White Mountain Apache Tribe takes over historic fort

Four years after winning a pivotal U.S. Supreme Court case, the White Mountain Apache Tribe of Arizona is reclaiming part of its history.

In March 2003, the high court ruled that the federal government breached its trust duties to the tribe by allowing Fort Apache to fall into disrepair. The decision paved the way for a $12 million settlement to rehabilitation, upgrade and repair the site, which inspired Hollywood movies and television shows..

The tribe's Fort Apache Heritage Foundation will now manage 24 of 27 buildings at Fort Apache. The other buildings remain under the control of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which operates the Theodore Roosevelt School.

The tribe will be hosting a public celebration on May 27, during the Ndee La Ade/Gathering of the People, the 8th Annual Great Fort Apache Heritage Reunion.

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Persistence pays off for the White Mountain Apache Tribe (Indian Country Today 3/14)

Supreme Court Decision:
Syllabus | Opinion [Souter] | Concurrence [Ginsburg] | Dissent [Thomas]

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