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Dave Anderson resigns after year as head of BIA
Monday, January 31, 2005

After just a year on the job, Bureau of Indian Affairs head Dave Anderson announced on Monday he is resigning from his post as assistant secretary.

In a letter to Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Anderson said he could do better for tribes by working in the private sector. But he doesn't plan on returning to his career in Indian gaming, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.

"Absolutely not," he told the paper. "I'm a cook."

Jim Cason, the associate deputy secretary at Interior, will be in charge of the BIA pending the confirmation of a replacement. Mike Olsen will remain the principal deputy assistant secretary.

Anderson is making some public appearances before he leaves on February 12. He is attending the Boys and Girls Clubs of America's Native American summit today in Phoenix, Arizona, where he will sign an agreement to place clubs near BIA schools.

Next week, he will attend RES 2005, the 19th Annual National Reservation Economic Summit and American Indian Business Trade Fair, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is scheduled to speak on Thursday, February 10.

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