Opinion: Sen. McCain won't close tribal loophole

"The Father of "Campaign Finance Reform" refuses to close the corrupt loophole of tribal contributions in U.S. campaigns as he embarks on his own presidential run.

Sen. John McCain chaired the Senate Indian Affairs Committee investigation into the Jack Abramoff case and has vowed not to accept tribal money. However, for his own Presidential run, McCain will accept donations from lobbyists representing tribal clients.

The issue of tribal money has been repeatedly raised to him by many colleagues in the House and Senate, along with thousands of citizens across the country. McCain has had ample opportunity to close the valve on tribal contributions in order to head off additional Abramoff scandals. Yet, he deliberately leaves the faucet running while this largesse of gambling dollars continues to shower more than willing congressional recipients with cash for their campaigns.

Members of Congress recognize that casino tribes are the largest contributors to state and federal elections, but apparently favor "cash over conscience" considering the McCain-Feingold bill's tribal loophole remains untouched. Over $21 Million Dollars have changed hands in the last two federal election cycles between casino tribes and ambitious political candidates."

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Kathryn Bowen: Tribal Money Buys Election Process (News Blaze 5/27)

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