Editorial: Firing of Ward Churchill long overdue

"More than two years have passed since the waves of controversy first started lapping at Ward Churchill, the embattled University of Colorado professor. In that same time, other recognizable names tied to CU - Betsy Hoffman, Gary Barnett - have been relegated to history.

Yet Churchill remains.

That's because the ethnic studies professor has been given the appropriate due process - and then some.

It's never been easy to fire a tenured professor, which is good, but that time has come for Churchill.

A majority of CU's research misconduct committee called for his dismissal last year. CU's interim chancellor at the time, Phil DiStefano, agreed, handing the controversial professor his walking papers - a decision Churchill promptly appealed.

Now CU president Hank Brown also says Churchill should be fired. Not for his controversial rants or unpopular speech, mind you, but for academic misconduct."

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Editorial: CU prof Churchill's dismissal finally due (The Denver Post 5/30)

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