territory.

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