Stillaguamish family defends smokeshop after raid

The family that operates a smokeshop on the Stillaguamish Reservation in Washington says a federal raid of their homes and business was uncalled for.

On Tuesday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives raided the Blue Stilly Smoke Shop. It is operated by the Goodridge family, including the former chairman and the tribe's current executive director.

In addition to the rad at the shop, agents served search warrants on the home of Dean Goodridge and his father, Ed Goodridge Sr., the former chairman. "There was no reason for this," Dean Goodridge told The Everett Herald.

As part of "Operation Chainsmoker," agents raided three smokeshops on three reservations in search of untaxed cigarettes.

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Tribal family calls tobacco sales legal (The Everett Herald 5/17)

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