Opinion: Alaska Natives need tribes not corporations

"Alaska Natives need to necessitate having traditional tribes rather than Alaska Native Corporations. Corporations rise and fall or move to a foreign country. It is my opinion that if we had functioning traditional tribes in our respective villages during the early days of the Alaska Native Land Claims Act of 1971, we may not be in the position we are in today. Sealaska Corporation is proposing a new enrollment for descendants born after 1971 - I am voting no. If this resolution for new enrollment passes, this will only dilute the future dividends.

Alaska Natives fight for the inherit rights to subsistence, however, why don't we try to learn our native language or fight for our lands that rightfully belong to Alaska Native People? Logic says, "We need to reorganize our traditional tribes". Native Clan leaders need to call their families and tribal members together to function as a tribe. Tongass Tribe or Taan ta Kwaan (Sea Lion People) meet on a regular basis or when an important issue rises in Ketchikan. Tongass Tribe was reorganized around 1986. People talk like we don't exist any more. I believe it is time to change the way people think about Alaska Natives and our issues. The power is within traditional tribes not Native Corporations.

It is my opinion that the Sealaska Corporation Board of Directors has been pleasuring the landless committees of Ketchikan, Tenakee Springs, Petersburg and Wrangell for the last 20 plus years. Sealaska Corporation should be thinking how they can transfer ANCSA lands that is owed by the Federal Government to the landless communities. We do not need Village Corporation status for this to happen. We need land passed to traditional tribes and we can decide our own destiny. If land was passed to traditional tribes, we would have land for future generations of descendants of the tribe. "

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