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Native Sun News: Youth take on lead role in Dakota memorial ride (12/17)
The annual Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride is evidence of the power of the seventh generation to lead under the healing powers of the Sunka Wakan Oyate.

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Tim Giago: Think unity and fun at Olympics of Indian basketball (12/16)
When the Lakota people hear the acronym 'LNI' they know exactly what it means.

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Chelsey Luger and Gyasi Ross: Suicide can break a family's spirit (12/12)
This is the last in the Suicide Chronicles series and hopefully a model for one of those uncomfortable conversations.

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Lac Courte Oreilles youth represent tribe at White House meeting (12/10)
Preston and Niizhoo Sullivan sang for President Barack Obama and got to meet him.

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Sisseton Wahpeton woman recovering in hospital after shooting (12/10)
The fatal shooting on November 22 left four people dead and 11 children orphaned.

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Youth arrested at at-risk facility on Yerington Paiute Reservation (12/09)
Several youth were reportedly arrested after a fight broke out.

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Native Sun News: Program changes the lives of urban Indian youth (12/09)
The Ateyapi Mentoring Program has been at Rapid City Central High School since 1994 and has been encouraging healthy living for Native American students.

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PBS: Interview with Secretary Jewell on BIE school reform plans (12/08)
The leader of the Interior Department discusses challenges facing Bureau of Indian Education schools.

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Column: School on Pine Ridge Reservation is a 'beacon of hope' (12/08)
New York Times columnist urges readers to support an Indian school on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

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Ivan Star Comes Out: Alcohol is the most devastating weapon (12/05)
I paid a short visit to our Oglala Sioux tribal courthouse and ended up with a task.

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President Obama makes Native youth a priority in administration (12/04)
The Generation Indigenous initiative includes a Cabinet listening tour and the first-ever White House Tribal Youth Gathering.

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White House to host first-ever Tribal Youth Gathering next year (12/03)
President Obama is building on his visit with tribal youth on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation this past June.

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Alaska Native man hopes antismoking message reaches youth (12/02)
Michael George Patterson, who is Tlingit, is featured in a media campaigned aimed at American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

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VOA: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe focuses on education for youth (12/02)
President Barack Obama promised to focus on education when he visited the reservation this past June.

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Tribes struggle to provide services to youth in justice system (12/01)
Juveniles who commit crimes or get into trouble are often placed in detention centers where they receive little support and services.

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Leech Lake Band sends youth to DC for Capitol Christmas Tree (12/01)
This year's tree comes from a national forest that lies within reservation boundaries.

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Judge allows NFL team lawsuit against young Native activists (11/26)
The team is suing the six young activists in federal court in Virginia.

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White House invites youth to DC for Tribal Nations Conference (11/26)
A few dozen youth from across Indian Country will be taking part in the meeting on December 3.

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Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate in shock after shooting leaves 4 dead (11/24)
Chairman Robert Shepherd asks community to stand together following the deaths of four young people on the reservation.

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Harold Monteau: Teach children about our positive tribal values (11/24)
It's never too late to change lives, especially our own

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