Editorial: Tulalip Tribes and city come together

"Geographically, they're neighbors. Yet over the years, Marysville and the Tulalip Tribes have often seemed worlds apart.

Now, competition and acrimony are being replaced by cooperation and friendship. An alliance signed this week by the tribe and the city formalizes a partnership that's been coming together for the past two years. It recognizes that they share many of the same problems and opportunities, and that working together, these governments can accomplish much more for their people than they can separately.

It's already happening. Improved communication between city and tribal leaders, and key staff members, has led to better local transportation planning. Much more work remains there, but success is already apparent. A northern extension to Quil Ceda Boulevard that opened this week will ease congestion at 116th Street off of I-5, and it's just the beginning of a four-phase project being planned jointly by the tribe, city and state Department of Transportation."

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Editorial: Marysville, Tulalips: much better together (The Everett Herald 5/10)

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