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Filed Under: Education | National
Native Sun News: Native advocates worried about cyberbullying (04/11)
Cyber bullying is on the rise across the country and many are concerned with the impact that it is having on Native American youth.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment
Q&A with blogger on Native representations in children's books (04/07)
Aura Bogado interviews blogger Debbie Reese (Nambe Pueblo) about the depiction of Native people in books.

Filed Under: Canada | Education | Opinion
Shawn Atleo: First Nations must turn page on residential schools (04/03)
Shawn Atleo, the chief of the Assembly of First Nations, discusses what should happen now that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada has wrapped up its hearings.

Filed Under: Politics
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on five bills (04/02)
The Senate Indian Affairs Committee held a hearing this afternoon to consider five bills.

Filed Under: Business | Canada
Lisa Charleyboy: Group helps young Natives succeed in business (04/01)
Lisa Charleyboy reports on efforts by the Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada to help young Natives succeed in urban settings.

Filed Under: Arts & Entertainment | Canada
Comic book series to introduce female Native teenage superhero (03/28)
The creator of the Justice League United comic book series is introducing a Native character.

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Standing Rock Sioux Tribe prays for students involved in crash (03/26)
Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe are praying for the recovery of five students and two teachers who were injured in a crash in Colorado over the weekend.

Filed Under: Health | National
Report: Choctaw Nation sees extremely high rate of teen births (03/24)
The teen birth rate has fallen dramatically over the last two decades, with the exception of the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma.

Filed Under: Opinion
Julianne Jennings: A closer bond between mother and daughter (03/24)
Julianne Jennings shares her struggles her teen daughter is facing.

Filed Under: National | Sports
WBUR: Baseball team taps into tradition to boost Navajo youth (03/24)
WBUR travels to the Navajo Nation to learn more about Naat’aanii, a baseball team that promotes leadership in youth.

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