Shirley sworn in for 2nd term as Navajo president

Joe Shirley Jr. was sworn in for his second term as president of the Navajo Nation on Tuesday.

Shirley won re-election last November. He is the first to serve a second term in 28 years, the Associated Press reported.

The inauguration took place in Window Rock, Arizona, the capitol of the Navajo Nation. The "Big Sister" rug that is only displayed in winter was hung in the background as Shirley and other Navajo Nation Council delegates were sworn into office.

Shirley said he will work to bring financial independence to the tribe. He plans to bring gaming to the reservation and build a $2.5 billion power plant.

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Shirley takes office for second term as Navajo president (AP 1/9)
"Big Sister' rug backdrop for Shirley inauguration (AP 1/9)

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