Mohegan Chair: Tribe works to protect Mother Earth

"The Mohegan tribe has always recognized its sacred duty to honor and respect the natural environment. The tribe understands that a commitment to protect Mother Earth is not measured by the words we use, but by the actions we take to preserve and protect our world.

Now more than ever, the citizens of this world and their governments are recognizing the importance of taking action to protect our planet. It was just over 35 years ago that “Earth Day” was created as an important vehicle to raise awareness about the many threats to our environment and the steps we must all take to fulfill our responsibilities as inhabitants of this earth.

For the Mohegan Tribe, events like Earth Day are not an end onto themselves, but a way to remind and renew our commitments to that cause. For generation upon generation, the members of the Mohegan Tribe have understood that protecting the environment is part of our greater obligation to honor our past, strengthen our present, and work toward a better and brighter future — not only for our children but for all children."

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Bruce ‘Two Dogs’ Bozsum: Mohegan Tribe Honors Sacred Duty To The Planet (The New London Day 4//22)

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