Editorial: Recognize sacrifice made by Navajo soldier

"It was what many would call a supreme sacrifice. Leaving your loved ones and your job behind. Heading toward a war zone, not knowing if you were ever coming home, not knowing if your children would have to grow up without a parent.

Many soldiers haven't made it back. Army Specialist Alroy Billiman nearly lost his life fighting for his country, but fortunately he made it back and lived to tell the tale.

Billiman didn't come back to the United States because his fighting was over. Instead, he came home after a Humvee that he was riding in was rocked by an explosive device that detonated beneath the vehicle.

Billiman lost his right arm in the explosion and has endured many hospital stays in recent months. This has caused stress to his family and added hardships to his life.

He served his country and served it proudly. And just over a week ago, the U.S. thanked Billiman for his service and dedication by awarding him a Purple Heart medal.

The Purple Heart is awarded to military personnel who are wounded and killed in action.

Billiman was conflicted about receiving the medal.

In a recent interview with The Daily Times he said, 'I deserve it, I got hurt. But it's an award you don't want to get as a soldier.'"

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