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January 18, 2013

In The Hoop: Wamapoke Tribe returns to Parks and Recreation

Chief Ken Hotate of the Wamapoke Tribe returned to NBC's Parks and Recreation on Thursday night to do what every tribal leader does when meeting the pale face -- ask for fire water, promote tribal gaming and make them feel guilty, you know, for murdering all of his ancestors!

You can watch the full episode online but in case the BIA filter is blocking you from enjoying some Friday afternoon cheer, here are some screen shots.

"I'll have a whiskey."

"Our slots are downright filthy." Sounds like someone hasn't been following the MICS but maybe NIGC will let this one slide.

City council woman Leslie Knope, ever mindful of Pawnee's tragic past, displays one of the more offensive murals in city hall. Remind you of anything?

City council member Jeremy Jamm gets humiliated for going back on his word with Knope.

Chief Hotate is played by Jonathan Joss, who describes himself as Spanish, Comanche and White Mountain Apache. He was also the voice of John Redcorn, everyone's favorite sexy Indian healer from King Of The Hill.
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