Fort Belknap Agency is now hiring for a SAUSA Prosecutor

Will represent the interests of the Ft. Belknap Indian Community as the Special Assistant United States Attorney (SAUSA) in prosecuting crimes of violence against women within the Fort Belknap Indian Community in the Ft. Belknap Tribal Court & Federal Court within the U.S. District of Montana & Class I Tribal assault charges, federally chargeable assaults on children, elders or non-related persons.

Must be a Montana-licensed attorney and pass the Fort Belknap Bar Exam and have the qualifications necessary to prosecute above cases. TERO compliance and fees will apply.

Further information and questions regarding the RFP should be submitted to: Delina Cuts The Rope, FBIC CAO at All proposals shall be mailed to: Fort Belknap Indian Community, Attn: Delina Cuts The Rope, CAO, 656 Agency Main St., Harlem, MT 59526.

The position will be selected by the FBIC Council Executive Committee and other staff. Closing Date: COB June 23, 2017.

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