Opinion: Colville Tribes need new leadership

"Well it's that time of year again! The Colville Tribal elections!

Wow, another year has gone by and we're still singing the same, sad tune as to why our Tribe is falling deeper into the pit of despair.

"We're losing our resources!" "Why doesn't the council listen to our concerns?" "Where is the money going?" "What are we doing about the drugs in our communities?" "What about the Elders and the Youth?"

While these are all major concerns for most of us, there are still members out there who could care less because they feel as though these issues don't affect them. Must be nice to be worry free.

Every year we are given a list of candidates to vote on that resembles the list from the year before. Why do we as the membership continue to vote for the "has beens" who have had their chance at the table and then complain that our Council doesn't do anything?

Well, let's change that this year. Every district on the reservation has at least one candidate who has not served on council but promises change. Let's shake it up and see what it is they offer."

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Micki BearCub-Hudson: Vote in new faces for tribal council (The Grand Coulee Star 4/18)

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