Turtle Mountain Band bans blogger for comments

The Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians has banished a a political blogger after he wrote a posting on the "appalling" conditions on the North Dakota reservation.

Rob Port of the Say Anything blog talked about 15 hours he spent on the reservation in a post called "The Appalling State of North Dakota Indian Reservations." "Most of us would probably consider living in a squalid apartment in a nasty housing complex a pretty serious consequence for not getting ahead in life, but it seems to me as though most of these Indians are perfectly content to live there," he wrote.

The tribal council voted to banish Port after receiving complaints from the community. "It cut our people down," Vice Chairman Ted Henry told The Grand Forks Herald. "I am sure we are having troubles already, and this just seems to make it worse."

Port told the paper he wasn't out to anger the tribe. He said his banishment was uncalled for.

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