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Posted: May 14, 2018

Proposals will be received until
5:00 p.m. on May 31, 2018

I. General Information

Project Objective: To develop and to implement a five-year strategic plan leading to economic independence and Tribal Prosperity.

Issuing Organization: Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians
P.O. Box 270
26000 Mesa Grande Road
Santa Ysabel, CA 92070

RFP Issued: 05/07/2018
Questions must be received by: 05/17/2018
Responses to Questions: 05/21/2018
Due Date for Proposals: Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. on 05/31/2018

The Policy of the Council of the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians is to solicit proposals with an honest intention to award a contract. This policy will not affect the right of the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians to reject any or all proposals.

Contact for Further Information: Keely Linton, Chair, Mesa Grande Economic Development Corporation, (760) 525-0139.

II. Summary

The Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians (the “Mesa Grande Band,” or the “Tribe”) is a non-gaming federally-recognized Native American Indian Tribe seeking consultant services for the tribal administration function for the development and implementation of a five-year strategic plan based on the needs of providing training, economic development, housing, governance, property development and management. Additionally, provide an evaluation of existing policies and services offered by the Tribe and opportunities to leverage existing assets and government contracting services to benefit the members of the Tribe.

III. Corrupt, Fraudulent, and Coercive Practices

The Mesa Grande Band requires the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of contracts. The Tribe shall refuse to contract, or shall terminate a contract, if it is determined that the provider has engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices.

Corrupt practice means the offering, giving, receiving or soliciting, directly or indirectly of anything of value to influence the action of the Procuring/Contracting Entity during the procurement process or in contract execution.

Fraudulent practice is any act or omission, including a misrepresentation, that knowingly or recklessly misleads, or attempts to mislead, the Procuring/Contracting Entity in the procurement process or the execution of a contract, to obtain a financial gain or other benefit to avoid an obligation;

Collusive practice is an undisclosed arrangement between two or more bidders designed to artificially alter the results of the tender procedure to obtain a financial gain or other benefit including an attempt to influence the General Council or other Tribal Committee absent a directive of the Tribe. Contractors should not be participating in private negotiations or briefings with members of the General Council and all meeting and briefings with the General Council shall occur during regularly scheduled and published meetings;

Coercive practice is impairing or harming, or threatening to impair or harm, directly or indirectly, any participant in the tender process to influence improperly its activities in a procurement process or affect the execution of a contract.

IV. Background

The Tribal citizens of the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians are direct descendants of the original aboriginal peoples who occupied northern San Diego County since time immemorial. Archaeologists have confirmed that the Tribe occupied the region for at least 12,000 years. For historical context, this means that the ancestors of today’s Mesa Grande people lived here 7,000 years before the Pharaohs began ruling ancient Egypt.

In 1875, U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant issued an executive order establishing reservations for several Tribal bands, including Mesa Grande. The establishment of reservation boundaries was not easy, since most Native people had been forced out of the areas they considered home. Subsequent executive orders in 1883 and 1891 expanded the Mesa Grande reservation to its present area.

The Mesa Grande Band is engaged in a land dispute with the United States Department of the Interior (DOI) to reclaim improperly allocated land that has always been occupied by Mesa Grande families.

Mesa Grande Government

The Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians is governed by the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians General Council made up of all enrolled Tribal citizens over the age of 18. The Tribe operates as a pure democracy, with the General Council making all major decisions regarding the Tribe’s overall direction as specified by the Articles of Association. There are regular meetings of the General Council every second Sunday of the month. All Tribal citizens of the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians are encouraged to participate in these important meetings.

V. Scope of Work

The Mesa Grande Band is seeking a consultant to work with the Tribe and staff through the process of developing and implementing a five-year strategic plan focused on governance and economic development. The plan must articulate the Tribe’s vision/mission and culture and include the goals, objective and actions steps that will guide the Tribe for the next five years and provide the Tribe with economic success and independence moving forward during and promoting growth.

Questions which must be addressed are as follows:

What should be the Tribe’s areas of strategic focus?
How can the Tribe continue to add value and growth to the Tribe’s governance and services?
What partnerships can/should be developed?
What services can be delivered more efficiently and more economically?
What economic opportunities exist for the Tribe?
How will funding priorities be set?
Are there new funding opportunities and/or new funding streams?
What can be done to resolve the ongoing land dispute with the Department of Interior?
What options can be maximized to provide housing on the reservation?

The selected consultant must work closely with all Tribal Committees and Boards, the Tribal Council, and the General Council on the details of the planning and implementation process, the schedule of activities, and briefing for the General Council at regularly scheduled meetings.

VI. Deliverables

A final strategic plan document must include the following in detail:

Strategic areas of focus and service priorities for the next five years
Goals and objectives to meet priorities
Service and programs that will support goals, including partnerships and federal agencies
Possible new funding streams
Necessary skills to carry out programs

VII. Timetable

Questions from consultants due: 05/17/2018
Responses to questions sent: 05/21/2018
Proposal Due: Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. on 05/31/2018
Planning activities: To be Determined
Execution of Activities: To be Determined

Notification of Award Decision will be determined by the Mesa Grande General Council.

VIII. Selection Process

The Tribe will review all proposals. In evaluating proposals, price will not be the sole factor. The Tribe may consider any factors it deems necessary and proper, including but not limited to: price, quality of service, response to this request, experience, staffing, general reputation. Preference will be given to Tribal entities or those affiliated with Federally Recognized Tribes.

IX. Information Required of Respondents

In responding to this RFP please use the following format. Response to RFP should be no more than 3 pages in length, plus attachments.

Section 1. Summary of the Proposal

Provide a brief summary of Sections 2 through 5 of the proposal.

Section 2.
General Description of the Planning Activities Recommended

Provide a brief statement of your understanding of the requested effort including the conclusions.

Section 3. Work Plan

Provide information about proposed activities that would involve key stakeholders such as Business Development Board, General Council, Department of Interior, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, staff, neighboring communities.

Section 4. Staffing Plan, Including Resumes

Please identify each key person who will work on the project and identify his or her role. Also provide a resume.

Section 5.

Please provide a breakdown of task and projected costs. Additionally, provide expected sources of funding to assist Tribe in defraying the cost of the intended project costs.

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