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Opinion: Saving Indian art by killing the museum

"It is a time-honored tradition to address the Indian problem by killing him-metaphorically at least, and sometimes literally-to save him. Trouble is, it has never worked and only creates pain for Native Americans. Such is the case with the plan to close Department of Interior-owned Indian museums.

Let�s take a look at the issues surrounding this.

Argument: �Let�s give it back to the Indians.�

Non-Indians say this, as if to throw something away because things are not going as planned or isn't something valuable anymore.

It�s similar to: �If you don�t like how I�m doing this I�ll just give it back to the Indians.� Of course, from the Native perspective, the present owners would only be returning what they took in the first place. Federal officials now want to give the museums to Native tribes in the area. Noble? Not so fast. It�s really just a cost-saving move not just for the federal government, but also for the Arts and Crafts board, which is part of the Interior Department."

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Louis Gray: Saving Indian art by killing the museum first (The Native American Times 1/17)

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