Hoh Indian Tribe Request for Proposals

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Posted: May 21, 2020

Request for Proposal (RFP)
Hoh Indian Tribe is soliciting bids to contract with an engineering firm to conduct a Broadband Feasibility Study for the Hoh Indian Tribe.

Location of this project: Hoh Indian Tribe 2464 Lower Hoh Road, Forks, WA 98331

Contact Person and Submittal is:
Bob Smith, Executive Director, Hoh Indian Tribe, (360) 780-0280, bob.smith@hohtribe-nsn.org

All bids are due by the Close of Business: June 1st, 2020
Native American Preference Applies.

All contractors will be licensed and bonded; these documents will be included in the completed bid packet.

The Hoh Tribe is seeking an engineering firm for to complete a telecommunications feasibility study that will analyze the concept, and evaluate the physical and financial feasibility, of developing an fiber optic cable to the Hoh, Quinault, Shoalwater, and Chehalis Tribal Reservations, a description of the best physical sites for such facilities, recommendations for the fiber optic cable corridors, description of facilities needed, a business analysis of economic benefits and revenue potential, the feasibility of open access along these corridors, and the permitting process to identify the project needs.

In summary, the Feasibility Study is intended to produce information that will make modern broadband services, via fiber optics, to these Reservations a reality. A component of the study will identify the required infrastructure within the Hoh, Quinault, Shoalwater, and Chehalis Tribal Reservations, as well as Clallam County, Jefferson County, Grays Harbor County, Pacific County, and Thurston County. The study would provide information relating to the potential Tribal, community, and economic benefits of the extension of fiber optic cable to each Tribal Reservation and extending it to major broadband interconnection points.

Please submit the following for consideration:
1. A cover letter including a description of the company size and expertise signed by an authorized representative of the company.
2. Three viable and usable professional references.
3. A complete and detailed bid for the project as described above.

Please See Scope of Work for More Detail: Request for Proposals [PDF]

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