Shooting troubles attendees of Lakota tournament (12/18)
Indian Affairs Committee passes land-into-trust fix (12/18)
Indian lawmaker denies striking colleague in arm (12/17)
Aquash murder trial scheduled for February 2010 (12/17)
Former Mohawk leader arrested on drug charges (12/16)
Not guilty plea for 1981 murder of Cabazon leader (12/16)
Choctaw Nation creates unit to protect burial sites (12/15)
Judge reinstates Shirley as Navajo Nation leader (12/15)
9th Circuit rebuffs Samish Nation on treaty rights (12/14)
BIA backs Seneca Nation Indian preference policy (12/14)
Indian inmate group files lawsuit over tobacco ban (12/14)
Candidate supports Cherokee Nation on Freedmen (12/14)
Gang violence an issue for Pine Ridge Reservation (12/14)
County reduces budget as it battles Chehalis Tribe (12/11)
U.S. Attorney in Montana gains Indian law experts (12/11)
Montana tribes aid sex offender registration cases (12/10)
Samish Nation loses case over lost federal benefits (12/10)
House committee holds hearing on Law and Order (12/10)
Judge allows jury to hear of Pueblo leader's drinking (12/09)
Man sentenced for selling fake tribal memberships (12/09)
Warrant issued for former director of Indian center (12/09)
Settlement talks underway in Indian farmers lawsuit (12/09)
Judge to hear tribal member suit for 'Fighting Sioux' (12/09)
NPR: 5th Circuit to hear Native boy's long hair case (12/04)
9th Circuit blocks mining on sacred Shoshone land (12/04)
IRS auctions 7,100 acres of Crow Creek Sioux land (12/04)
Number two at Department of Justice to step down (12/04)
Hearing scheduled over alcohol sales in Whiteclay (12/03)
Audit looks at sexual assault against Native women (12/03)
Pueblo leader set to go to trial for fatal hit-run case (12/03)
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe fails to block IRS land auction (12/03)
Aquash murder defendant wants separate trial again (12/02)
County asks for Oneida Nation land-into-trust records (12/02)
DOJ releases report on jail facilities in Indian Country (12/02)
Judge who worked for Narragansett Tribe up for court (12/02)
US Attorney for Arizona appoints Indian Country team (12/01)
Supreme Court won't hear Indian man's jury bias case (12/01)
Two plead to taking artifacts from national monument (12/01)
County approves cross-deputization with three tribes (12/01)
Interview: Amanda Blackhorse, 'Redskins' plaintiff (11/30)
Indian man requested help early on during jail stay (11/25)
Mayor among group arrested in Fort Peck drug ring (11/25)
Mexican gangs blamed for crime on reservations (11/25)
Nottawaseppi Huron Band agrees to policing deal (11/25)
Young Menominee man charged for driving death (11/25)
Alabama-Coushatta Tribe pushes for land payout (11/25)
Prescription drug sweep on Fort Peck Reservation (11/24)
Contempt charges dropped against Pueblo group (11/24)
Cherokee Nation seeks inclusion in poultry lawsuit (11/24)
McCain backs ski resort over tribes on sacred site (11/24)
CNN: Wind River teens died of methadone overdose (11/23)
Blog: DOJ testimony addresses reservation crime (11/20)
Editorial: Supreme Court fails on 'Redskins' name (11/20)
Ex-Northern Cheyenne worker sentenced for theft (11/20)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on drugs and gangs (11/19)
Group fights sacred site protection in New Mexico (11/19)
BIA goes after drunk driving on reservation roads (11/19)
Northern Arapaho Tribe and city working on deal (11/18)
Witness list for Senate hearing on drugs and gangs (11/18)
Oglala Sioux man sentenced for drug conspiracy (11/17)
Driver gets seven years for Pueblo man's death (11/17)
Supreme Court declines Redskins trademark case (11/17)
New chair for DOJ's Native issues subcommittee (11/17)
Senate Indian Affairs meeting, hearing this week (11/16)
Ex-Well Nations publisher sentenced for crimes (11/12)
Groups battle BIA over Chumash land-into-trust (11/12)
Senate Indian Affairs meeting, hearing next week (11/12)
Eastern Cherokees in plans for detention facility (11/12)
Redskins case a Supreme Court petition to watch (11/12)
'Tribal Justice News' from Department of Justice (11/11)
Tribal jurisdiction, Redskins cases up for review (11/10)
Groups sue over slaughter of Yellowstone bison (11/10)
Navajo Nation holds onto suspect in nun's murder (11/10)
Judge orders delay on 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (11/10)
BIA announces initiative to target drunk driving (11/09)
Rep. Kennedy backs bill to fix land-into-trust ruling (11/06)
Audio: House Resources hearing on land-into-trust (11/04)
Plea deal possible over beating of Blackfeet man (11/04)
Drinking at issue for Pueblo leader's hit-run case (11/04)
Blog: Cherokee woman's DOJ nomination delayed (11/04)
Obama administration supports land-into-trust fix (11/04)
Soboba chair pleads not guilty to bribery charges (11/04)
Murder charges for death of Rosebud Sioux man (11/03)
FBI investigates death of nun on Navajo Nation (11/03)
'Tribal Justice News' from Department of Justice (11/03)
Witness list for House hearing on land-into-trust (11/03)
Dorgan praises Obama support on Law and Order (11/03)
Alaska Native firm runs unusual jail in New York (11/02)
DOJ announces Indian Country crime initiatives (10/30)
1st Circuit dismisses Passamaquoddy LNG case (10/29)
Alaska Native man to plead guilty in hunt case (10/29)
Changes in store for Native contracting program (10/29)
Crow man sentenced for robbery with toy gun (10/29)
Oglala man seeks release from federal prison (10/29)
Mashantucket officer attacked at burial grounds (10/29)
Some Flathead Reservation bars allow smoking (10/29)
New York tribes vow fight over tobacco taxation (10/28)
Department of Justice holds listening conference (10/28)
North Dakota tribe was making payments in case (10/28)
Charges considered against Port Gamble officers (10/28)
Lenient sentence for man who robbed Yurok site (10/28)
Narragansett Tribe cites immunity in ICWA case (10/27)
North Dakota tribe apologizes for finance mishap (10/27)
Schwarzenegger opposes Lytton land-into-trust (10/26)
Soboba Band leader accused of accepting bribes (10/26)
New law recognizes tribal adoptions in California (10/23)
Spirit Lake woman sentenced for partner's death (10/23)
Navajo Nation Council delays ski resort measure (10/23)
Hearing set for Pueblo leader's hit-and-run case (10/22)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe starts gun buy back plan (10/22)
Three die after paying for 'spiritual warrior' quest (10/22)
Navajo Nation Council weighs purchase of resort (10/22)
Foul play feared with disappearance of BIA driver (10/21)
Puyallup smokeshop operators arrested for drugs (10/21)
'Threat assessment' sought in tribal tobacco fight (10/21)
Judge dismisses lawsuit over Mesa Grande land (10/20)
Court rejects Schaghticoke recognition appeal (10/20)
BIA fills law enforcement positions in Montana (10/19)
Nevada's US Attorney targets reservation crime (10/16)
Seminole man disputes US laws in support case (10/16)
Judge rejects challenge to Oneida policing deal (10/15)
Onondaga Nation teen sentenced in arson case (10/15)
Cocopah Tribe's police chief receives top honor (10/15)
Ute members protest tribe's work at sacred site (10/15)
San Manuel Band to hold ceremony for court (10/14)
Towns in Connecticut fight land-into-trust fix (10/14)
Supreme Court won't hear CPN chair's appeal (10/14)
Subpoenas in Gale Norton corruption probe (10/12)
Indian abuse victims face deadline to sue (10/09)
Court revives suit over IHS contract costs (10/09)
Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe backs officers (10/09)
Judge dismisses Indian Country lawsuit (10/08)
Johnson and Thune cool to Black Hills talk (10/08)
Hundreds at memorial for Navajo woman (10/08)
Another hearing over Pueblo man's death (10/08)
Poll shows lack of support for Pueblo deal (10/08)
Port Gamble police incident under review (10/08)
Column: Supreme Court hears cross case (10/08)
Suspect in Navajo killing just out of prison (10/07)
County seeks rehearing over Yankton land (10/07)
Pequots sued by tribe over medical claims (10/07)
Coquille Tribe wants case in federal court (10/07)
'Tribal Justice News' from Justice Department (10/06)
Trial for Alaska subsistence fishing delayed (10/06)
Crow man charged for cookie-eating theft (10/06)
Woman pleads not guilty for Aquash death (10/06)
Navajo woman killed on first trip to Hawaii (10/06)
Osage Nation in new deal for tobacco sales (10/06)
NMAI hosts Indian law meeting in November (10/05)
Tribes affected by criminal registry measure (10/05)
Jury finds driver guilty in Pueblo man's death (10/05)
Arapaho court to handle eagle shooting case (10/05)
New York Mag: Mayor's war on Indian tobacco (10/05)
Cole introduces fix to land-into-trust decision (10/02)
Former Fort Peck officer convicted of murder (10/02)
Boy, 11, held by BIA after high-speed chase (10/02)
New jury instructions for Pueblo man's death (10/02)
Cherokee Nation claims stake in poultry case (10/02)
Blog: Hearing set on New York tribal tobacco (10/02)
Men win lawsuit over failed Fond du Lac deal (10/02)
Cabazon murders tied to corruption coverup (10/02)
Still no verdict for trial of Pueblo man's death (10/01)
Stillaguamish Tribe answers grand jury probe (10/01)
Miccosukee Tribe disputes Everglades bridge (10/01)
Jury weighing verdict for Pueblo man's death (09/30)
Judge backs CRIT authority over non-Indians (09/30)
Coquille Tribe calls service agreement 'unfair' (09/30)
Judge supports Oneida Nation land-into-trust (09/30)
'Tribal Justice News' from Justice Department (09/30)
Federal Circuit rules in contract support case (09/29)
Driver testifies in trial over Pueblo man's death (09/29)
No charges for officers who shot Soboba man (09/29)
Land-into-trust bill lacks Republican sponsors (09/29)
City threatens to cut services to Coquille Tribe (09/29)
Turtle Talk: Single US Attorney not full solution (09/29)
Arrest made for murder of ex-Cabazon leader (09/29)
Little Traverse chairman knocked for interview (09/29)
Stimulus funds aid Indian women in Minnesota (09/29)
Supreme Court to hear religious freedom case (09/29)
USDA not ready for Indian discrimination talks (09/29)
Indian law question pushed for Arizona bar test (09/28)
Wiyot woman's death investigated as homicide (09/28)
Tribes face funding and training hurdles at jails (09/28)
Pojoaque Pueblo disputes county property tax (09/28)
Issue: Wisconsin considers Indian child welfare (09/28)
Opinion: Create US Attorney for Indian Country (09/28)
Suspect sought for slaying of Comanche man (09/25)
Attorney set to testify for Pueblo man's death (09/25)
Southern Ute Tribe set to take over IHS clinic (09/25)
Sioux tribes meet over Black Hills settlement (09/25)
Former Muscogee officer cops to drug charge (09/25)
New York smokeshops face deadline for taxes (09/25)
Judge rejects mistrial over Pueblo man's death (09/24)
Thune seeks commitment for public safety fund (09/24)
City sues Coquille Tribe over missed payments (09/24)
Montana tribes receive grants to build new jails (09/24)
Umatilla Tribes first to comply with Adam Walsh (09/23)
Kevin Abourezk: Lawmakers to study Whiteclay (09/23)
Defense seeks mistrial over Pueblo man's death (09/23)
Tulalip Tribes back away from enhanced ID card (09/23)
School district cancels eagle feather ceremony (09/23)
Reporter removed from Little Traverse meeting (09/23)
Teen pleads guilty for Onondaga Nation arson (09/22)
Eastern Shawnee Tribe to pursue trust lawsuits (09/22)
Defense says Pueblo man contributed to death (09/22)
DOJ releases $236M for tribal law enforcement (09/22)
Remarks: Tom Perrilli at DOJ listening session (09/22)
(Wisconsin Public Radio 9/21) (09/22)
New case filed over sacred San Francisco Peaks (09/21)
Rosebud Sioux parents sue IHS over son's death (09/21)
Attorney heads to trial over Pueblo man's death (09/21)
DOJ holds tribal working session in New Mexico (09/21)
EchoHawk upset by 'trading' of Indian artifacts (09/21)
Arapaho man gives up fight over eagle shooting (09/21)
Yakama officer facing charges for on duty attack (09/21)
Cherokee Nation fights exclusion in poultry case (09/21)
The Independent: On the warpath over Redskins (09/21)
Pascua Yaqui woman joins Interior's legal office (09/21)
Indian parents plan to pursue dress code case (09/18)
Washington court backs off-reservation pursuit (09/18)
Norton reportedly discussed job opportunities (09/18)
Defendants in Indian artifact theft avoid prison (09/17)
Ex-Interior Secretary Is under criminal investigation (09/17)
Indian parents in court over school dress code (09/17)
Native officers file lawsuit over discrimination (09/16)
Turtle Talk: Redskins has Supreme Court appeal (09/16)
Cherokee Nation blocked from poultry lawsuit (09/16)
Murder charges over stabbing of Umatilla man (09/15)
BLT: Supreme Court asked to take on Redskins (09/15)
Defendant in artifact theft case shows in court (09/15)
Guilty plea for excavating ancestral Yurok site (09/15)
Group seeks info about Wind River teen deaths (09/15)
Humetewa, former US Attorney, joins law firm (09/15)
Indian man charged with race-related attack (09/14)
Indian parents upset with student dress code (09/14)
Tribal Law and Order Act ready for Senate floor (09/11)
Juvenile offender sex registry declared illegal (09/11)
Indian farmers set for USDA discrimination trial (09/11)
Seneca Nation to develop enhanced tribal card (09/11)
Crow Tribe's water rights settlement advances (09/11)
Leech Lake driver loses state jurisdiction case (09/11)
Two indicted in state court for Aquash murder (09/11)
Saginaw Chippewa man indicted on 11 charges (09/11)
Cherokee chief defends exclusion of Freedmen (09/11)
Court rejects challenge to tribal Clean Air rule (09/10)
Trial scheduled for assault on Blackfeet man (09/10)
Omaha man sentenced for assaulting woman (09/10)
Driver to take stand over Pueblo man's death (09/10)
Aquash defendant to face state court charges (09/10)
1st Circuit hears Narragansett raid case again (09/10)
County holds hearings on Blackfeet police pact (09/09)
Prosecutors want delay in Aquash murder trial (09/09)
Federal Bar Association set for annual meeting (09/09)
Sotomayor to hear first case on Supreme Court (09/09)
Skull Valley Band resolves drinking water case (09/08)
Judge won't dismiss Aquash murder indictment (09/08)
Indian farmers wait for settlement with Obama (09/08)
Grand Ronde man suspected of kidnapping son (09/07)
Blog: Suit over pipeline on Minnesota reservations (09/04)
Editorial: Hate crime sentence sends a message (09/04)
MPR: DOJ grant helps Native women flee violence (09/04)
Cherokee Nation files motion to join poultry case (09/04)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe sues over dress code (09/03)
Turtle Talk: Indian v. non-Indian religious freedom (09/03)
FBI investigates attempted sale of Indian 'scalps' (09/03)
Tribes use $1.4M to fight violence against women (09/03)
Judge exempts tribe from liability under Superfund (09/02)
Apache dispute delays Geronimo NAGPRA lawsuit (09/02)
Lawsuit challenges Wilton Rancheria restoration (09/02)
Rosebud Sioux man sentenced on sexual abuse charge (09/02)
City council supports Little River Band police deal (09/02)
County surveys residents about Pueblo water deal (09/01)
NCPR: St. Regis Mohawk Tribe wants tobacco talks (09/01)
Non-Indian deputies excluded from Blackfeet deal (09/01)
FBI offers $50K reward for 1999 Whiteclay deaths (08/31)
Sioux leaders hopeful for Black Hills settlement (08/31)
Former Blackfeet officer indicted on sex charges (08/28)
Hearing scheduled over Cayuga Nation tobacco (08/28)
9th Circuit upholds Adam Walsh Act registration (08/28)
Cigarettes seized from New York smoke shops (08/28)
Indian artifact case spans Four Corners states (08/27)
Judge won't return tobacco to Cayuga Nation (08/27)
County withdraws from Blackfeet policing deal (08/27)
Yankton Sioux Tribe pleased with land decision (08/27)
Tribes win stimulus funds for justice programs (08/27)
Turtle Talk: Vacancies on Federal Circuit Court (08/27)
Indian retailers ordered to stop tobacco sales (08/27)
Indictment and sentence for theft of artifacts (08/26)
Trial postponed for beating of Blackfeet man (08/26)
Hualapai man arrested for pulling over driver (08/26)
Officials cited for Sisseton Wahpeton meeting (08/26)
NPR: Gang violence an issue in Indian Country (08/26)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe sued out of state (08/26)
Appeals court rules in Yankton Sioux land case (08/25)
Alaska Native man to challenge fishing citation (08/25)
Former Chickasaw Nation employee sentenced (08/25)
10th Circuit will hear Indian Country case again (08/25)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe creates first court (08/25)
Turtle Talk: Review of tribal immunity decisions (08/25)
Parole commission won't grant Peltier request (08/24)
Judge dismisses Gun Lake land-into-trust case (08/20)
Turtle Talk: Obama's Indian crime initiative (08/20)
DOJ to host tribal nations listening conference (08/20)
Northern Arapaho firm receives $1M from DOJ (08/19)
Turtle Talk: Tribal influence on Americas birth (08/19)
Blackfeet woman indicted on federal charge (08/19)
SFe Reporter: Thieves stealing Indian history (08/19)
Former Well Nations publisher pleads guilty (08/19)
Judge wants action in Indian artifact case (08/18)
Ottawa Tribe loses Ohio fishing rights case (08/18)
Soboba woman pleads to gun, drug charges (08/18)
Leonard Peltier expects decision on parole (08/18)
BIA declares reservation for Michigan tribe (08/17)
Native man forgives accused after assault (08/17)
Matthew Fletcher: Sotomayor's difference (08/14)
Couple arrested for assaulting Native man (08/14)
Onondaga teen pleads guilty in arson case (08/14)
Judge delays trial into Pueblo man's death (08/14)
Dealers note shift in NAGPRA enforcement (08/14)
BIA asked about Seneca Nation preference (08/14)
Pine Ridge gang member punished for abuse (08/13)
Blackfeet woman sentenced for son's death (08/13)
EPA reviews Northern Cheyenne water plan (08/13)
Former Onondaga Nation teacher out of jail (08/13)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe fights state over land (08/13)
Delay sought in trial for Pueblo man's death (08/13)
Northern Cheyenne man admits tribal theft (08/13)
County warned against Blackfeet police deal (08/12)
HCN: Tribal tobacco tax wars in Washington (08/12)
Insurance dispute for home on burial mound (08/12)
Nine Natives on death row in North Carolina (08/12)
Suspended Seneca leader denies allegations (08/12)
Former Onondaga Nation teacher sentenced (08/12)
Judge dismisses Muscogee tobacco lawsuit (08/11)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe files suit over treaty (08/10)
Race-related attacks seen in Washington, Idaho (08/07)
9th Circuit rules in inter-tribal fishing dispute (08/07)
Former Coyote Valley chairwoman sentenced (08/07)
Blackfeet Nation signs law enforcement deal (08/07)
State opposes Alaska Native provisions in bill (08/07)
Native man tied to artifact theft investigation (08/07)
EchoHawk addresses attorneys general group (08/07)
Senate confirms Sotomayor to Supreme Court (08/07)
More suspects in big Indian artifact theft case (08/06)
Tulalip Tribes find replacement for police chief (08/06)
Village hunters receive public funds for defense (08/05)
Former Well Nations publisher faces rape trial (08/05)
New Mexico business to pay for fake Indian art (08/05)
Lac Courte Oreilles woman faces DUI homicide (08/05)
Court describes tribal powers over non-Indians (08/05)
Poll: Americans want Native on Supreme Court (08/05)
Native Hawaiian homelands lawsuit goes to trial (08/04)
Trial set for remaining Aquash murder defendant (08/04)
Bois Forte man charged for fire at headquarters (08/04)
Pueblo leader 'partied' before fatal car accident (08/04)
Al Franken: Gangs and crime in Indian Country (07/31)
Tribes seek more resources to combat gangs (07/31)
Oglala Sioux officers on leave after shootings (07/31)
Lummi Nation to vote on waterfront agreement (07/31)
Navajo court allows vote on reform initiatives (07/31)
Kevin Abourezk: Police shootings at Pine Ridge (07/31)
Video: Senate hearing on Indian gang activity (07/30)
Man pleads guilty to vandalizing Indian exhibit (07/30)
10th Circuit rejects treaty rights claim for felon (07/30)
Alaska Native villages sue over mine permits (07/30)
Pascua Yaqui officer under standards review (07/30)
Oglala Sioux officer involved in fatal shooting (07/30)
Puyallup Tribe combats increased gang activity (07/30)
Judge takes on lawsuit over Tulalip fireworks (07/30)
Witness list for Senate hearing on Indian gangs (07/29)
Tribal law enforcement receives stimulus funds (07/29)
Decision on Peltier parole likely in three weeks (07/29)
UTTC president labels vandalism a hate crime (07/29)
First Native woman US Attorney to resign post (07/29)
Ponca Tribe settles pollution lawsuit for $10.8M (07/29)
Senate Judiciary Committee backs Sotomayor (07/29)
Appeals court dismisses charge in Aquash case (07/28)
NNALSA hosts 6th annual job fair in Washington (07/28)
Law firm backs Oklahoma-Cherokee poultry case (07/28)
Jury rules against Mayan man in deportation case (07/28)
Osage Nation files brief in reservation status case (07/28)
Cherokee Nation court hears Freedmen dispute (07/27)
Class action accuses BIA of bias against Navajos (07/27)
Teens arrested for Pueblo man's death in Utah (07/27)
Tribal court to hear Turtle Mountain power fight (07/24)
Bois Forte Band offers $14K reward in fire case (07/24)
Cherokee Nation loses ICWA lawsuit in Nevada (07/24)
Appeal set for Mashpee Wampanoag land claim (07/24)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on gang activity (07/24)
NCAI backs Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court (07/24)
Probation requested for Rapid City hate crimes (07/23)
Judge rules Cherokee Nation not a part of suit (07/23)
Trooper in Creek paramedic scuffle suspended (07/23)
Charges possible for removal of Puyallup items (07/23)
Nevada prisons allow tobacco for ceremonies (07/23)
Turtle Mountain chair, council in power dispute (07/22)
Sentencing set for Rapid City hate crime attacks (07/22)
Aquash murder defendant seeks separate trial (07/22)
Tulalip Tribes offer reward for grave vandalism (07/22)
Nez Perce Tribe houses offenders at county jail (07/22)
Three arrested for death on Yakama Reservation (07/22)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe investigates two deaths (07/22)
Court dismisses Yankton Sioux hog farm lawsuit (07/21)
Group seeks information about Wind River deaths (07/21)
Oglala Sioux man charged for assault on officer (07/21)
Muscogee paramedic scuffle probe completed (07/21)
Navajo group plans lawsuit over tribal spending (07/21)
US Attorney opposes parole for Leonard Peltier (07/21)
Delay for Blackfeet Nation law enforcement deal (07/21)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe leader faces court date (07/20)
Cayuga Nation wants seized cigarettes back (07/17)
Protest greets guilty pleas in hate crime attackProtest greets guilty pleas in hate crime attack (07/17)
Blackfeet Nation reaches law enforcement deal (07/17)
Puyallup Tribe seizes items placed on auction (07/17)
Sotomayor set for Supreme Court confirmation (07/17)
Tulalip Tribes on the lookout for new police chief (07/16)
Guilty pleas for anti-Indian attacks in Rapid City (07/16)
Second county rejects Cayuga tobacco tax offer (07/16)
New York courts busy with Indian law disputes (07/16)
Puyallup Tribe objects to auction of historic items (07/16)
Crow rancher seeks money for BIA bison roundup (07/16)
Michigan court rules against Chippewa woman (07/15)
Oglala Sioux Tribe officer on leave after shooting (07/15)
BIA to pay lost wages for firing Indian veteran (07/15)
County to appeal Cayuga Nation tobacco case (07/15)
Blackfeet Nation reaches law enforcement deal (07/15)
Budget provision benefits Oneida liquor license (07/15)
Spiritual leaders to discuss Black Hills lawsuit (07/15)
Man shot by Oglala Sioux Tribe police officer (07/14)
New charges in connection with artifact theft (07/14)
Cayuga Nation offers settlement in tobacco case (07/14)
NARF backs Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court (07/14)
US Attorney in Montana seeks more crime data (07/13)
Editorial: BIA must tackle Indian Country crime (07/13)
Oklahoma tribes seek child support agreement (07/13)
South Dakota worried about Indian health costs (07/13)
Cayuga Nation wins tobacco taxation decision (07/13)
Turtle Talk: Sen. Franken and federal Indian law (07/13)
Florida tribes start collecting state tobacco tax (07/13)
Sonia Sotomayor set for confirmation hearing (07/13)
Heather Dawn Thompson leaves NCAI for law firm (07/10)
San Manuel man testifies in officer extortion case (07/10)
Judge rejects Nisqually claim over Frank's Landing (07/10)
Turtle Talk: Oxford scholar wrong about 'squaw' (07/09)
Alaska Native village sues ex-president for theft (07/09)
University to bill Ward Churchill for lawsuit costs (07/09)
Border guards in Canada reject Mohawk proposal (07/09)
Agents remove artifacts from Utah family's home (07/08)
Winnebago man pleads guilty for brother's death (07/08)
Judge seeks settlement in discrimination lawsuit (07/08)
Wife of ex-Wampanoag leader accused of assault (07/08)
Judge won't force reinstatement of Ward Churchill (07/08)
Keweenaw Bay man sentenced for stealing trees (07/08)
9th Circuit affirms sentences for Blackfeet men (07/07)
Mother, daughter plead guilty to artifact theft (07/07)
Three Navajo cross-dressers killed in four years (07/07)
Four plead not guilty for Swinomish smoke shop (07/07)
County sheriff reaches out to California tribes (07/07)
Attacks on Native men linked to sacred site listing (07/06)
Onondaga Nation teens arrested on arson charges (07/06)
Standing Rock Sioux Reservation sees crime return (07/06)
Obama opposes release of Indian prosecution data (07/06)
Cherokee Nation asserts hunting and fishing rights (07/06)
Indian women hope to inspire future generations (07/06)
Salazar pushes for quick action on land-into-trust (07/02)
San Juan Southern Paiute leader pleads guilty (07/02)
Hearing focuses on Standing Rock public safety (07/02)
Native lawyers support Sonia Sotomayor nomination (07/01)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs field hearing (07/01)
Exxon won't fight interest ruling in oil spill case (06/30)
Oglala woman pleads not guilty for boy's death (06/30)
Grand Traverse man gets life for child assaults (06/30)
Supreme Court rules in employment bias case (06/30)
Mohawks in Canada to sue over closure of bridge (06/29)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing (06/29)
Oglala Sioux Tribe loses Missouri River land case (06/29)
Stillaguamish Tribe not worried about trust land (06/29)
Native woman US Attorney nears end of service (06/26)
Pueblo leader pleads not guilty for fatal accident (06/26)
Nebraska court backs Ponca Tribe in ICWA case (06/26)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe loses police officers (06/26)
BIA holds off on Keetoowah Band land-into-trust (06/26)
New cutoff in land-into-trust litigation is 1983 (06/25)
Defendants in artifact theft linked to scheme (06/25)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Law and Order (06/25)
Mayor was charged with 1948 rape of Native girl (06/25)
Judge asked to mediate Navajo trust fund case (06/25)
Pueblo man in court to face murder charge (06/24)
Appeal weighed in Indian sex offender case (06/24)
Cherokee Nation hails decision in ICWA case (06/24)
Witness list for hearing on Law and Order Act (06/24)
Witness: Turtle Mountain men killed over debt (06/23)
Rosebud council member pleads not guilty (06/23)
Pueblo man charged with killing grandmother (06/23)
Ute Tribe security guard charged with assault (06/23)
Supreme Court rules in Voting Rights Act case (06/23)
Deaths in Rapid City unsolved after a decade (06/22)
Another defendant in artifact theft found dead (06/22)
Men charged for Wampanoag vandalism, theft (06/22)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Law and Order (06/22)
Dorgan won't investigate artifact theft case (06/19)
Ojibwe woman found guilty of music sharing (06/19)
Pueblo officer fired after assault charge (06/19)
Trial open for murders of Turtle Mountain men (06/18)
Attorney General defends Indian artifact case (06/18)
Art dealer denies wrongdoing after artifact raid (06/18)
Senate confirms Hilary Tompkins for Interior (06/18)
Judge allows bridge opposed by Miccosukee Tribe (06/18)
Indian Affairs hearing on Law and Order Act (06/18)
Muscogee chief files lawsuit to force election (06/18)
Blog: Coburn blasts Cherokee woman's nomination (06/17)
Alaska attorney general nominee has Native ties (06/17)
Agents searched New Mexico art dealer's home (06/17)
Utah town upset over Indian artifact theft case (06/17)
Obama won't release White House visitor logs (06/17)
Court denies Ho-Chunk Nation tobacco refund (06/16)
9th Circuit enters award in Exxon oil spill case (06/16)
Obama to replace only Native US Attorney (06/16)
Crow man pleads not guilty in New Mexico case (06/16)
Ex-Oglala Sioux councilor sentenced for drugs (06/16)
Not guilty plea for DUI death of Pueblo man (06/16)
Citizen Potawatomi Nation loses DOI case (06/16)
Turtle Talk: Sonia Sotomayor and Indian law (06/16)
Cole opposes latest Cherokee Freedmen bill (06/16)
Blog: No end to fight over San Francisco Peaks (06/15)
Utah GOP upset with Indian artifact theft case (06/15)
Wisconsin court to rule in Ho-Chunk tobacco case (06/15)
Legal Times: Obama seeks to dismiss Geronimo suit (06/15)
Turtle Talk: Tribes worse off at Supreme Court (06/15)
Cherokee Freedmen bill introduced again (06/15)
DOJ to discuss Indian Country crime at NCAI (06/15)
Opinion: End disparate treatment of Freedmen (06/15)
Tribes support prosecution of artifact theft case (06/12)
Trooper in Muscogee Nation scuffle placed on leave (06/12)
Blackfeet woman to plead guilty for death of son (06/12)
10th Circuit affirms Cheyenne-Arapaho conviction (06/12)
Pojoaque Pueblo leader indicted for fatal accident (06/12)
Defendant in DOI artifact theft case found dead (06/12)
Nottawaseppi Huron Band to share police services (06/11)
Tribal justice conference wraps up in Colorado (06/11)
Puyallup Tribe aids crackdown on illegal fireworks (06/11)
ACLU opposes Tohono O'odham Nation jail facility (06/11)
Two dozen indicted for theft of Indian artifacts (06/11)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe offers crime reward (06/11)
Reservation city cracks down on public drinking (06/10)
Spirit Lake men charged with eagle violations (06/10)
Salazar, EchoHawk in Utah for press conference (06/10)
Senate confirmation hearings for Sonia Sotomayor (06/09)
Oklahoma tobacco tax bill signed into law (06/09)
Pueblo woman indicted for son's murder (06/09)
Lac du Flambeau Band proposes banishment (06/09)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe opposes Black Hills lawsuit (06/09)
Tribes weigh next step in sacred site battle (06/09)
UKB, Cherokee Nation both claim win in HUD case (06/09)
9th Circuit to consider injunction for sacred site (06/08)
10th Circuit backs UKB in housing fund dispute (06/08)
Supreme Court declines to hear sacred site case (06/08)
Jury clears police officer in Navajo shooting case (06/08)
State court blocks sex offender law in Indian Country (06/08)
Jury continues deliberations in Navajo shooting case (06/05)
Wilton Rancheria announces federal restoration (06/05)
Public Radio: Saginaw Chippewa reservation case (06/04)
Passenger charged for DUI death of Pueblo man (06/04)
Jury gets case of Navajo man shot by police officer (06/04)
DHS Secretary cites Mohawk protest at border (06/04)
DOJ extends deadline for Adam Walsh implementation (06/04)
Oglala Sioux Tribe sued over $4.5M federal grant (06/04)
Wal-Mart in Montana now accepting tribal IDs (06/03)
Coburn proposes anti-tribal provision in tobacco bill (06/03)
Court reverses Navajo man's murder convictions (06/02)
Firm seeks reconsideration of Indian Country case (06/02)
Utah Supreme Court hears Navajo adoption case (06/02)
Judge dismisses suit over Cherokee IHS takeover (06/02)
Muscogee Nation paramedics stopped by state trooper (06/02)
Ex-Indian charter school official charged with theft (06/02)
Officer won't apologize for shooting Navajo man (06/02)
Supreme Court to consider sacred site case (06/01)
Former NAIHC chair indicted on housing charges (06/01)
Officer's actions defended after Pueblo boy's death (05/29)
Turtle Talk: Sovereignty Symposium in Oklahoma (05/29)
Letter: Scalia called land-into-trust case a 'laugher' (05/29)
Blackfeet housing plaintiffs to continue lawsuit (05/29)
Pueblo woman sought police help before son's death (05/28)
Tribes seek cleanup of contaminated Arizona site (05/27)
Crow man with troubled past lands in trouble again (05/27)
Navajo Nation celebrates water rights settlement (05/27)
Wisconsin tribes stand to gain from tobacco tax hike (05/27)
Judge asked to reconsider Wampanoag land claim (05/27)
Column: NCAI shawl at Sotomayor announcement (05/27)
Indian farmers prepare for discrimination trial (05/26)
Australia changes stance on indigenous rights (05/26)
Nebraska Supreme Court to hear ICWA dispute (05/26)
Court Memo: Bringing diversity to the Supreme Court (05/26)
Obama picks Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court (05/26)
Obama expected to name Supreme Court nominee soon (05/25)
Former Oglala Sioux leader faces drug sentencing (05/25)
Red Lake woman charged with death of 14-year-old (05/22)
First same-sex marriage under Coquille Tribe law (05/22)
Utah court to hear case over Navajo adoption (05/22)
Dorgan promises action on land-into-trust ruling (05/22)
Blog: 'Redskins' law firm fires outspoken lawyer (05/22)
Tohono O'odham Nation to move jail facility site (05/22)
Pueblo woman arrested for death of 3-year-old son (05/22)
Cherokee Nation court rules on term limit lawsuit (05/22)
Montana releases report on Indian inmate complaints (05/21)
Tohono O'odham jail foes tired of 'sovereign nation' (05/21)
Nez Perce Tribe concerned after shooting death (05/21)
Muscogee Nation fights state over tobacco taxation (05/21)
Strange: Law firm spat over 'Redskins' court ruling (05/21)
NPR: Border tribe caught in middle of drug war (05/20)
Obama pick opposes New York tribal smoke shops (05/20)
Life sentence for Cheyenne River Sioux fire deaths (05/20)
Supreme Court won't hear dispute involving USET (05/19)
Supreme Court won't hear Blackfeet housing case (05/19)
Judge rejects venue change for Pueblo man's death (05/19)
Local officials concerned about Tohono O'odham jail (05/18)
Jack Fiander: Representation for Native people (05/18)
Court sides with 'Redskins' in trademark dispute (05/18)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe lobbies Obama on Black Hills (05/18)
9th Circuit rules in Rodeo-Chediski Fire case (05/15)
Third lawsuit against former priest in Navajo court (05/14)
Muscogee Nation cigarettes confiscated by state (05/14)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe hails ruling in land case (05/14)
Turtle Talk: Obama files brief in sacred site case (05/13)
Aurene Martin: Law and order in Indian Country (05/13)
Arrest made for attacks at Wind River health clinic (05/12)
Tohono O'odham Nation won't move jail facility site (05/12)
Tribal college mourns loss of Coeur d'Alene athlete (05/12)
Arrest made for murder of Coeur d'Alene man (05/11)
Metro Times: Class action Indian health lawsuit (05/08)
Law Journal: Child welfare cases in tribal courts (05/08)
Montana tribes recognized for sex offender tracking (05/08)
Former Wampanoag chairman sentenced to 41 months (05/08)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court nominees and Indian law (05/07)
Ex-Wampanoag leader heads to court for sentence (05/07)
Judge dismisses Mashpee Wampanoag land claim (05/07)
Aquash murder trial delayed until appeal resolved (05/06)
ICT: John EchoHawk on Supreme Court cases (05/06)
Ex-Onondaga school teacher faces another trial (05/06)
Turtle Talk: Judge in Indian law cases to resign (05/06)
Opposition to Tohono O’odham Nation jail grows (05/06)
Ute Tribe slams lawsuit by former chief judge (05/05)
Four plead guilty to theft from Blackfeet Nation (05/05)
Navajo council delegate sentenced for fourth DWI (05/05)
Former Coyote Valley chairwoman pleads guilty (05/05)
Hearing scheduled for Aquash murder defendants (05/05)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court rejects immunity case (05/05)
Banished Snoqualmie members win case in federal court (05/04)
Western Shoshone tribes await Supreme Court action (05/04)
Ex-Mashpee Wampanoag chair to be sentenced (05/04)
Turtle Talk: Justice Souter's Indian law legacy (05/04)
Ex-officer accused of extorting San Manuel man (05/01)
Rapid City police department sued by Indian officer (05/01)
Case against Aquash murder defendant coming apart (05/01)
Attorney who worked on Cobell case found dead in DC (05/01)
Town to discuss jail with Tohono O'odham Nation (05/01)
Justice David Souter to retire from Supreme Court (05/01)
Judge won't shut down reservation trailer park (05/01)
New leads in 1993 murder of Alaska Native woman (04/30)
School districts dispute Navajo court jurisdiction (04/30)
Judge rejects probe into BIA informant claim (04/30)
Mesa Grande Band sues to settle land dispute (04/30)
Pine Ridge woman wins lawsuit based on 1868 treaty (04/30)
USDA official can't comment on sacred site case (04/29)
Tonto Apache Tribe swears in new chief judge (04/29)
Turtle Talk: Lists of post-1934 tribes a bad idea (04/29)
Protesters slam sentence for Pine Ridge man (04/28)
Residents oppose Tohono O'odham jail facility (04/28)
Lawsuit seeks BIA documents in serial rape case (04/28)
U.S. Attorney for North Dakota plans to resign (04/28)
Navajo Nation seeks to resolve sacred site case (04/28)
EPA alters stance on Navajo power plant permit (04/28)
Former Passamaquoddy leader sentenced for theft (04/28)
Stillaguamish Tribe regroups after convictions (04/27)
Power plant on reservation owes Arizona taxes (04/27)
WaPo Magazine: Walt Lamar finds success after BIA (04/27)
Family of Fort Peck teen suspects foul play (04/24)
Oglala Sioux Tribe pays off $1.5M in immunity case (04/24)
Judge to rule in reservation trailer park case (04/24)
Blackfeet Nation in custody dispute with state (04/23)
Traditional justice at issue in Mexico assault case (04/23)
Mining company weighs move in Indian Country case (04/23)
ACLU files complaint for Indian inmates in Montana (04/23)
Lawsuit seeks distribution of Black Hills trust fund (04/23)
Confirmation hearing for Tompkins at Interior (04/23)
USET to host forum on Carcieri decision (04/23)
Public Radio: Law and order on Michigan reservations (04/22)
Mescalero Apache man pleads guilty to murder (04/22)
Rosebud Sioux council member suspended after arrest (04/22)
Arizona court to hear appeal in Havasupai blood case (04/21)
Venue change opposed for DUI death of Pueblo man (04/21)
Indian business subject to federal employment act (04/21)
Ute Tribe fires chief judge after a year on the job (04/21)
Oglala Sioux Tribe hit with levy in immunity case (04/21)
Winnemem Wintu Tribe files suit over lost land (04/21)
Rosebud council member arrested for solicitation (04/20)
Sunday Conversation: Indian law clinic in Oklahoma (04/20)
DC Circuit blocks offshore drilling plan in Alaska (04/20)
10th Circuit rules in Indian Country status case (04/20)
Senate confirmation hearing for Tompkins at Interior (04/20)
Pueblo teenager arrested for murder of Arapaho man (04/20)
Alaska lawmakers reject attorney general nominee (04/17)
Two men murdered on Mescalero Apache Reservation (04/17)
Pueblo leader linked to fatal hit and run on reservation (04/17)
BIA investigates fatal house fire on Pine Ridge Reservation (04/16)
8th Circuit hears Indian status appeal in Aquash case (04/16)
Second lawsuit filed in Navajo court against former priest (04/16)
Trial over troubled reservation trailer park continues (04/16)
Jicarilla Apache man killed on New Mexico reservation (04/15)
Four San Manuel members on delinquent taxpayer list (04/15)
Tigua Tribe asks Supreme Court to hear border fence case (04/15)
Aquash murder defendant seeks release until trial (04/10)
Judge allows levy on Oglala Sioux Tribe funds (04/10)
FBI investigates assault of pastor on Navajo Nation (04/10)
Kalispel Tribe reaches agreement over dam (04/10)
University vows fight over Ward Churchill (04/10)
Alaska nominee grilled on Native rights issues (04/09)
BIA calls for closure of reservation trailer park (04/09)
Bar, bartender cited over DUI death of Pueblo man (04/09)
Thune seeks Obama support for law enforcement funds (04/09)
White Earth Band ratifies new tribal constitution (04/09)
Turtle Talk Poll: Odds on next Supreme Court case (04/09)
Obama names Cherokee woman to top DOJ post (04/08)
Mary Pember: Law boosts tribal child welfare services (04/08)
BIA testimony a setback in trailer park case (04/08)
Jodi Rave: DOJ announces $248M in tribal grants (04/08)
Washington Sketch: Rough justice for Ted Stevens (04/08)
Bill seeks to force Seminole tobacco tax issue (04/08)
Citizen Potawatomi chair weighs tax case appeal (04/08)
Herseth Sandlin introduces tribal law and order bill (04/08)
Supreme Court delivers more bad news to tribes (04/07)
Nebraska Indians more likely to be searched by police (04/07)
Supreme Court won't hear Pine Ridge drug appeal (04/07)
Citizen Potawatomi chair loses income tax case (04/07)
Churchill wants $1M unless university reinstates him (04/07)
Pueblo leader may be involved in fatal accident (04/07)
Turtle Talk: Commentary on Navajo Nation ruling (04/07)
Tribal law and order bill renewed in Senate (04/06)
Pueblo and county discuss water treatment deal (04/06)
Woman won't fight extradition for Omaha baby's death (04/06)
Chehalis Tribe back in court over tax dispute (04/06)
Supreme Court rejects Navajo Nation trust lawsuit (04/06)
Trial set over troubled reservation trailer park (04/06)
Prior land-into-trust acquisitions appear safe (04/06)
Alaska nominee won't discuss tribal sovereignty (04/03)
Driver in Pueblo man's death wants trial moved (04/03)
Officer in Navajo hit and run under investigation (04/03)
New York court to hear Cayuga smoke shop lawsuit (04/03)
Oglala Sioux Tribe in sovereign immunity disput (04/03)
White Earth Band sets constitutional convention (04/03)
Ward Churchill wins wrongful termination lawsuit (04/03)
Lawsuit over Grand Traverse Band salaries settled (04/03)
Dorgan promises hearing on land-into-trust decision (04/02)
House panel holds first hearing on land-into-trust ruling (04/02)
Narragansett Tribe hopeful for land-into-trust fix (04/02)
Jury deliberates Ward Churchill termination lawsuit (04/02)
No charges for fatal hit and run of Navajo woman (04/02)
Judge takes on Wampanoag land claim lawsuit (04/02)
Mattaponi Tribe wins ruling against reservoir (04/02)
Police recover stolen Wampanoag gravestone (04/02)
DOJ drops corruption case against Ted Stevens (04/02)
Audio: House Resources hearing on Carcieri (04/01)
Oneida Nation resolves tax issues over golf course (04/01)
Winnebago Yankee pleads guilty to DUI charge (04/01)
BIA official's link to informant raised in Aquash case (04/01)
Judge rejects Jicarilla Apache gas royalty lawsuit (04/01)
9th Circuit rejects Crow constitution challenge (04/01)
Alaska Natives oppose state attorney general pick (04/01)
Man sentenced for deaths on Pine Ridge Reservation (03/31)
Supreme Court rules in Native Hawaiian lands case (03/31)
Judge dismisses lawsuit against Oneida Nation (03/31)
Witness list for House hearing on land-into-trust (03/31)
San Manuel Band cites immunity in $50M suit (03/31)
Appeals court backs Poarch Creek immunity (03/31)
Navajo water rights settlement signed into law (03/31)
Carol Jean Vigil, first Indian judge, dies at 61 (03/30)
Turtle Talk: Tribal court jurisdiction case (03/30)
Miccosukee man to remain jailed in DUI case (03/27)
Oops: FBI's Native page features fired agent (03/27)
Teen linked to another anti-Indian shooting incident (03/26)
Seminole Nation to discuss Adam Walsh Act (03/26)
Turtle Talk: Money damages and land-into-trust (03/26)
Wyoming court upholds DUI arrest on reservation (03/26)
BIA weighs land-into-trust after Supreme Court ruling (03/26)
House Resources hearing on land-into-trust ruling (03/26)
Hilary Tompkins nominated as Interior Solicitor (03/26)
Cherokee court handed lawsuit over term limits (03/25)
Navajo Nation police deploy mobile command center (03/25)
DOJ to provide $23.6M from stimulus to tribes (03/25)
Mille Lacs appeals court calls for new election (03/25)
Churchill continues testimony over university firing (03/25)
County seeks reservation law enforcement funds (03/25)
Eastern Cherokee man appointed to state court (03/25)
Blackfeet Nation water compact near final vote (03/24)
Miccosukee man set for hearing over fatal accident (03/24)
Oglala woman arrested for death of Omaha toddler (03/24)
Ward Churchill testifies in trial over university firing (03/24)
Cherokee woman wanted for jail escape assist (03/24)
Obama elevates judge who ruled in trust fund cases (03/24)
Letter: Overturn Supreme Court on land-into-trust (03/24)
Three plead guilty in St. Croix crack cocaine ring (03/24)
10th Circuit denies rehearing in Indian jury bias case (03/24)
Obama response awaited in sacred site case (03/23)
8th Circuit to hear appeal in Aquash murder case (03/23)
Florida newspaper visits Miccosukee tribal court (03/23)
Arrest warrant filed over death of Omaha toddler (03/23)
Tribes protest against land-into-trust decision (03/23)
Salazar to develop plan for Indian Country crime (03/23)
Winnebago Yankee misses hearing on DUI charge (03/20)
Oglala Sioux man returns home to serve as police chief (03/20)
Teens accused of attacks on Indians in Rapid City (03/20)
One charge dropped in Yurok grave robbing case (03/20)
Turtle Talk: The Solicitor General and Indian law (03/20)
Tribes to protest against land-into-trust decision (03/20)
Shakopee Tribe not worried about land-into-trust (03/19)
Turtle Talk: Watch tribal court jurisdiction case (03/19)
Navajo delegate charged after confronting burglar (03/19)
Non-Indian blamed for fatal Miccosukee accident (03/18)
Turtle Talk: Judicial vacancies affecting Indian law (03/18)
Yurok Tribe boosts law enforcement agency (03/18)
Cheyenne-Arapaho leader blames lawyer for loss (03/18)
Eight charged with slaughter of caribou in Alaska (03/17)
Court rules in Cheyenne-Arapaho Fort Reno case (03/17)
Osage Nation to appeal reservation status case (03/17)
Judge rejects bid to end New York tobacco lawsuit (03/17)
Poarch Band not worried about land-into-trust ruling (03/17)
Ex-Stillaguamish sentenced to prison in tobacco case (03/17)
Judge orders company to pay Colville plaintiffs (03/17)
Federal Circuit ruling in Tohono O'odham trust case (03/16)
Turtle Talk: Most important Supreme Court decision (03/16)
Narragansett Tribe plans land-into-trust protest (03/16)
Homicide on Yakama Nation under investigation (03/16)
Police chief charged with hunting on reservation (03/13)
Senate hearing on land-into-trust set for April 2 (03/13)
Four men arrested in eagle poaching investigation (03/13)
Bush-picked US Attorney wants to stay for Obama (03/13)
Appeal planned in Dakota trust mismanagement case (03/13)
Former lawmaker, Alaska Native, pleads guilty (03/12)
Jodi Rave: U.S. Attorney candidates for Montana (03/12)
Not guilty pleas for theft from Blackfeet Nation (03/11)
Miccosukee Tribe defends handling of fatal crash (03/11)
Turtle Talk: Issues at play in Dakota trust case (03/11)
Appeals court decision in Dakota trust case (03/10)
Bush opinion cites 'loophole' in Indian gaming law (03/10)
Three Tulalips charged in attack over perceived slur (03/10)
Supreme Court narrows scope of Voting Rights Act (03/10)
Dorgan says no quick fix to land-into-trust ruling (03/09)
Battle over Cayuga Nation tobacco continues (03/06)
Tulalip group proposes restrictions in liquor law (03/06)
Editorial: Tribal collaboration brings hope for salmon (03/06)
California a battleground after land-into-trust ruling (03/06)
Pequot firefighters organize union under tribal law (03/06)
Native woman up for top legal post at Interior (03/05)
Indian farmers ready for trial in discrimination case (03/05)
Turtle Talk: Oral argument in Michigan ICWA case (03/05)
Arrest warrant for Means over missed court date (03/04)
Indian ranchers seek settlement from Obama (03/04)
Indian smokeshop to pay $9.2M in taxation case (03/04)
County stops tax proceedings against Chehalis Tribe (03/04)
First Indian law school dean at University of New Mexico (03/04)
Thune seeks more money for tribal law and health (03/04)
Supreme Court decision a big topic at NCAI meeting (03/03)
Lawsuit claims failure to investigate Crow deaths (03/03)
Trial for Aquash murder suspects delayed again (03/03)
Former Police Officer: 'We killed' Pueblo man (03/03)
Blog: Tribal court bars journalist from reporting (03/03)
Turtle Talk: No easy fix for land-into-trust ruling (03/02)
Rhode Island delegation cool to land-into-trust ruling (03/02)
Indian Affairs Committee draft of law and order bill (02/27)
New York agency adopts consultation policy (02/27)
Turtle Talk: Supreme Court hears Hawaiian case (02/26)
Driver to stand trial for DUI death of Pueblo man (02/26)
Narragansett Tribe to fight land-into-trust ruling (02/26)
Tribes will ask Congress to 'fix' land-into-trust decision (02/25)
Oneida Nation not worried about land-into-trust (02/25)
Massachusetts tribe blasts land-into-trust ruling (02/25)
Turtle Talk: Thoughts on land-into-trust decision (02/25)
Turtle Talk: Implications of land-into-trust case (02/25)
Ute man sentenced to 87 months for girlfriend's death (02/25)
Supreme Court rules in big land-into-trust case (02/25)
Supreme Court to hear Native Hawaiian land case (02/24)
Hearing for driver accused of killing Pueblo man (02/24)
Turtle Talk: Navajos not laughing after hearing (02/24)
Troubled trailer park owner drops fight against BIA (02/24)
Ginsburg returns to Supreme Court after surgery (02/24)
Nottawaseppi Huron Band to start police department (02/24)
Supreme Court won't hear Arapaho eagle case (02/24)
Supreme Court hears Navajo Nation trust lawsuit (02/23)
Editorial: Obama should reject Interior misdeeds (02/23)
SCOTUSBlog: Native Hawaiian Supreme Court case (02/23)
CourtWatch: Bad record for tribes at Supreme Court (02/20)
Cayuga Nation halts sale of tax-free cigarettes (02/20)
Indian man in prominent DUI case being released (02/20)
Judge hears case over Snoqualmie banishment (02/20)
Secret Yale society a part of Geronimo lawsuit (02/20)
Second fatal accident involving Miccosukee driver (02/20)
Judge rules against Cayuga Nation tobacco sales (02/19)
Fort Sill Apache Tribe opposes Geronimo move (02/19)
Turtle Talk: Non-Indians and religious freedoms (02/19)
Non-Indians win ruling in eagle possession case (02/18)
Obama administration to fight Indian preference case (02/18)
Law Article: Sacred site case before Supreme Court (02/18)
WSJ Blog: 'Strange' lawsuit over Geronimo's bones (02/18)
Navajo man charged after driving car into crowd (02/18)
Ex-White Mountain Apache employee sentenced (02/18)
Hualapai Tribe asserts sovereignty over airspace (02/18)
Lawsuit seeks reburial of Geronimo's remains (02/18)
Cherokee Nation seeks clarity in Freedmen dispute (02/16)
Driver in Pueblo man's death free and working in DC (02/13)
Court blocks Santa Ysabel from removing vice chair (02/13)
Turtle Talk: Indian status and criminal jurisdiction (02/12)
Yakama Nation approves sex offender registry (02/12)
Former Mashpee Wampanoag chairman pleads guilty (02/12)
Man guilty for murder over fight about Columbus, AIM (02/11)
Osage Nation seeks new ruling in reservation case (02/11)
Ex-pharmacist accused of theft from Chickasaw Nation (02/11)
9th Circuit reverses conviction in Indian status case (02/11)
South Dakota governor not eager for Indian judge (02/09)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe elects new leaders (02/09)
Counties fight Cayuga Nation over tobacco taxes (09/02)
Gabe Galanda: Indian law needed on bar exams (02/06)
More Alaska Natives come forward for abuse lawsuit (02/05)
FBI probes alleged sexual assault by Navajo officer (02/05)
Oklahoma sues Creek Nation smoke shops over taxes (02/05)
Two former MMS officials sentenced to probation (02/04)
Turtle Talk: Major Crimes Act challenge rejected (02/04)
Alaska accused of failing to provide Yup'ik voter help (02/04)
Former Mille Lacs executive charged in tribal court (02/04)
Retaliation case against Viejas Band dismissed (02/04)
Cherokee Nation seeks to end Freedmen dispute (02/04)
Holder set as first African-American to lead DOJ (02/03)
Autopsy inconclusive in death of Blackfeet boy (02/02)
NIGC approval of Seneca casino survives challenge (02/02)
Another guilty plea from a former Interior official (02/02)
Two dozen indicted in Turtle Mountain meth ring (01/30)
Probe into beating of eagle on Swinomish Reservation (01/30)
Cayuga Nation to reopen disputed smoke shops (01/30)
BIA sued over energy project on Ute reservation (01/29)
Police recover jewelry stolen from Nighthorse gallery (01/29)
Turtle Talk: Frivolous claims in land-into-trust case (01/28)
Santa Fe Indian School sued over alleged rape (01/28)
Indian inmates in Alabama sue over long hair policy (01/28)
Arapaho inmate files suit against prison officials (01/28)
Judge grants injunction on New York tobacco tax (01/28)
Osage chief blasts ruling on reservation status (01/27)
Judge won't block mine near Western Shoshone site (01/27)
Osage Nation loses state taxation lawsuit (01/26)
Five indicted for theft of Missouri River artifacts (01/26)
South Dakota court bars search by tribal security guards (01/23)
Court halts Cayuga Nation tobacco prosecution (01/22)
Former Wampanoag chairman delays guilty plea (01/22)
Turtle Talk: Decision brewing in land-into-trust case (01/22)
Supreme Court rejects land-into-trust case (01/22)
Arrest made in 1987 murder of Yakama woman (01/16)
Coyote Valley treasurer charged with theft (01/16)
Lawsuit alleges abuse of Alaska Natives by priests (01/15)
Advocates lobby for Navajo Nation disabilities law (01/15)
Tribes ask Obama to nominate Indian federal judges (01/15)
Mashpee chair blamed for misleading tribe (01/15)
San Manuel Band linked to murder-for-hire plot (01/15)
Blackfeet men charged under Adam Walsh Act (01/14)
Crow Creek Sioux leaders indicted for bribery (01/14)
Turtle Talk: More thoughts on land-into-trust cases (01/13)
Cayuga Nation seeks halt to tobacco prosecution (01/13)
Navajo Nation police shootout leaves man dead (01/13)
Land-into-trust case awaits Supreme Court action (01/13)
Nottawaseppi Huron Band won't pay local taxes (01/12)
Supreme Court rejects two Indian law cases (01/12)
Oklahoma gets more out of tribal tobacco sales (01/09)
Most counts dismissed over Navajo shooting death (01/09)
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