Apache woman jumps into Congressional race

Mary Kim Titla, a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, says she is the new face of Arizona's leadership.

Titla, a former television newscaster who founded Native Youth Magazine, is seeking the Democratic nomination for Arizona's 1st Congressional seat. She is one of many contenders but feels she stands out among the crowd.

'This is something that came to me and I believe in responding to a calling," Titla told Indian Country Today. "I agree with voters, it's time for new leadership. I believe I am the new face of Arizona leadership.''

Titla says her journalism background will definitely help her campaign. ''As a journalist I learned so much about the people of Arizona and their communities. I spoke to them face to face," she said.

Democrats are eyeing the seat because incumbent Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Arizona) is facing legal problems. He has refused calls to step down but could be voted out of office in 2008.

The district includes parts of the Navajo Nation and two Apache reservations.

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