Opinion: Passamaquoddy racino vote and racism

"So, Dennis Bailey, point guy for CasinosNO!, says racism had nothing to do with the voters rejecting the Washington County racino. Well, Dennis, I wouldn’t bet on being right.

Statistically, it’s pretty much impossible for racism not to have played a part. But let’s save analytical data for later. Dennis supported his contention anecdotally; I’ve got some anecdotes, too.

About a month ago when the Cleveland Indians played ball with the Boston Red Sox, some folks argued that the Indians should change their mascot. Chief Wahoo didn’t strike these people as a fitting tribute to Louis Sockalexis, the real Cleveland Indian widely considered the model for the red-faced, feather-headed symbol of the team.

But wait, how about that series! So exciting! You know what really impressed me — that Japanese guy that they had pitching! Who knew some Asian kid could play like that? Maybe they ought to consider renaming the Red Sox the "Yellow Guys" and trade in the two stockings mowed into the field at Fenway Park for an unflattering picture of a Pacific Island Mongoloid. Rude? Yeah, but you get my point.

And unfortunately our racism doesn’t always manifest itself as misplaced tribute. No, our racism generally shows itself as the dark and ugly hatred that it is."

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Pat LaMarche: Racism and the racino vote (The Bangor Daily News 11/14)