Kickapoo chairman criticizes 'Official English' bill

Steve Cadue, the chairman of the Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas, linked an "Official English" bill being considered by lawmakers to cultural genocide against Native peoples.

"What group of people is next for such legislation?" Cadue told the House Veterans, Military and Homeland Security Committee, The Topeka Capital Journal. "When we enact this kind of bill, I think it's very dangerous."

Cadue said the bill, if enacted, will have a chilling effect on efforts to preserve Native languages. He said lawmakers should support "English Plus," to emphasize other languages.

After Cadue finished his testimony, the Republican lawmaker who is sponsoring the bill, praised his grasp of English. Rep. Don Myers's exact comments were not reported by the Topeka paper.

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English creates Capitol buzz (The Topeka Capital Journal 2/1)
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