Letter: Native Americans are veterans too

"The Viroqua Area Veteran's Memorial has certainly been a great addition to Viroqua. America's veterans should always be remembered, honored and respected. With this in mind, I have two comments regarding the Viroqua Area Veterans Memorial (VAVM) and other veteran's memorials.

First, at the VAVM there are no entries what-so-ever for veterans who served in the many "Indian" wars waged in our country. These wars were a big part of our history. According to army historian, Col. Ernest Dupuy, just in the period between 1861 and 1890, the U.S. Army engaged in more than 950 battles, massacres or skirmishes against the Native Americans. A total of 428 Congressional Medals of Honor were awarded for bravery. So, why are there no entries or recognition for these veterans?

Second, Native Americans, too, are veterans. They are veterans of the countless wars, ethnic cleansings, battles, massacres and skirmishes wage against them. They fought against the invaders and occupiers of their homelands and communities. They fought for their families, friends, freedom and way of life. Their cause was just."

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Edward Barlow: Veteran memorials don’t mention American Indian soldiers (The Vernon County Broadcaster 6/6)

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