Opinion: Investigation needed at Haskell University (12/21)
Haskell president detailed to yet another BIE post (12/15)
9th Circuit rebuffs Samish Nation on treaty rights (12/14)
EchoHawk names president of SIPI in New Mexico (12/14)
EchoHawk addresses Indian school safety summit (12/11)
Judge to issue 'Fighting Sioux' decision this month (12/10)
Judge to hear tribal member suit for 'Fighting Sioux' (12/09)
NPR: 5th Circuit to hear Native boy's long hair case (12/04)
Buddhist nun leads strike for reburial of ancestors (12/03)
Passamaquoddy Tribe receives ANA language grant (12/03)
BIA spends $13.6M to replace aging Pine Ridge school (12/01)
Bill helps public schools get rid of Indian mascots (11/30)
Column: Native language revived on city's streets (11/30)
Police probe potential threats over 'Fighting Sioux' (11/20)
Standing Rock chairman not pushing 'Sioux' vote (11/19)
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Editorial: Give tribe more time on 'Fighting Sioux' (11/16)
Ho-Chunk Nation seeks to expand charter school (11/13)
North Dakota tribal college starts nurse programs (11/13)
Opinion: Tribal rivalry in boarding school football (11/12)
Mohawk veterans awarded high school diplomas (11/12)
Judge orders delay on 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (11/10)
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Standing Rock chair open to 'Fighting Sioux' talk (11/03)
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Editorial: Strong partnership for Indian education (11/02)
Opinion: Improving education for Indian students (11/02)
Ho-Chunk Inc manager to discuss self-determination (10/30)
Extension possible for 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (10/29)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe mum on UND nickname (10/28)
Indian enrollment on rise at University of Arizona (10/22)
Couple named Indian parents of the year again (10/20)
Wind River Reservation schools closed due to flu (10/15)
School official calls Crow man 'biggest drunk' (10/14)
Book describes journey of Alutiiq masks (10/08)
Oglala college registers record enrollment (10/06)
Washington tribes pledge for Native center (10/06)
CMU Dean: Respect Chippewa name and tribe (10/05)
Tribes give $30K for gym on Blackfeet Nation (10/05)
Another deadline set for 'Fighting Sioux' nick (10/02)
Deadline comes for 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (10/01)
Rally against 'Fighting Sioux' nickname at UND (09/30)
Indian law question pushed for Arizona bar test (09/28)
Fool Bear: Democracy and Standing Rock Sioux (09/28)
BIE school first in New Mexico to close for flu (09/25)
'Fighting Sioux' foes seek Spirit Lake reversal (09/25)
BIE school closed for large number of flu cases (09/24)
BIE schools to take part in new health program (09/23)
Swine flu reported at Oglala Sioux Tribe school (09/23)
School district cancels eagle feather ceremony (09/23)
Western Shoshone professor joins Yale faculty (09/23)
DOI to announce Indian student health program (09/21)
Spirit Lake Nation clarifies 'Fighting Sioux' stance (09/21)
Blog: Top BIE officials leave Haskell in jeopardy (09/21)
Indian parents plan to pursue dress code case (09/18)
Board asked to extend deadline on 'Sioux' nick (09/18)
Spirit Lake Nation backs 'Fighting Sioux' vote (09/17)
Indian parents in court over school dress code (09/17)
Haskell president on SIPI detail until January (09/16)
Three suicides seen on Mescalero Reservation (09/16)
Apology for video depiction of 'Indian' mascot (09/16)
Choctaw Nation and college form partnership (09/16)
Project seeks to preserve Assiniboine language (09/15)
BIE tells schools with swine flu cases to close (09/15)
School to vote on mascot for 'Tuscarora' name (09/15)
Indian parents upset with student dress code (09/14)
Editorial: Time to move on from 'Fighting Sioux' (09/14)
HUD awards $7M to tribal and Native colleges (09/14)
EchoHawk to attend school construction event (09/14)
Deadline on 'Fighting Sioux' might be extended (09/11)
Public Radio: Repatriation process moves slow (09/11)
Fond du Lac college gets permanent president (09/10)
Letter: Pregame video depicted 'savage' Indian (09/10)
Media guide depicts UND 'Indian' being chased (09/09)
EchoHawk addresses students in North Dakota (09/09)
Navajo community's library declared a success (09/08)
Mankiller named fellow at Oklahoma university (09/08)
Yakama Nation linguist honored for life's work (09/08)
EchoHawk to visit Indian school in North Dakota (09/04)
Fort Mojave Tribe protects historic school grounds (09/04)
Time running out to keep 'Fighting Sioux' at UND (09/03)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe sues over dress code (09/03)
Osage Nation reduces college scholarship awards (09/03)
NIEA statement on passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy (08/28)
Ryan Wilson: Indian Country mourns loss of Kennedy (08/26)
Public Radio: Smudging ceremony at university (08/25)
Narragansett woman named Dartmouth dean (08/25)
Meskwaki Tribe adds wing for new high school (08/21)
Minnesota Tribal Nations Plaza officially opens (08/21)
Deadline approaching over 'Sioux' nickname (08/19)
Few Indian students enter medical school (08/18)
Richard Williams: Tribal colleges offer hope (08/18)
Former Onondaga Nation teacher out of jail (08/13)
Former Onondaga Nation teacher sentenced (08/12)
Standing Rock Sioux leaders nix 'Sioux' vote (08/12)
School ends separate Lakota language class (08/11)
Eastern Cherokees open new school campus (08/10)
Native language software available for iPhone (08/07)
NPR: Muckleshoot Tribe lets youth tell the story (08/06)
Dartmouth admits 45-year-old Native student (08/06)
Indian students making the grade in Rapid City (08/04)
Man pleads guilty to vandalizing Indian exhibit (07/30)
UTTC president labels vandalism a hate crime (07/29)
Grant supports Ojibwe language teacher program (07/28)
Class action accuses BIA of bias against Navajos (07/27)
Museum accused of mistreating Indian workers (07/23)
Medical school reports Indian enrollment boost (07/22)
Petition seeks another vote on 'Fighting Sioux' (07/17)
University to bill Ward Churchill for lawsuit costs (07/09)
Judge won't force reinstatement of Ward Churchill (07/08)
Opinion: Free speech may hurt Ward Churchill (07/02)
Commentary: Native boy fights to keep hair long (06/30)
Eastern Cherokees plan expansion of museum (06/30)
Rosebud man takes chief diversity officer post (06/25)
Journey For Forgiveness reaches final stop (06/24)
High school students attend health care camp (06/23)
Colleges receive grants for Indian education (06/18)
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San Pasqual woman seeks office in Virginia (06/17)
Navajo school kicks off 'Sheep is Life' event (06/16)
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Journey For Forgiveness makes its way to DC (06/10)
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Ex-Indian charter school official charged with theft (06/02)
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Minnesota bill includes $1.25M for Native languages (05/26)
Barona Band offers environmental scholarship (05/26)
Haskell on alert for potentially poisonous snake (05/22)
Researchers study Navajo use of smoke signals (05/20)
Tohono O'odham Nation seeks to rebury ancestors (05/19)
Oklahoma governor vetoes tribal charter school bill (05/15)
UND faces new deadline on 'Fighting Sioux' name (05/15)
Board meeting to discuss fate of 'Fighting Sioux' (05/14)
Santa Clara Pueblo reopens historic settlement (05/14)
Donor wanted scholarship, but only for non-Natives (05/14)
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Opinion: Tribal college changes lives in Alaska (05/13)
School liaison reaches out to Alaska Native families (05/12)
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Otoe-Missouria man first in family to finish college (05/08)
Native 'Beyond the Chief' exhibit vandalized again (05/07)
Native language summit in Washington next week (05/07)
Editorial: Indian students deserve fair treatment (05/06)
Ex-Onondaga school teacher faces another trial (05/06)
Crow students participate in annual anti-meth march (05/05)
Tlingit elder, 94, awarded honorary doctorate (05/05)
School districts dispute Navajo court jurisdiction (04/30)
Study claims single ancestry for Native people (04/29)
Public Radio: Michigan tribes and repatriation (04/24)
Editorial: Don't cut Native American studies (04/24)
'Fighting Sioux' supporters eye Standing Rock vote (04/23)
Chickasaw astronaut to speak in South Dakota (04/22)
Additional funding requested for tribal colleges (04/22)
Spirit Lake Nation reportedly backs 'Fighting Sioux' (04/22)
Arizona court to hear appeal in Havasupai blood case (04/21)
Judge won't halt Spirit Lake vote on 'Fighting Sioux' (04/20)
'Fighting Sioux' opponents challenge Spirit Lake vote (04/17)
Indian student returns to class with long hair intact (04/16)
Anchorage paper series on Alaska Native education (04/10)
Standing Rock vote sought on 'Fighting Sioux' (04/10)
University vows fight over Ward Churchill (04/10)
Seminole Tribe's museum earns accreditation (04/10)
Brown University won't celebrate Columbus Day (04/09)
Native youth display skills at language conference (04/09)
Salon: Ward Churchill's slanted Indian 'scholarship' (04/09)
Historic Arkansas Museum opens tribal exhibit (04/09)
Navajo Nation hires new education director (04/08)
Asteroids given names in Luiseno language (04/08)
Churchill wants $1M unless university reinstates him (04/07)
Oregon Radio: Warm Springs Tribes renew treaty (04/07)
Cedric Sunray: Boarding schools and recognition (04/06)
Column: My bad on Ward Churchill controversy (04/06)
Art Raymond, first Indian lawmaker, dies at 86 (04/03)
Editorial: Churchill wins $1 more than he deserves (04/03)
Ward Churchill wins wrongful termination lawsuit (04/03)
BBC: Native languages on the verge of disappearing (04/02)
Jury deliberates Ward Churchill termination lawsuit (04/02)
Another fire hits Fort Belknap Reservation school (04/01)
Jodi Rave: AIHEC brings tribal colleges together (03/31)
Jodi Rave: AIHEC hosts conference in Montana (03/30)
Santa Fe Indian School clears campus of most trees (03/26)
Spirit Lake Nation set for vote on 'Fighting Sioux' (03/26)
Churchill continues testimony over university firing (03/25)
Fort Lewis Collge sees record Indian enrollment (03/24)
Cherokee Nation distributes over $3M to schools (03/24)
Ward Churchill testifies in trial over university firing (03/24)
Muscogee Nation buys land for college campus (03/23)
The Observer: Tribes fight to preserve languages (03/23)
Kumeyaay Nation wants ancestor returned (03/20)
David Gipp: UTTC finally a part of federal budget (03/19)
Opinion: 'Anything goes' for Ward Churchill (03/18)
California school to keep most of its Indian imagery (03/18)
Apology sought for Indian boarding school abuses (03/17)
Course offers training in tribal finance management (03/16)
Tom Iron: Higher priorities than 'Fighting Sioux' name (03/16)
Opinion: Ward Churchill too tough one to defend (03/13)
Spirit Lake group wants vote on 'Fighting Sioux' name (03/13)
Editorial: Navajo language preservation a priority (03/12)
Opinion: Ward Churchill murdered scholarship (03/11)
Tribal college hosts Navajo studies conference (03/10)
BIA denies asking public school district for assistance (03/10)
Winnebago Yankee treats family to Disney vacation (03/09)
Tribal members rise to top ranks in BIA education (03/06)
Museum will return ancestors to Onondaga Nation (03/06)
Kevin Abourezk: LaDuke creates green economy (03/05)
San Manuel woman makes big donation to university (03/05)
Choctaw Nation helps students find employment (03/05)
'Fighting Sioux' committee faces more criticism (03/04)
First Indian law school dean at University of New Mexico (03/04)
Column: Navajo man reflects on life, education (03/03)
Republican calls Native languages 'dead' (03/02)
Last fluent Wichita speaker preserves language (03/02)
'Fighting Sioux' committee holds first meeting (02/27)
Obama's budget funds United Tribes Technical College (02/27)
Wisconsin budget funds Indian language program (02/26)
Editorial: Confront racist history in California (02/25)
Bill in Wisconsin seeks removal of Indian mascots (02/25)
Navajo chapter opposes public school consolidation (02/24)
Rumsey chairman named to NMAI board of trustees (02/24)
Editorial: Leave mascot disputes up to schools (02/23)
Spirit Lake Nation weighs 'Fighting Sioux' vote (02/19)
Tribal college to award first four-year degrees (02/18)
Indian student researches campus experiences (02/17)
Spirit Lake vote sought on 'Fighting Sioux' nick (02/11)
Northern Cheyenne school closed after fire (02/10)
Fossils being returned to Standing Rock Sioux (02/10)
NIEA holds annual legislative summit in Washington (02/09)
Opinion: Free education not a treaty entitlement (02/05)
NIEA president to deliver annual address (02/03)
Signs of chocolate consumption found at Puebloan site (02/03)
Editorial: Concerns about Haskell president (02/03)
Opinions: Even more debate on 'Fighting Sioux' nick (02/02)
Haskell regents to meet with BIA in Washington (01/30)
Jar returned to Acoma Pueblo after attempted theft (01/29)
Editorial: Indian mascots a complicated issue (01/29)
Santa Fe Indian School sued over alleged rape (01/28)
Opinions: Still more debate on 'Fighting Sioux' nick (01/26)
Haskell University endowment association disbands (01/19)
Diverse: Carrie Billy of AIHEC on tribal colleges (01/12)
High school band to stay 'Chiefs' for inaugural (01/08)
Jodi Rave: Denise Juneau takes top education post (01/06)