Editorial: More poor planning on Navajo Nation loan

"Once again, the Navajo Nation Budget and Finance Committee is having problems with alleged misuse of a Nation-back loan, this time to the tune of $2.2 million.

It is time for an audit.

However, all this could have been avoided had the committee conducted a proper background check into Hak Ghun.

"We did a very cursory check," Executive Economic Development Director Allan S. Begay said.

Our question: Exactly what is a cursory check? Especially when a Google search for Hak Ghun will give you information on Ghun's 1984 conviction on mail fraud, wire fraud, commodity fraud and perjury.

What type of basic background check does not turn up information available to everyone at the click of a button?"

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Editorial: BCDS an example of poor planning, bad procedures (The Farmington Daily Times 6/20)

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