Opinion: Skywalk over Grand Canyon a bad idea

"It is never easy to criticize a development project on a Native American reservation. People who have suffered so many injustices for so long and who have so few resources at hand to raise their standard of living deserve a break.

But it must be said: Building right on the lip of the Grand Canyon is a bad idea.

The Grand Canyon is one the Seven Wonders of the World. Its natural majesty is beyond words. There is no place in North America more identified with the sublime experience of the more-than-human world.

If the Park Service, the Forest Service or a private developer announced plans to build a skywalk out over the Canyon to make $75 per paying customer, there would be unanimous howls of protest.

Is it right to look the other way because it is being done instead by the Hualapai Tribe?"

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Kiernan Suckling: Tribe has lost touch with Canyon's glory (The Arizona Republic 3/22)

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