Opinion: Grand Canyon Skywalk benefits Hualapai Tribe

"People should visit the Hualapai Indian Reservation, or any other reservation, for that matter, before passing judgment. Indian reservations are some of the poorest places in the United States.

We do not receive checks every month but must live like any other American and work for a living. However, the tribe still maintains a mentality that it needs to take care of all its people, not just individuals.

The revenue from this endeavor - Grand Canyon Skywalk - will go to enhance education, build public buildings such as a fire department (which we don't currently have), and create programs for our huge social problems.

I often wonder why people live in such large houses that are far too big for even 10 of our families. We have more than 10 people stuffed in a single 1,300-square-foot home.

We are not trying to make a quick buck but are trying to be self-sufficient and provide a future for our children even in the face of hopelessness."

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Sheri K. Yellow Hawk: Project benefits tribe, not quick-buck artists (The Arizona Republic 3/22)

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