Natives thriving off-reserve in Western Canada

Natives who live off-reserve are benefiting from the economic boom in Western Canada, according to a government study released on Thursday.

Off-reserve Native employment grew a whopping 23 percent between 2001 and 2005 in the Western provinces, Statistics Canada reported. That was more than twice the 11 percent growth rate for non-Natives.

During the same time, more and more Natives finished high school. The drop out rate among young Natives fell 10 percentage points, Statistics Canada said.

In Manitoba and British Columbia, Native employment increased 30 percent, five times the rate of growth among non-Natives. In Alberta, nearly 71 percent of Natives participated in the work force, the highest of any urban area in the West.

Despite the gains, Native people experienced higher rates of unemployment than non-Natives, according to the study. But the gap appears to be narrowing throughout Western Canada, Statistics Canada said.

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Study: The Aboriginal labour force in Western Canada:
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