The Politico: Comments on Native apology

Readers of The Politico website don't like a proposed Congressional resolution to apologize for Native people for their treatment by the United States, or another one to apologize to African-Americans.

"I am of Native American decent and I cant say that the government did them right by any means, but apologizing for it wont help anyone," comments AntiState.

"As an American Indian myself of the Nez Pierce tribe, I don't need an appology from the Government for their genocide of the 17-1800's as well as some more isolated events of the 20th century," writes dave10a.

"I want a piece of this pity pie. As a white male with Anglo-Irish ancestery, I want an apology from my government for allowing the practice of indentured servants. I want my Irish family members, who only received freedom after decades of free labor, to be compensated by a government that allowed it," says fletch66

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Official Apologies to Blacks, American Indians Proposed (The Politico 3/5)

Apology Resolution:
S.J.Res.4 | H.J.Res.3

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