Request for Proposals for PART-TIME Administrative, Legislative and Lobbying Services
Posted: March 17, 2023

United Tribes Gaming Association
Request for Proposals for
Administrative, Legislative and Lobbying Services
Proposals Will Be Accepted Until Filled


This is a request for proposals for administrative, legislative, and lobbying services, for the United Tribes Gaming Association (UTGA), a tribally-recognized entity located in the State of North Dakota.

UTGA Overview

The Three Affiliated Tribes created UTGA for the benefit of the five (5) founding tribes (Three Affiliated Tribes, Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Spirit Lake Tribe and Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians) co-located within the boundaries of the State of North Dakota.

Scope of Work

The successful proposer will, in accordance with the highest legal, ethical, and professional standards, provide administrative, legislative, and lobbying services including but not limited to:
1. Facilitating an initial meeting with the UTGA Board of Directors to allow for an introduction of the individual/firm and personnel, discuss the scope of work, budget, scheduling, reporting and strategy.
2. Develop the strategic direction and obtain Board approval for implementing and ensuring effective operations.
3. Administer and manage all business operations and service delivery for UTGA to meet establishes strategic goals and objectives.
4. Manage UTGA financials and serve as a fiscal agent of the organization.
5. Advocate and lobby state and federal legislative and administrative offices and other organizations as necessary to pursue UTGAs interests and objectives.
6. Proactively identify, monitor, and analyze legislative and administrative developments that may affect UTGAs interest in tribal gaming by prioritizing challenges and opportunities under consideration by state and federal governments.
7. Provide assistance for developing and implementing UTGAs federal legislative and administrative strategic agenda.
8. Assist in drafting appropriate and necessary responses to pending legislation, regulatory notice, or administrative actions.
9. Assist and inform, to the extent necessary, UTGA in advance of in person lobbying activities with Congress, federal agencies, state agencies, or other organizations.
10. Assist UTGA in establishing necessary and appropriate relationships with elected leaders, appointed officials, and career officials, that will advance UTGAs state and federal agendas and protect its interests.
11. Provide legislative updates no less than monthly to UTGA on significant issues that may affect UTGA or its members.
12. Provide timely telephone or email updates to UTGA Board of Directors, create written reports regarding advocacy activities performed, and provide applicable reports during legislative sessions to ensure UTGAs objectives are being effectively met.
13. Provide timely political and campaign contribution recommendations to UTGA.

Elements of Proposal

A responsive proposal shall include the following essential elements:
1. Introduction of the individual or firm including overall qualifications and capabilities of providing advocacy services.
2. Name of individuals that will serve as the primary contact to UTGA and who will be responsible for the performance of any work assigned including all contact information.
3. Detailed biographies and summary of the relevant experience of each person that may interact with UTGA in performing requested services, including billing rates and expected level of participation.
4. Description of the services provided to tribal or other clients over the last five years, including examples of successful results as well as unsuccessful results.
5. Narrative discussing strategy on how best to work within the current Presidential Administration, Congress and state legislatures.
6. Description of deliverables to the client and frequency of such deliverables.
7. List of tribal clients and any potential conflicts with UTGA.
8. Three references from current or former clients, employers or colleagues.
9. Statement of availability to commence and complete work.
10. Verification of licenses or good standing if a law firm and where the personnel are licensed to practice.
11. Verification of registration to lobby and list of all entities for which registrations have been file dint he last two years.
12. Proposed retainer/consultant fees.

Selection Criteria

• Organization, presentation, and content of proposal;
• Organizational expertise and experience particularly as it relates to successful tribal gaming lobbying efforts;
• Experience and demonstrated record of successful tribal gaming advocacy;
• Cost proposal
• Bipartisan representation;
• References;
• Lack of conflicts with UTGAs positions; and
• Native American preference

Procedures for Submission

Proposals will be accepted by electronic submission at or by mail to: United Tribes Gaming Association PO Box 1474 Bismarck, ND 58502.
Any questions may be emailed to All material submitted in response to this Request for Proposals becomes the property of UTGA and will not be returned.

Rejection of Responses
UTGA reserves the right to reject any submission and not award a contract.

Sovereign Rights

Nothing in this Request for Proposals is intended to or shall be interpreted to subject or limit in
any way the sovereign rights of UTGA or its members.