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Yurok Tribe works to revive language with help of public schools (04/14)
The Yurok Tribe of California is creating a new generation of Yurok language speakers with the help of local schools.

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Al Jazeera: Drought hits hard for tribes in northern California (03/19)
The Hoopa Valley Tribe and the Yurok Tribe are being hit hard by drought conditions in California.

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Yurok Tribe keeps members out of trouble with wellness court (03/06)
The Yurok Tribe of California is seeing success with its wellness court.

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Yurok Tribe to sell carbon credits through California program (02/12)
The Yurok Tribe has joined the carbon trading market in California.

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Yurok Tribe schedules election to replace late Bonnie Green (01/31)
The Yurok Tribe of California has called a special election to fill the seat of Bonnie Green, a council member who passed away on January 18.

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Another person charged in theft of nearly $1M from Yurok Tribe (10/23)
Federal authorities charged a biologist in connection with the theft of nearly $1 million from the Yurok Tribe of California.

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Tribes working to recover from shutdown of federal government (10/18)
The federal government reopened its doors on Thursday but Indian Country is still feeling the effects of the 16-day shutdown.

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Yurok Tribe hosts ammo exchange for condor restoration efforts (09/05)
The Yurok Tribe is hosting an ammo exchange today as part of its efforts to restore the condor to California.

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Yurok Tribe debuts new transportation service for community (07/16)
The Yurok Tribe of California has launched a new transportation service for the local community.

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BBC News: Yurok Tribe sees success with language efforts (06/26)
BBC News reports on efforts by the Yurok Tribe of California to preserve its language:

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