Opinion: Living in harmony with Mother Earth

"As I watch spring bring the rebirth of the natural world, I hear the terrible news that the next century could see the extinction of many species as a direct result of global warming. The catastrophe has brought forth a plethora of discussion about the veracity of the predictions and the analysis of the science of predicting the fate of our planet. This is no mere prediction for native communities but the scientific confirmation of our philosophy of life. If we do not care for our Mother Earth, she will not be vigorous enough to provide for our needs.

We do not need a scientist to tell us that our culture, if we continue to practice it, will sustain us through the destruction we see around us. We understand that by learning to live in synchronicity with our environment, we can save this planet and those creatures who have vowed to live with us.

Long ago, the plants made a vow to the Cherokee to provide medicine for the sickness wrought by the animals in retaliation for over-hunting. We understand that both the animals and plants have kept their word. Now it is time for us as a community to keep our word to our children to provide for their needs. Those needs cannot be more basic than a renewed commitment to save our planet from the human instinct, which has brought us to the brink of this catastrophe."

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Lynne Harlan: We must live in harmony with the earth (The Asheville Citizen-Times 4/13)

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