Elders call for probe of Quechan Nation election

Elders of the Quechan Nation are calling for a probe of the tribe's recent election, citing low morale and inappropriate handling of the vote.

Milton Jefferson Sr. is frustrated because he said tribal leaders aren't listening to elders. "I don't like fighting like this, but I know something needs to be done and not very many people have been standing up to them," he told The Yuma Sun.

Vernon Smith, another elder, said he has been fired from his tribal job after eight years. This is all politics," he said. "It's because I won't keep my mouth shut."

Elders Preston Arrow-Weed, Lucinda Polk and Valerie Jose O'Brien cited problems with the June 12 election in their call for an investigation. "The whole election should be thrown out," O'Brien said.

"It's very low morale. You can feel it and sense it," she added.

Smith ran for president but lost to incumbent Mike Jackson, whose push for a casino near a sacred site has also stirred controversy within the tribe.

The tribe has land in Arizona and California.

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