Seneca woman surrenders after 12 years on run

Heather C. Tallchief, a member of the Seneca Nation from New York, surrendered on Thursday after 12 years on run for participating in a $2.5 million armored car theft.

Tallchief, 33, gave herself up to authorities in Las Vegas. She spent most of the years since the heist in Europe, where she and her alleged partner in crime, Roberto Solis, had a son.

The boy is now 10 and Tallchief said she surrendered for his sake. "I didn't give my child a normal life, but I think I am on the way to doing that," said in a video interview that was witnessed by The New York Times.

Tallchief was a driver for an armored truck company in Vegas. On October 1, 1993, she drove away with a truck containing $2.5 million. She says she doesn't know what happened to the money. Solis, now 60, remains at large

Tallchief's story was featured on America's Most Wanted [Link] and Unsolved Mysteries [Link].

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